Dec 01

I accept that 99% of the reason Britain is in a bad place is squarely on the shoulders of the last Government. Labour tried to buy votes. Indeed it tried to drive a divide between public sector workers and the rest of us. Continue reading »

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Nov 25

Someone was explaining why the cuts were having a disproportionate effect on social services. The explanation was clear with so many long term contracts councils (and PFI bound NHS, Education and central Govt) could only cut the soft stuff they still ran.  Continue reading »

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Nov 01

The middle classes led by the moronic daily papers have got it into their little heads that people who have no jobs are mere scroungers. They also would like to see less migrants here thank you very much. Their little brains think that the local youf could take the jobs of the  migrants.

The problem with inducing the seemingly work shy to work is at least three fold: they might not live where there is work: those in the Black economy suffer little or no hardship from the reduction in miserable benefits: that our education system after 28 years of grade inflation is actually educating the unemployed is a canard. Indeed graduates struggle for work.

Nonetheless with the rhetoric background the Tories are proposing a sort of child cap on people through the tax and benefits system. One hopes the cuts in Housing Benefit fall on Landlords and not many people have to move. However for those who actually live off benefits freezing them when inflation may well understate what primary products like food are going up by is just nasty.

The Govt is literally just forcing families to dig deeper to support mothers and children on benefits and for those isolated from families the message appears to be tough. The single males who live at home or get a flat will get by as frankly they can always pick up a few quid here and there.

There is still a huge gap between the vacancies and unemployed. The level of fiscal consolidation is not that large and therefore the bit more tax for higher earners and people on higher rate tax getting child allowance does not say to me we are all in it together.

It says we are happy to crack on the poor as they vote for no one.

BTW there is no evidence Labour planned anything significantly different. They will be in the laughable position of voting against a Housing Benefit reform they would have enacted.

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Jun 20

It does seem that the cuts that are coming are masking a Tory agenda to go far deeper than they strictly need to to re-balance the economy even as far as they say they want to. That was to be expected. Sadly the targets are low paid public sector workers’ pensions and the welfare budget that can only be cut by reducing our already low levels of wages and benefits.

Sadly Labour’s opportunistic rediscovery of Keynesianism out of power is risible and frankly they are still un-voteable for – sorry their incompetence is not apologised for nor acknowleged. A lot of easy cuts are due to them gerrymandering and being reckless which has at least made the first cut the shallowist. As much as Darling did try to get a grip and do the safe thing in the banking crisis the Brown Chancellor years really cry out for a Soviet style denunciation by the candidates for the leadership – costs of PFI are around for years to come.

Nonetheless if we are to cut the focus has to be on the New Labour class. Those highly paid public sector jobs which rip a disproportionate percentage of the public pension pot.  Not the cleaners and admin people who might get 3/8ths of a 12 to 25K salaries after 30 years toil.  Labour created a super class of people on 250K and more running authorities. Health managers whose reckless pursuit of the New Labour Holy Grail of Foundation status killed even more people than Afghanistan or Iraq in mulitple single health authorities.

What I had forgotten about the Tories was quite how nasty things come in bland packages. Having turned down spending 85 million to raise 500,000 kids out of poverty with free school meals apparently the vile toad Michael Gove had his eyes on the rest of the free school meals budget to fund their free schools. Schools that middle class parents could get funded to give their offspring even more advantage and/or indoctrinate them with their religion. This was of course denied when a human being saw it but Gove’s character and hatred of the poor shines through.

The facade of mild erudite manner that Michael Gove puts across is a reminder that behind some of the apparent humanity of Cameron is still the festering sores who have a deep and visceral hatred of the poor. Who view them as genetically fixed and responsible for their own poverty from birth. Who view the poor and unfortunate in much the same was as fascists Jews and ethnic minorities.

The point is how to oppose the cuts that attack the poor is problematic. Any protest tainted with Labour is destined to die in a hail of rhetoric. The best way will be to borrow from the enemy and use some Big Society of local community action and joining your public sector Trade Union (make sure you push for an end to the Labour Party getting any of the political levy if you do).

The Public Sector cuts should fall on the New Labour classes not the working classes.

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