Jul 10

Or should that be Let’s hope the Noughties are over? Continue reading »

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Feb 07

David Cameron in a classic one step up 2 back speech signaled the end, hopefully forever, for the Labour left’s fatuous we’re not racist but… policy of Multiculturalism. Of course being a Tory he could not help splicing Muslim and Terrorism in a speech even Jon Cruddas might have felt was ill judged and stupid. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

Looks like the tedious newspapers with worthy ranting columnists and small circulations will be trying to tempt their readers with even more guff from the Chilcot inquiry. Continue reading »

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Nov 03

Why does the BBC cover US politics with far more correspondents than even US TV networks can manage? They have to make do with affiliate feeds whereas we will have a host of journalists. The Presidential election was almost surreal as studio bound NBC and FOX talked the BBC went to every major US city. If you wanted to make a case against largesse at the corporation that would be it. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

The self righteous Harriet Harman was thoroughly exposed yesterday. As she clapped Ed Miliband’s denunciation of the Iraq war David Miliband reminded her she supported it. Now it seems she just supports Ed. Whoever is Leader. My Party right or wrong.

This on the day it turns out despite the incompetence, their claim not mine, of MI5 and MI6 it turns out Blair knew the US was torturing and knew it was wrong. He told them but continued his enthusiastic support and even dictated the timing of rendering people to Guantanamo. It does seem that Labour is a chain of obsequiousness with the US President at the top and then the Labour leader and then the serfs. It’s a cult more than a serious thinking political party who allow decisions from the top to hold no matter who agrees with them. That is at least the lesson of Blair and Harman.

My only thought was maybe Noel Edmonds Hit Squad could create a premise where Labour and the BNP merged and see if Harman clapped loudly at a Nick Griffin speech. I guess with cyphers like her Ed Miliband will not have much to worry about internally.

And finally on Harman I used to think she must be doing something right to be hated by the Daily Mail. Now I realise now mine enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my Friend albeit if I was leader of the Labour Party she would be no matter what I said.

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Sep 26

I am not sure there was much choice for the left leaning human in the Labour leadership race. Nonetheless it is disquieting the rigged ballot papers and other small ‘g’ gerrymandering that went on to defy the opinions of MPs and the party membership – the GMB’s ballot paper seemed especially egregious. I am sure every levy paying Tory was out with there “we want Ed” badges.

What makes this even more Pyrrhic is a runway either way there is barely a fag paper between the Miliband brothers on policy. Just as surprisingly for some the main difference between Blair and Brown was the latter’s misogyny and more judgmental and flawed personality. The actual differences between the two sides of the Labour party are no more than the narcissism of small differences. Quite how the left writers who claim to be environmental and liberal like Johann Hari and Joss Garman can care is beyond me.

What must worry Labour voters is that the architect of the Unions for Ed campaign was none other than the useless grand standing fool Tony Woodley who has led the Cabin Crew to defeat. A man who gives a job and members’ money to Charlie Whelan a vile everyman turd who was so depraved he, like Balls, has supported and worked for Brown for years. A man so incapable of strategy that Willie Walsh and the BA board must drink to him every single day. It’s a measure of how infantile the Labour movement is that Tony Woodley would be allowed to participate in a church fête never mind the careers and livelihoods of tens of thousands of his members.

It all comes back to my point that left leaning people will get nowhere patronising the Labour Party. There is nothing there. At best join the party but let’s develop our own candidates, ideas and economics. If not we’ll make the mistake of supporting the likes of Kinnock, Brown and Ed the Shred against people who share the same views but lie less forever.

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Sep 26

Let’s assume despite his being an acolyte of Brown that Ed Miliband really does want to change things rather than bask in reflected glory.

Ok, got that massive assumption?

How does he make Labour an effective next Govt?

Sure he can win thanks to the cuts and the electoral map which amounts to 13 years of gerrymandering – no claim from Labour is more hypocritical of the coalition Govt. However Labour thought they could hold onto all their dogma and self indulgences for the same reason under Thatcher.

However 5 more years of waste and incompetence could consign Labour to the dustbin. Or this country at least. They would be reduced to Sarkozy style blaming small pockets of Immigrants as Balls already has. A big ‘N’ National Social Democratic Party rather than small ‘n’ one that has Phil ‘Bigot Moi?’ Woolas as Immigration minister and David Miliband key ally!

Like Blair and the clause 4 thing where lots of people who really did still believe in clause 4 were bent to the will of a shiny toothed leader. You win real support by taking on your party’s sacred cows. By slaying some people for no fault of their own.

Ed Miliband has to find his excuse and sacrifice some people and the best person to go is his brother. Like Blair someone on the fringes of the party who once they are not going to be PM is of no use. Look at Blair as dead to Labour as the Militant Tendency now. Sure there will be a rehabilitation especially if he falls ill but for now a broken twisted figure trying to justify a long forgotten war. David Miliband has no uses anymore. People like him are either leaders or not. He was an ineffective Foreign Secretary and was even stupid enough to mire himself in the torture problems Labour has with me.

Whilst Labour have bounced in the polls by fear-mongering it won’t win them support long term and even if it does it will make for poor Govt again. defining yourself by what you are not as New Labour did led to 5 years of do nothing Govt and 8 years of tragic and inhuman mistakes.

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Sep 26

It’s quite conceivable that the Labour Party will soon be much more the party of the unelected and unelectable Prime Minister Gordon Brown than when he was in charge. A nightmare coalition of Balls as Chancellor and the word mangling clown Ed as Head Honcho. If Ed has a lick of sense he’ll send Balls to the Shadow Home berth where he can shout down like the bullying Berk’ he is when as happens to Home Secretaries something goes wrong on their watch – the best news for Labour is because of a pair of tits on his front row Cameron cannot sack Theresa May without looking Brownian in his hatred of women.

What really made me churn as Labour seems to hope the cuts can stop it from looking in a mirror is the lauding of 13 wasted years.

It could be a quarter a century and in a much reduced role that Britain’s public finances are in as good a shape as Ken Clarke left them when Brown decided he knew better around the turn of the century. As Harriet Harman the cerebrally challenged deputy leader blasted out the achievements of the Brown Govt a 10 year old boy would have been correct thinking I could do better at the cost of 100s of Billions. The fact is I could say buying an Aston Martin was an achievement but a pretty Pyrrhic one if I maxed my credit cards to do it and could not afford the repayments, insurance, tax and petrol!

Harman battled to sound like she believed a word she said. In a speech whose anti intellectualism was maybe a sop to the Daily Mail who hate her as she’s female. Her other “yes, but” inducing comment was that the recession  was not the fault of Labour. Yes, but the the high levels of debt in a boom that left us poorly placed to ride it out and we’ll be paying for it for years was. The fact that most of the weakest balance sheets in the major banking world were British was. That our banks were exposed to a sub prime crisis in the States was. That we are in the same boat as the US whose policies we copy was not mitigation.

Everything they supposedly achieved was built on debt, consumer and public. Built on debt. Growth through debt.

The worst part of it was this consumer and public debt binge left people working all hours and bitter. Resentful as their ridiculous feelings that they have lost something to Immigration shows. Immigration is an issue only in terms of how does this country counteract an aging population? Young immigrants?

Ed Miliband has to, if Labour are to ever be an effective Govt, admit their incompetence. Admit they need to build public services on something other than debt. He has to drop the likes of Woolas and Balls with their ranting stupid idiotic bigotry. He has to make the ultimate sacrifice and open his brother, Straw and Blair up to justice over their sanctioning of interviews where torture would almost certainly take place, this is against the law. He has to stop worrying what Newspapers think. He has to tell the truth about the ghettos they created many on racial lines. He has to tell the bigots and clowns why we need Immigration.

Most of all he has to cleanse the party of Brown and his influence.

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Sep 16

Ok so as not to offend my only friend I should say  ‘The Left’ here refers not to the Marxist fringe. I am aiming squarely at the self congratulatory, self satisfied, self gratifying, self serving, sanctimonious and smug as hell Labour Left – the ones who often claim not to be Labour but still advise a vote for Ed Miliband like he matters! The kind of people who Blair referred to when he talked about you listen to them and then you realise they are just for status quo.

Actually I have another friend a Republican American who’s taught me a lot about not being judgmental except where Labour politicians are concerned of course! I asked why he chose the Republicans over the ‘Crats given he had no religious fundamentalism. He said he looked at what people had produced or achieved. I think without knowing a lot I can see where he and Blair are coming from. The Left’s achievements can be measured in legislative weight. In the UK a minimum wage. It’s the dichotomy with Obama who has managed to get a Health Bill through, a Banking Bill and a Stimulous package whilst not uplifting people’s lives and not necessarily threatening to do so in many people’s eyes.

Now some good does come from legislation. A Bill of Rights. A decent wage. Health and Safety (although in the UK apparently people want Death and Destruction at work so primed are they by the tabloids!). Yet does it materially change people’s lives as much as the Left would like to believe? Is a minimum wage worth the extra 700 Bn in debt Brown piled on us showing off his patronage?

The problem with the left for me, as a leftist, is we oppose any and everything. We offer pipe dreams as solutions too often. Diane Abbot says oh we just put up some taxes and invest in Green Technology! Fiscal and Trade Deficit job done! Fundamentally it misses the point that people’s welfare does not and should not just stem from Govt action.

Worst the left paint people as weak. The proposed cuts in some benefits are not needed and draconian. However the poor will survive. They have created whole institutions to the victim hood of people based on false definitions of  Race – arguably a more racist position than some racist groupings take officially at least.

Change inevitably has to happen. Change inevitably changes things for some people positively and negatively. Painting the losers always as innocent victims like this is some kind of drive by shooting led to the cretinous 10p tax rate removal fiasco.  The essential problem is that Leftists seem to want to confront Bilderburg, News International, Neo Con, Neo Liberal, Thatcherite etc agendas with: one liners: rhetoric: victimology: anger. Not set an agenda of their own.

The visit of The Pope is instructive a whole news agenda has been made. One cannot help know that the Priesthood of the Catholic Church has been infested with Paedophiles (sorry people who do not have sex do not become nonces because of it). One cannot help know that in the 3rd world Catholic lies on contraception will lead to death and misery. Yet  whilst some might joyously tweet “read my latest missive on The Pope” what will happen when this brutal clown goes back to Vatican land? Nothing. They will not have changed one damn thing but they will have had protest The Pope night. They will have had the smug satisfaction of labeling a world leader. Of cracking on the ridiculous notion religion was good that we are force fed as kids. Yet they will leave no campaign. They will move on to the next issue to oppose leaving the victims to their suffering. As with the response  to Osborne’s cuts one wonders if feeling oh so moral and righteously angry was the goal.

In the end this is why I suggest the left disassociate from the Labour party and think hard about its economics and practicalities. Campaign on its own right and not orientate to a Labour Left eager to endorse but unwilling to do anything real to achieve anything.  Stick to issues where a material difference can be attained. Point out for future growth and environmental protection leftist ideas of equality will work better than a society with a few super rich.

As it stands the Labour Left object to everything and campaign for nothing.

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Sep 12

Paster Terry Jones, a host of Imans, a ton of demonstrators, a President and his Secretary of State, a Muslim Centre, 9-11 anniversary, EDL etc… This last week has seen a host of inter-related stories started by one book burning Nazi who thinks God is talking to him.

On the face of it Barack Obama’s Administration come out sounding sane that Islam did not attack America. That the US should welcome and accept within limits a Muslim Centre close to where the Twin Towers were brought down.

Most absurd and surely unquestionable is why does the President of the USA and the world’s media have to pay homage to someone merely because he is a lunatic?

It is a measure of how it’s not just journalists who are led by what is thrust in their face but people too. Honestly what would annoy me more as a Muslim some inconsequential fruit-cake  who was to burn a holy book of mine or the gang of US soldiers who killed Afghans for fun and took their fingers as souvenirs? Sure one feeds into the book of reasons but the other caused mass protests on the streets before he did anything.

I had planned a long tome to make sense and draw neat conclusions from this chain of unending stupidity. However  I cannot. At the end of the day rationality and perspective is in short supply. The people we elect to lead us do not. They are led by what the polls say or what the vested interests say. If you try to find the start point between nutters, media, politicians, security services, lobbyists and incidents you are doomed to run in circles without a clear bias to guide you to where you started anyway – that is not to speak in favour of pre-conceived ideas!

The battle for reason goes far beyond protesting the Pope. It goes far beyond labeling Blair or Bush or Obama a murderer. To blame any one person or organisation is scapegoating.  An abdication of society’s responsibilities. To accept others ignorance and use it as a defense for ourselves while the world burns.

Arguably the fault lies with us individually and collectively but do we have the freedom to act? Do we have the scope anymore to start mass movements? Or are we doomed to type to an un-waiting world whilst the mass media consumes vast forests of stories based on the personal interactions of well known people and temporary person’s to ridicule?

Do I feel better because some Paster was bullied by the whole of a society and imbued with a ridiculous importance of a life and death decision?


Now if 1 news station had not covered this story then that would have been something.

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