Aug 20

Let’s live in the nether world that garbage politicians have reinterpreted laws to the extent if I went to David Cameron’s fridge to put a drop more milk in my coffee I’d get 5 years for stealing. Let’s live in a nether world where might is right and William Hague is a human being not an authoritarian Quisling. It is after all the world of the UK celebrity pant sniffing media who only want the freedom to sniff Charlotte Church’s pants.

Detaining David Miranda for 9 hours is purely bullying. He had nothing to tell them and clearly was not a terrorist. The length of detention was within the scope to do differently even of those morons who do this kind of shit. Why show your country up as petty, stupid and vindictive? Why have laws that make Saudi feel better about itself? Then to just use them as a display of impotent power says what? Stupidity for its own sake?

However what was worse was to do this seemingly just to get hold of his hard drive. Were they going to return the information to the Americans who already have it? (as arch cretin Louise Mensch claimed!)  Had they not traced his phone calls etc already? Did they think by taking his data and destroying hard drives at the Guardian they were doing anything but showing Britain as a police state? A stupid one to boot. Those who support this idiocy miss that it served no good purpose other than to make Britain and them look like cretins.

Book burning makes sense compared to this.

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Oct 02

He said there was no money and there was none until Georgie and Mervyn printed it for their mates. Now he says Labour will attack the poor or the welfare budget as he calls it. Make no mistake for all the weasel words and pledges of a point-less Billion here or there Labour is at best a 2nd XI for the bankers. At worst a crypto-fascist party who saw in the era of Police corruption and excessive sentences for behavioural issues.

The Labour party members are generally although a bit self preening in their righteousness good people. The parliamentary party and leadership goons and thugs in the main, Stella Creasy excepted.

At least we can say of the scroat Byrne he’s an honest git.

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