Apr 04

Vince Cable’s department’s sell off in one go of the Royal Mail amounts to idiocy. If you want to establish a price for something do what others do and sell only a part of it. Then once price is established sell. The idea that allowing citizens to get a few hundred shares to sell somehow is a goal is arrant nonsense just get the best price. The years of individuals holding shares are gone.

As with £100Bn+PFI in light of no apology I can only assume corruption.

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Mar 07

Vince Cable called for an end to Austerity.

Sadly he did not call for an end to QE and artificial interest rates as the gutless clown Osborne prepares to hand over the economy to the QE junkie Carney. Osborne is showing even greater cowardice than Brown who one could argue had good reason to hand over monetary policy in 1997 even if that abdication of responsibility looks like criminal incompetence 15 years later.

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Jan 30

When it comes to economics it does seem no matter how well voiced one is it’s hard to know what is right and we may choose our response on the basis of what we’d like to believe. Continue reading »

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Jan 03

If the coalition works out the Liberal Democrats are in danger of not cashing in. They will be tarred with the perceived bad by a left who can somehow find morality whilst supporting Labour. They will get no credit for the stuff some whingers are so busy to flag they are not happy with. The fact is unless the economy tanks, in which case no one will do well, the majority will likely feel safer and more secure if not better off in a few years. Thus either way distancing themselves from Osborne is a mistake. Continue reading »

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Dec 22

Everything else in the secret recordings of Lib Dems I refer to my stuff on WikiLeaks that opinions offered in private should stay that way. However Cable’s boasting like some sad Labour member in a bar about being at war with Murdoch does strain. I hope Cable stays but strictly speaking it was an amazing thing to say about a matter under consideration. Continue reading »

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Jul 05

With no effective opposition outside the Coalition it does seem some Tories are dusting off their Final Sol… Answer to the public sector.

Labour are pitiable opposition with their prior policy of running up debt until a future generation really does find there is no money left. Also whatever one’s fear and ideological standpoint it makes almost no sense for us to try to growth maximise when were have the worst structural problems of all the major economies in terms of Public and Private Debt and a moribund manufacturing sector. If the cuts are as envisaged last week I have to say we are taking the stagnation if it occurs for our Grand Kids if not our Kids and I can accept that. Unlike Labour I don’t hate future generations that much to just carry on piling up debt.

However if we start to see deep cuts in areas such as Welfare, Health and Education then we know the real target is to strip the poor of health, wealth and lives worth living.

The effective opposition has to come from the Lib Dems and they should not be seduced. It amazed me how Labour kow towed to Blair’s religious lunacy (his view not mine) that led to Iraq and the continuing pit of despair that is Afghanistan. Thus it is frightening to think Liberals could get sucked down this path of creating a servile poor living in brutal ghettos that would seem the only result of rolling back the state much beyond what Chancellor Osborne spelled out last week.

The two budgets that cry out for revision are arms and the Police. The idea that having masses of form filling Policemen doing beat work occasionally and Community Support Officers cuts crime better than handing out Heroin to Heroin addicts and other controlled measures is laughable. The MOD’s senior people seem to get away with what is at best incompetence at worst outright corruption in procurement. We could have spent a lot less and have a lot more from and for our armed forces. A 24/7 nuclear Submarine force that even experts are saying can stay in port and put to sea when a specific threat is identified. Afghanistan no brainer leave.

There are cuts to be made and they may even have to be made. However  when they come at the expense of already failing school, health and transport systems sorry I am against them.

It’s on you Clegg, Cable, Alexander and co.

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Mar 31

The Chancellors debate really showed that in terms of the economy the 2 major parties will not give away their full plans bar moronic pledges to continue to spend as much on ring fenced stuff and Vince Cable just told most of the truth.

What really shocked me was ‘The Vacuum’ George Osborne said much of what I said. We are borrowing money from China to buy goods from China. We are like a child being fed by a feeder who is using our waste to fertilise their land and just waiting for us to die or to leave us to die. It is extremely naive of our so called leaders to look on China as anything but a malevolent force. China’s internal repression and non toleration of dissent is not a model that is even an advance on Globalised Capitalism – a system it’s exploiting to put itself in pole position for the 21st century.

So at least someone does have some understanding of a horizon beyond just the ledger of the nation’s immediate finances. That it was George Osborne is surprising. Whether he can see beyond policies to ensure his friends get their full inheritance and to reverse the decline is the issue.

It would help if rather than the prattle about the current crisis we heard more from all leaders and chancellors about the long term and how we will stop being fed by China.

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Mar 05

The decision of Nick Clegg and Vince Cable to forego their pay rises is not a good one. One cannot help feel this is populist nonsense and frankly a statement of “We’re not worthy”.

My take on the allowances and expenses scandal is that the worst aspect was the complete craven grovelling of our political leaders. The situation arose because MPs opted for an allowances system to subsidise their wages rather than vote themselves high salaries compared to the average salary. It stemmed from their gutless pandering to opinion, a sense of not being worth the money or able to justify the wages – so why give it in allowances then!

I know I always found the Militant/Socialist Party idea that their MPs would live off the average  wage of a skilled factory worker as a negative statement rather than signalling a vote for something positive – not that many of the current parliament could hold a candle to Dave Nellist.

I see the mindset of the Liberal Democracts in Parliament as negative. I just do not see admissions of inadequacy whilst the New Labour response to everything as a positive. It’s like going for a high profile job and trying to gain advantage by being cheaper, it raises questions and does no good.

The money is trivial but the mindset of cut price leaders  is not.

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Dec 06

You can tell Bankers are unpopular when all 3 main parties are happy to contemplate windfall taxes on bank bonuses. Vince Cable proposed a tax that would yield £2 Bn a year. Darling having backed them to the tune of £840 Bn is planning to tax them £1 Bn a year. “The Vacuum” George Osborne would not rule it out either!

Why are they discussing so publicly what amounts to less than the rounding error on the public finances? These tax plans will not come close to paying back what the economy and us as individuals have paid and guaranteed the banks. They do not meet the interest payments or even the interest on the interest.

The next Govt will be bringing in brutal public sector cuts. This will be exacerbated by the fact that Brown’s PPP/PFI costs are largely fixed and handing over more in profits every year to the bankers than Vince Cable’s tax plans would take. The bigger news in reality today was the scaling down of an NHS computer system by Darling. The first signalling of the real cost of paying for the Bankers yearly opportunity to earn big bonuses.

The main parties knock the execrable BNP but are they actually addressing the real issues facing this country? Publicly picking on a ‘minority’ like Bankers to electioneer? At least a dislike of Bankers is founded in reality, I guess.

In reality we won’t know what anyone intends to do till after the election. Plus ça change.

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