Nov 18

The Independent or at least its ‘i’ variant described a ‘desperate’ Nick Clegg apologising for breaking a promise he never expected to have to keep. However Clegg is a deputy and in a coalition without ministry hardly a strong position to effect much and bound by a coalition agreement which if coalition Govt is to be credible he should accept up to  point. That point is now. Continue reading »

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May 06

Labour and Conservatives have many more supporters with a my football team right or wrong school yard mentality than the Liberals. The big 2 have many more people who for historical reasons vote for them and thus they have a bedrock support of between 28 and 30%.  Continue reading »

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Nov 17

Ed Miliband appears to have done quite well with his whiny rhetorical hypocritical nagging at Prime Minister’s Questions which as we know adds zero votes. Labour naturally ride high in the polls largely on a wave of disaffection with the Lib Dems and frankly because one would expect them to.  Continue reading »

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Nov 11

Like it or not most of us on the non Marxist left feel the need to support Labour. It’s not a feeling I share and I no longer feel it is understandable. Yet you can already see that they have closed the book on 13 years of authoritarian stupidity and will try to recommend a broken unrepentant party trying to position itself marginally to the left of the Tories with a sort of ‘and we’ll lock people up regardless’ edge to them. In practice well to the right on liberty and humanity. Continue reading »

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