Feb 14

10p tax rate came back like Jason for Jason III. The first time it was created and the 2nd time it was killed and the 3rd time it hopes to be reformed. Yes it’s breathtaking that something so stupid as yet another tax band would be a flagship policy. It more shows that the Labour Party is self referential rather than anything else. I doubt this strikes a chord with anyone outside a few Labour Left creeps.

Miliband is after all the man who made his maiden speech about Asylum and how great it was. He was also Brown’s chief droog with Balls and appointed Woolas, tried to intern people, demonised Asylum seekers and locked up Children not as an unavoidable part of policy but as an aim of policy. The point is Miliband does not see his own hypocrisy and corruption. He’s an idea less pin cushion chasing votes he should get merely by not being creepy or a Tory – albeit in reality he is creepy and by any definition a Tory.

The Labour brand of salt is still salt, Lo Salt maybe. Still reactionary. Still has no answers. Still has not weeded out its corrupt former leaders of the PFI fraud, Human Rights abuses and War. Still has no plans just a string of headline grabbing policies, they hope.

Raising thresholds and reducing VAT would be a better and simpler idea.

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Nov 25

Someone was explaining why the cuts were having a disproportionate effect on social services. The explanation was clear with so many long term contracts councils (and PFI bound NHS, Education and central Govt) could only cut the soft stuff they still ran.  Continue reading »

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