Aug 09

The current vogue of being righteously upset at the events in Gaza is of course something I agree with. Nonetheless flying Palestinian flags and declaring Israeli free zones is bullshit. The tone is very much ego stroking. Oh this is so bad and I am so good. The mistake of the left though is to stroke the ego. To patronise people who talk of martyrs. If they really supported the people of Gaza there would be talk of ending the Egypt (Saudi’s proxy) and Israeli blockade which causes more lasting misery and reduces some to acts of futile resistance. The coherent message has to be end the blockade not anger and self preening.

The Gaza war for me is amazing for the openness that Israel has shown to journalists. The US/UK machine in Iraq targeted or appears to target reporters it does not like. There were no film as soldiers shot up the road and killed anything on it be it tank or family car with only implanted shills to report on it. No one was allowed to see enough of the murderous assault on Fallujah or the depleted uranium weapons or the cluster bombs or when Sunni factions were hired as death squads – sidebar they were betrayed and we’re now bombing our former death squads as ISIS and other banners. The media snopaked it. Ed Miliband does not get half the odium of Bibi Netanyahu say despite being a leading apparatchik of the vile Blair and Brown regimes who perpetrated those crimes.

Israel fans supply some pretty silly rhetoric of their own they started out saying they were better than Syria and Assad. Wow I’m better person than Jimmy Savile but I won’t be putting that on a T shirt any time soon. Then it was why should Israel be held up and pilloried and not Turkey which claims to also be a 1st world democracy? Let’s keep our standards low I guess.

However they had a point but of course the real parallel and the one most sane would agree with is that of the UK US and their campaigns of drones, death squads, torture, rendition and at times slaughter.  They could point out that the US recruits poor people to be soldiers with promises of lifelong health care and housing and free seats at baseball occasionally. Similarly Israel uses conscripts and thus these groups are hardly going to be civilian friendly – not that the UK’s professional army has not cost Millions because of its lack of control and brutality. The US also uses private contractors with immunity from any charges. War is not a good business. We’re not as bad as the US Army is what Israel could rightly say.

Thus when the glib liar Obama starts lecturing or the inane Kerry gets on his high horse I wonder what Netanyahu thinks? You hypercritical cunts? Not that he gets any sympathy from me having to deal with the glibster and his tall crony it is in some small way retribution although not nearly enough.

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Aug 02

You understand the more you learn that sociopaths make it to the top of society. That empathy is a weakness in climbing the greasy pole. That in private these people may be glib and dismissive of Joe Schmo. You just don’t expect it in public.  Comically some who espouse leftish liberal views and think of that as a moral step ladder defend the Administration, an act of mental gymnastics a 10 underscores.

The man who delights in his ability to kill could have gone further and rather than produce some 9-11 related mass hysteria excuse admitted he proudly tortures too – what’s his excuse the US’ exit from the 2008 World Cup? Probably. Maybe the Administration can’t just bring itself to disillusion Democratic members that they’re no better than the last lot. Maybe this non telling is after all a act of mercy and humanity. Then again those ‘liberals’ would probably forgive the Administration if it droned a close relative, children excepted, provided it could label them as say ‘terrorists’ or better still ‘bad tempered’ or ‘anti social’.

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Oct 17

The US Govt has prosecuted and driven people to suicide to protect Hollywood from the non existent losses and extra revenue gained from people distributing their product for free to each other. It’s now clear that the Hollywood business model is how GOP and the Administration do politics. Continue reading »

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Aug 07

In the face of being shown as an inveterate liar and a clown it seems Barry O’ is adopting the A-Rod method of dealing with unpleasant facts and not being master of your destiny. Just keep denying and change the meaning of words like Leaks, 4th Amendment, Whistle-blower, Torture, Murder and Domestic Spying Program.

In the face of a housing bubble offer to reflate it for your banker friends whilst saying that is what you don’t want to do. In the face of a clear and obvious domestic spying program deny it on some grim late night chat show. On being shown up as a bully just keep bullying and show what a man you are by turning down a pissing contest photo op with Putin – wow what was 2nd choice send him Roses? 200 representatives de facto agree the 4th amendment is being curtailed and you still call the person did pointed it out a traitor and a spy.

Obama is like the 300 pound baby. You have to take someone seriously who kills so many people so directly on his orders and has control over a Federal Imprisonment Unit whose conviction rate would make Mugabe weep with inadequacy. Yet sat in England in a cafe he’s just pitiable.

Once he is out of office remember he’s just a clown. It’s not personal. He’s not evil. He’s not even stupid.

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Jun 09

The recent Prism stuff has been teeth grinding for politicians. They and the likes of Facebook, Google & co shown as little more than agents of the Security Forces. Yet they had no one to blame and ad hominem which must have driven them to distraction. Hence Friday’s intelligence defying lie fest and nonsense from their chief voice. Continue reading »

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Apr 01

I’ve recently come across Poe’s Law which apparently is about fundamentalism but actually covers our sporting cultures very well. It essentially says that people who are extreme are beyond parody. That their views so ridiculous a parody or one of their beliefs side by side would be both assumed parody or serious not either or.

In Westminster self parody merely reflects conceit not Poe’s Law. Had it happened today anyone sane would have assumed David Miliband resigning because Sunderland had appointed a fascist was laughable hypocrisy. However the conceit of our politicians is they are somehow moral. That a man who oversaw torture and rendition and got cosy with the Gaddafi regime judges the genuinely held views of a football manager. Morally Sunderland went up at worst it’s a zero sum game.

It’s not just Labour. Iain Duncan Smith is a man so greedy he paid his wife taxpayer money to answer the phone at home essentially. He says he could live off £53 a week. I spend that on groceries never mind what I spend on lunch. This man is a buffoon. I’d given him 2 days. We would save more money just from the tax and extra spending a real interest rate would cause. The poor are being hurt not for any benefit to society but like Cyprus to German public opinion.

The central conceit of Merkel, IDS and Miliband is that they are working for the good of everyone. Sadder still these nasty scum may not even see what they are in their lonely moments.

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Mar 01

You may decide that Bradley Manning’s abhorrence of the delight some US servicemen take in killing people is treason or supporting an enemy. However it is surely hard having heard his confession to work out why the Obama Administration oversaw and the President and Secretary of State Clinton personally endorsed his torture.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of US policy it’s hard to take them seriously as any better than their opponents when their ineffective torture program seems run for revenge more than to achieve any goal. That the torture and killing is the goal not anything else which funnily enough is what Manning decided and why he blew the whistle.


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Feb 25

Zero Dark 30 a CIA video whereby its laughably ineffective torture program is said to have helped find a now symbolic al Quada leader. To help film makers the CIA leaked information that would be far more sensitive than anything Bradley Manning, who has been tortured and locked up for a 1000 days, disclosed.

The Academy digested historians pointing out it was a laughable work of fiction on a subject that happened very recently. The Academy ran and voted Argo a film that also re-wrote history favourably for the CIA best Crap movie this year. As former President Carter noted, and I para phrase, the CIA are useless and the Canadians were responsible for the events in Argo. Personally I have no idea what sad wretches would want to see tedious historically inaccurate films that purport to be reality. Each to his own I guess.

Even 10 years after the US surrendered to al Quada by leaving Saudi Arabia and attacking the inconsequential Iraq and point-less Afghanistan they still try to grab a win for their countrymen. See any idiot can re-write history with a few facts.

Hollywood could not even give the correct price of Seabiscuit in a film what hope is there on something of more import than the cost of a bad kneed champion.

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Oct 13

I invent words and one I use in that inner voice to describe cluster stupidity is an ‘Absurdicom’. Creators of Absurdicoms are British Home Secretaries. The current incumbent or in-clown-bent as I might think is Theresa May. May went to Oxford so technically she is my intellectual superior. However clearly Oxford is no place for learning other than conformity and knowing your role and place.

Abu Qutada an Islamic cretin or as the BBC and other spineless outlets of the Govt would say a Radical Cleric. He’s apparently so dangerous that he’s been held without trial off and on for 10 years – who needs Guantanamo. Apparently for all their hubris Oxford, Cambridge et al do not produce any lawyers capable of convicting this supposed terrorist master mind. This in a country which gives people 4 years for writing stupid stuff on Facebook!

When this reached Absurdicom levels was when we found out that May tried to negotiate a pardon for this guy in Jordan so we could deport him. Now with the internet etc he’s as dangerous in Jordan as he is in Jarrow. Thus the obvious conclusion, as with Abu Hamza who the US helped us out by taking off our hands, is that essentially he’s been held without trial like we are some despotic state – he’s also been tortured with sleep deprivation to boot etc.

Consider what this Govt is doing to the poor and the millions spent locking up and trying to deport someone we don’t consider dangerous at all. You can only conclude that either May (plus Labour predecessors), the Justice system, MI5/6 and The Police are all incompetent or so weak that having built this apparent clown they want pardoned into an ogre they can’t tell the Daily Mail et al actually he’s not a threat really.

There is no logical way to explain what is happening here it’s an absurd situation.

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Apr 11

The news that William Hague and co are buying off anyone who knows about torture and rendition and hence protecting the anti humans of Labour and MI5 and MI6 from being labeled war criminals  shows that whatever Westminster party you support they are all in it together.

This at a time when the UK is pressing China over the death of a businessman and trying to make it’s patchwork quilt of morality stick over the murdering scum bag Assad. All whilst we play cricket and make nice congratulating Sri Lanka on their genocide.

It’s our money they’re wasting on cover ups.

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