Nov 30

Immigration raises it’s head and the main parties policies may be best described as moronic. The concentration on benefits is political and as with the austerity cuts probably going to cost more than it saves. The point is the swivel eyed of Migration Watch may not like immigrants and try to put lipstick on why they don’t but their view is rational to a point and I accept widely held.

The response of the neo Liberals is cloud cuckoo land. It’s jumped the whale. It’s ridiculous. The clear point is as much as we would wish it otherwise the neo libs’ policies of selling off council houses, creating asset bubbles and a rentier economy, privatising public services and their desperate desire to monetise the NHS and Education, without calling it privatisation, means we cannot expand services or build more infrastructure except at exorbitant cost. Make no mistake the reason that the UK could not cope is not lack of land or lacks of natural resources or opportunity. It is it conflicts with the aims of the major political parties.

LibLabCon should really form a single party and stop lying to us there is any major difference in policy delivery and that they stand for something. At present on Immigration and other issues they say we can have our cake and eat it but it’s very unclear what if any cake they are talking about.

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May 10

In a move that happened far too late for everyone Gordon Brown ended his career as a front line politician today.

I’ll sum up his personal achievements in his 13 years at the centre of Govt.

  • The minimum wage which was the price of  all that union support but cold comfort farm is better than nothing.
  • Freeing Bank of England from some political control. Image the mess Brown would have made last 3 years without Bank putting on the hand brake.
  • Tax credits to make the work unemployment balance better but arguably a subsidy to low wage employers.

All his successes have the following in common they are stroke of a pen. They did not require the incompetent Govt to act.

His failures, I’ll stick to the big ones.

  • PFI which provided rates of return to City fat cats of 30%. When the PFI was incorrectly priced the provider went bust and the Govt had to pick up the cost anyway so it was a waste of money. Indeed the kind of off balance sheet gerrymandering Brown accused the banks of.
  • Borrowing. There is no reason for the credit crunch causing us to be little more than 1 step ahead of Greece. Germany and others are not in the deep trouble we are. Worse with all this borrowing and PFI we got no return in terms of genuine reform or efficiency.

Essentially though the one theme through all his years in power is the total lack of an agenda – he waited 11 years to become PM and re-classify Marijuana and get rid of the Super Casinos plan!

Changes have been piecemeal and almost everything has been the creation of rhetorical devices to hang their opponents on. Such that you have a series of commitments that Brown can trumpet and make opponents promise to retain at a time when austerity is on the agenda.

Thus as sad and anti intellectual as it sounds the moronic commitments to a giant pudding of MOD, Health, Schools, Transport and other spending ‘needs’ to be protected even though it’s been done in the most wasteful, ridiculous and moronic way. He kept spending money we don’t have to accuse his opponents at an election of taking things away! Some people fell for that one! Thought Labour would defend this spending they should never have done.

If as a result of his bumbling down the line the IMF ends up dictating our economic policy you will know who to blame. Don’t be an idiot and blame the Tories or the Lib Dems or anyone else.

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