Jul 11

So I read today that QE toting villain Mervyn King is only half a scumbag. Continue reading »

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May 09

Want to know who got the £800 million Brown and Darling left us on the hook for when they took our debts off the banks?

When we were borrowing against non existent sub prime assets who was making money on our over consumption?

Want to know who will not be paying for the debt that has made them super rich?

People can get upset like Greece or just accept the Rich do not live anywhere. That the fetishising of them by our political leaders as wealth creators is wrong. They make money on money and always get their pound of flesh. When their customers cannot pay who picks up the debt? The taxpayer.

By backing the debt Darling  and co guaranteed the returns of people who will never pay tax here. Maybe they had no choice but the reality is clear.

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