Aug 20

Let’s live in the nether world that garbage politicians have reinterpreted laws to the extent if I went to David Cameron’s fridge to put a drop more milk in my coffee I’d get 5 years for stealing. Let’s live in a nether world where might is right and William Hague is a human being not an authoritarian Quisling. It is after all the world of the UK celebrity pant sniffing media who only want the freedom to sniff Charlotte Church’s pants.

Detaining David Miranda for 9 hours is purely bullying. He had nothing to tell them and clearly was not a terrorist. The length of detention was within the scope to do differently even of those morons who do this kind of shit. Why show your country up as petty, stupid and vindictive? Why have laws that make Saudi feel better about itself? Then to just use them as a display of impotent power says what? Stupidity for its own sake?

However what was worse was to do this seemingly just to get hold of his hard drive. Were they going to return the information to the Americans who already have it? (as arch cretin Louise Mensch claimed!)  Had they not traced his phone calls etc already? Did they think by taking his data and destroying hard drives at the Guardian they were doing anything but showing Britain as a police state? A stupid one to boot. Those who support this idiocy miss that it served no good purpose other than to make Britain and them look like cretins.

Book burning makes sense compared to this.

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Jul 10

I wish there was a big scandal about GCHQ info stealing but unlike the US we have even more reporting restrictions. We are the last to know. This does not mean the US public is better informed directly. After all the newspapers and principally New York Times and Washington Post have published biblical amounts of smear and innuendo at the NSA messengers. MSNBC is a wing of the Democratic Party by some accounts.

However the continual use of generalised smear does affect the consciousness of the masses. This leads to reactionary bigoted Govt who ignores facts to please ignorant voters on a few issues pushed by a lunatic fringe in the media. Thus the UK populace assumes that 31% of the population are immigrants! Or that unemployment benefit is more than pensions when next door to it it’s a drop in the ocean.

At least the US allows some discussion of the things voting has no effect on like spying on your own population and an authoritarian state. The British have effectively labeled all dissent as loony. Thus the US has a chance to reverse the perverse world the NSA and co would create.

Read the Times and you learn nothing read the risible Washington Post and at least you know what is not true. Read the Guardian and you’ll learn about the US but they are subject to a ‘D’ Notice here.

Politicians and Newspapers espousing Freedom don’t mean it. They work for each other not you.

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Oct 21

The Guardian today accused me of expense fiddling because I book in advance and travel 1st class and so do some MPs. This often saves on a standard class ticket but the sanctimonious Guardian says if people book early enough they can also book cheaper standard class tickets.

It’s clearly cretinous stuff from the establishment’s anti-establishment but not really paper. A paper who discredits rational thought and the left by allowing Polly Toynbee a column. A paper that admits it phone hacked but says it was Ok cos it was the Guardian, its self regarding probably its strongest feature. A paper who spread the kind of police rumour it decries to aid in the closing the of News of the World.

The Guardian’s business plan also shows its lack of focus and leadership. It’s focussed now on becoming a online only whining html conduit for reactionary US Liberals. This only a few years after investing in printing presses to make itself incompatible with everyone else.

Personally I am happy for MPs who are working to have First Class, it’s what they do I object to not the class of railway travel. What I am not happy is a so called Liberal newspaper who stands by Obama and the Greek Troika but nit picks a Tory Govt [and me] for train tickets.

It loses £44 Million a year. Quel Surprise. Incompetence in everything.

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Jul 08

After all the aren’t we good columns and stats against the increasingly direction-less and broken coalition the Guardian showed itself once again for the 0.1%. It talked of ‘raised hopes’ for QE. This disaster came to pass.  Continue reading »

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Jul 03

This was written a few weeks ago BTW

The Guardian tries to pretend it has an open mind. That it’s a paper for liberal free thinkers from the centre right [Labour] to the left [Marxists]. Today for instance it comes out with a story of how many families are struggling. Yet this is like Brown’s patronising a mirage. Continue reading »

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Dec 13

Reading the tendentious and self serving apology for misreporting the straw that may have broken the News of the World’s back really brings home how tribal this spat is. Continue reading »

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Jul 10

Or should that be Let’s hope the Noughties are over? Continue reading »

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May 03

The decision by UK newspapers to splash that Osama bin Laden died hiding behind a woman strikes me as remarkable. The human shield question is passed over in a sentence by the Independent yet fills half the front page of the Telegraph and all of the Mail and Express. Who is more likely to be correct? Continue reading »

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Oct 10

No I’m not talking about financial debt albeit I probably could be. I am also not talking about AGW but I probably could be. Nope it’s debt in terms of what it has borrowed from the Earth.

The underground water supplies currently be trawled deeper and deeper in the 3rd world to bring the Western World such daily essentials as Coffee, Roses, Flowers etc. The soil sucked dry to produce goods to send to us in the West. The resources burgled at a short term price with no thought of the future.

The rivers which many countries use for drinking water are increasingly contaminated and likely to become the subject of if not wars diplomatic skirmishes. We’ve seen how a relic of Stalinism has come to bite Hungary and have an outside chance to hit 5 other countries who rely on the Danube.

Never mind the two state solution to Palestine how about the growing water grab between Israel and Jordan? When people take your water do you die or fight?

The number of precious minerals and commodities being used to extinction. This drives much of the undercurrent to the spats between the US and China.

I worry less about financial debt as being poorer for even a decade or more is not an end to life. It is not extinction. Poverty brought by the greater success of others Capitalism we in the UK can hardly complain about. However a world poverty and starvation providing the world’s rich with luxuries is not a pleasant idea.

That the boot may be on the other foot for many westerners who have read the Daily Mail or any of Britain’s tabloids like The Times and Guardian will hardly make for much Schadenfreude from someone like me who lives in the UK.

Where environmental debt does equate with national debt is that much of it is to produce cash crops to pay back western banks with money provided by China and the Far East. The goods that Western economies mostly no longer earn are produced at the expense of the environment in the 3rd world. Can our banks allow them to not borrow from their water and soil for our benefit? No.

So in the end all debt is linked. The goods produced to pay debts cause carbon to be released and in turn are paid for by countries who run year in year out deficits. That these goods may come with an even greater debt only adds to the tragedy.

The point is that regardless of whether you view AGW as a lie or a conspiracy or believe it truly it is not the only part of the environmental iceberg we are steaming to.

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