Jan 25

A sobering week in which the UK’s ruling elite tried to subtly differentiate themselves from the Saudis. Not because they wanted to but because despite the press largely being apologists for the Saudis there is only so much lipstick on pigs will achieve. Thus meaningless clown Prince Charles is dispatched to the funeral of a man who the last 3 Govts have fawned over to buy weapons*.

Believers in freedom will note how our leaders fawn all over a vile country which represents values they mendaciously claim to despise. They claim to be appalled by the ultimate expressions of Saudi ideology in the likes of IS and Boko Haran whilst supporting it! They throw our troops to pretend to fight this ‘threat’ when all that matters is the Black Gold. Such slaves are they to Saudi they choke off attempts to move away from Oil as a fuel.

The neo Liberals (Lib Lab Con) go even further and use a terrorist threat that is a byproduct of their support for Saudi to bring in the kind of authoritarian society they desire here by trying for Saudi internet policies.

* How in hock is US Govt sending POTUS? This after their surrender following 9-11 by removing their bases from Saudi and starting wars as bin Laden asked them. Or maybe Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron should be there in reality. Netanyahu can’t go but sure he’ll be there in spirit with his allies at this time of loss.

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Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week. Continue reading »

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Jul 23

Pal mailed that a group of US children in London seemed paranoid about going to the wrong station on the Tube. In a town like London where 2 stations are so close you’d walk if just going 1 or 2 stops this seems mad.

However understandable when your Presidents have to go around murdering people in Yemen and Pakistan out of fear of imminent attack. Hold Pizza meets on Tuesday to take advantage of the 2 for Tuesday to draw up a kill list. Who insist on jailing journalists. Reassure the US that the US was only really spying on the other 97% of the world whilst taking all their meta data – any of whom they are allowed to kill – including Americans who are outside of the US apparently – indeed inside too but el suitio says he would not do that. People who raise issues are traitors and spies apparently. Making people fear everything outside their home country is part of Orwell’s blueprint for the leader.

You can’t blame Americans for paranoia when they are so led?

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Jun 24

The NSA White House says 50 and more plots have been foiled specifically by their snooping programs that cost Billions. They can’t point to one conviction as a result of this. Not one.

Nor can William Hague and all those former Home Secretaries in the UK.  It is amazingly expensive and cannot produce one piece of evidence in its own defense. Having spent all this money of course the leaders will not claim its unnecessary*. The point being buffing up conventional intelligence and not relying on machines will be a better bang for the buck. At present cost per terrorist is likely infinite.

This is ‘clearly’ not about terrorism. As today in the UK we found out Special Branch moved from Trade Unions to the anti Racist and Climate Change movement. That’s produced no positive results either.

I am sure good people have stopped attacks like the New York subway attack through good intelligence. I am sure some people do valuable work. I am not damning Intelligence per se just having my own insulted.

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Jun 16

Turns out they were listening to calls after all! I just don’t get why the admin’s spokesman would go on TV and just lie surely knowing he would look a clown within a week and a half if not sooner. It implies a bunch of fools making it up as they go along.

Someone interspersed Joe Biden in ’06 with the Spokesperson for the Admin ’13. It may be a shame given he would not have ramped up the Afghan War maybe it’s a shame he is not back seat driving like the despicable Cheney.


BTW irrelevant points here are any questioning of people’s motivations and that GOP are a shower of clowns.

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Jun 10

Does anyone believe including the spokesmen for the British Govt that this mass surveillance is for any purpose to do with Terrorism or even crime. That this vast expenditure which would rapidly be rendered impotent if used for those tasks is of any value? That two nut cases hacking a head off entails an internet clamp down and seemingly point less deportation?

The clear targets are movements like Occupy which because they are democratic and a function of free speech will use personal phones and unencrypted emails. The UK police spends massive amounts of time, money and undercover officers penetrating, literally, the Green and anti Capitalist movements for seeming no benefit but considerable cost in law suits and ridiculous prosecutions unless those people are right and their words need burying! You have the right to protest providing you don’t use it is the message from the Western leaders of all Salt brands – red, blue & orange in the UK.

Legally & to avoid torture it is better to be a US contractor or UK soldier who killed someone unnecessarily or a uniformed or sub contractor rapist or a drone operator who kills for kicks than the person who exposes that.

Question to Oxbridge/Ivy League pin cushions & all the journalists & clowns justifying this why would you support such authoritarianism? Occam’s razor suggests these feckless fools believe a word they say. The psycho can decide to fit in. The deluded clown can only carry on being so.

Better malicious nuts than weak fools?

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Mar 01

You may decide that Bradley Manning’s abhorrence of the delight some US servicemen take in killing people is treason or supporting an enemy. However it is surely hard having heard his confession to work out why the Obama Administration oversaw and the President and Secretary of State Clinton personally endorsed his torture.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of US policy it’s hard to take them seriously as any better than their opponents when their ineffective torture program seems run for revenge more than to achieve any goal. That the torture and killing is the goal not anything else which funnily enough is what Manning decided and why he blew the whistle.


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Jan 20

Apparently we’ll be fighting in North Africa for decades to prevent terrorism that has not killed anyone in 7 years in the mainland of Britain. Indeed whether Islamic terrorism has killed anyone in the prior 20 years to 7/7 is a question.

3 ex-pats who chose to live and work in a dangerous country have been killed. No doubt they will be named and eulogised unlike the more than 3 people who probably died to today from Superbugs, PFI cost cutting and not counting the suicides caused by the economic downturn. Continue reading »

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Dec 24

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Now I believe that much of what start out as political campaigns and “Wars On” have at least some genuine reason for their existence. However what sustains them is the institutionalised profit from the taxes that fund them. As the reason for them declines and the income stream steadies so the rhetoric of morality to justify continuance increases.

US Govt by tacitly endorsing HSBC’s support for drug lords and terrorists shows that when push comes to shove these wars don’t matter to those running the show. There is no higher principal than maintenance of the elite. The whole pointlessness of these conflicts is shown up. That if the wealthy are involved the issues are moot. The Wars irrelevant. The Deaths irrelevant. The morality preached a lie.

Thus whilst not planned all that is left is people making money from running prisons, manufacturing weapons, laundering money, creating money for Banks, skimming aid budgets, cheap money so Govt and Banks can continue to make money for the rich and wage these wars.

After all rioters and occupy may have cost the UK circa £150 Mn – thousands in jail and bullied by the Cops. In just money stolen from pensions and savers minus lower mortgage payments the Banks have had £70 Bn net off the people of the UK. That’s £1000 a head. £3000 for every full time job. They’ve had £65 Bn in direct Govt aid and the indirect aid dwarves that figure.

They don’t work for us.

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Sep 15

Many will point to the recent attacks on US embassies because someone made a film pointing out the Prophet was a fraud, aren’t they all (Moses excepted), as evidence of the danger to the USA. Continue reading »

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