Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week. Continue reading »

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Dec 24

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Now I believe that much of what start out as political campaigns and “Wars On” have at least some genuine reason for their existence. However what sustains them is the institutionalised profit from the taxes that fund them. As the reason for them declines and the income stream steadies so the rhetoric of morality to justify continuance increases.

US Govt by tacitly endorsing HSBC’s support for drug lords and terrorists shows that when push comes to shove these wars don’t matter to those running the show. There is no higher principal than maintenance of the elite. The whole pointlessness of these conflicts is shown up. That if the wealthy are involved the issues are moot. The Wars irrelevant. The Deaths irrelevant. The morality preached a lie.

Thus whilst not planned all that is left is people making money from running prisons, manufacturing weapons, laundering money, creating money for Banks, skimming aid budgets, cheap money so Govt and Banks can continue to make money for the rich and wage these wars.

After all rioters and occupy may have cost the UK circa £150 Mn – thousands in jail and bullied by the Cops. In just money stolen from pensions and savers minus lower mortgage payments the Banks have had £70 Bn net off the people of the UK. That’s £1000 a head. £3000 for every full time job. They’ve had £65 Bn in direct Govt aid and the indirect aid dwarves that figure.

They don’t work for us.

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Dec 15

14 years after the slaughter of civilians in Sarajevo ended a train service started again between Sarajevo and Belgrade. I personally have got a bus from the Croatian town of Split to Mostar in Bosnia. In Mostar one can walk across the Stari Most bridge which the Croatians blew up in an act of splitting the town in two.

8 years on from 9-11 and after invading 2 countries that had next to nothing and nothing to do with 9-11, not to mention complying with bin Laden’s demand they leave the holy land and the country that actually attacked them and spreads the form of fascistic Islam that fires the Jihadists, the US continues to plough ahead with its remorseless wars with no strategic goals and Trillions in debt.

The results a broken economy, a spread conflict to Pakistan, thousands of dead and domestic terrorism in places like the UK. bin Laden probably could not have sketched a better plan of what he wanted his opponents to do.

The problem with the jackboots of the US and the rest of NATO is that there is no over riding power to stop them. No UN force to come in and say “calm down calm down calm down”. No one strong enough to be listened to saying this is senseless.

However as what was once Yugoslavia shows people can go on and live together after tragic events. Events more tragic and personal than 9-11. An unimaginable loss of life and whole cities largely destroyed relatively.

The point being the US policies aside from being naive, pointless and simplistic show that the bruised bully cannot get over the humiliation of 9-11. It’s ever decreasing circles of futility as it seeks to consume what it can no longer afford is surely heralding a much greater crash in its economic power. Its witless first resort to violence and simplistic solutions like its wars on Terror and Drugs motivated by the needs of political rhetoric rather than an attempt to achieve anything. Sidebar: It’s bizarre that statements of strength and the need to be all alpha male drive policy in the US/UK now.

As a footnote the 90s Balkan war was not as genocidal as the Croatian Ustaše govt installed by the Nazis in 1941 who with the backing of the Catholic church killed up to 750,000 Serbs. The Catholic Church received a considerable sum of blood money stolen from Serbs and Jews after the war. A position arguably endorsed to a degree by the actions of Pope John Paul II.

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