Sep 08

A great indication of why Labour fans and other will not ever change anything came yesterday. Sarah Teather a Lib Dem MP announced she was leaving Parliament and cited:-

  • Equality and Opportunity policies which of course will not work whilst the UK feeds an unproductive money moving sector.
  • Forcing visitors to pay a £1000 for visas.
  • “It was the moment of realising that my own party was just as afraid of public opinion as the Labour Party”
  • How Welfare changes would save no or little money but inflict maximum damage on the poor.

So did Labour fans pick up these gems no they went on about how she did not vote for Gay marriage. Iain Dale some sort of radio guy whose work who I’ve not come across told an anecdote and basically said good bye I don’t like you (the level of politics in the Obama/Cameron era). She was cracked as about to lose her seat anyway. They mentioned how migrant children were still detained despite a wish for this not to be so and claim it was not so – Labour fans of course believe Asylum children should all be locked up and this should be proudly boasted of  so maybe I misunderstood and she was being criticised for being too weak on furriners, sorry Labour fans.

The Mainstream Media [MSM] commentators and the Social Media Politicos are interested in people’s lives and how miserable the main parties want them to become. They have no interest in right or wrong or effective policies after all they all support the stupidtocracy of subsidising Banks and Austerity. The perception of doing good and sounding moral is the goal nothing else.

Vote Labour Liberal or Conservative but please people don’t tell me your support is any different to a post Abramovich Chelsea fan’s.

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Aug 13

Ask a rightie about public health, education and welfare and they’ll wax lyrical about the threat to their freedom. Yet ask them about the military, subsidised spying corporations and subsidised banks and all they see is paragons of virtue.

The growing cost of spooks and the needs of companies providing these services and others like prisons to grow has seen their costs rise but not the need for such services. Obstensibly this was about the need to stop people self harming with drugs and latterly to prevent small cells of lunatics committing terror acts.

Yet what threatens their freedom? An infrastructure that allows instant access to their private correspondence to some operator who for all they know is a sexual predator, paedophile or the person they cut up this morning.

Even their unproven nightmare of welfare dependency is a dependency not some insidious Booz Allen looking for new things to monitor. It costs assuming that these people would be fit for a job that was open to them. However it costs less than pushing those people into a criminal underclass. It costs less than letting banks break the law. Indeed it costs less than paying for massive growing armies of outsourced and unregulated spooks well beyond the requirements of tracking a few hundred relevant al Quada.

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