Jun 10

Does anyone believe including the spokesmen for the British Govt that this mass surveillance is for any purpose to do with Terrorism or even crime. That this vast expenditure which would rapidly be rendered impotent if used for those tasks is of any value? That two nut cases hacking a head off entails an internet clamp down and seemingly point less deportation?

The clear targets are movements like Occupy which because they are democratic and a function of free speech will use personal phones and unencrypted emails. The UK police spends massive amounts of time, money and undercover officers penetrating, literally, the Green and anti Capitalist movements for seeming no benefit but considerable cost in law suits and ridiculous prosecutions unless those people are right and their words need burying! You have the right to protest providing you don’t use it is the message from the Western leaders of all Salt brands – red, blue & orange in the UK.

Legally & to avoid torture it is better to be a US contractor or UK soldier who killed someone unnecessarily or a uniformed or sub contractor rapist or a drone operator who kills for kicks than the person who exposes that.

Question to Oxbridge/Ivy League pin cushions & all the journalists & clowns justifying this why would you support such authoritarianism? Occam’s razor suggests these feckless fools believe a word they say. The psycho can decide to fit in. The deluded clown can only carry on being so.

Better malicious nuts than weak fools?

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Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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