Dec 03

Now that we’ve had 30 years to assess the Thatcher Govt I think we can say that its central ideas failed. That despite Blair and Brown’s slavish devotion to her private sector and markets the result is that we’d have been better off with council houses and monolithic public enterprises and maybe even producing our own subsidised coal.

Yes privatising has made sacking workers easier but has it actually saved money? Have we not been paying through the nose for energy and other essentials? Has extra investment taken place? Do we have any slack to cope with disasters? Are we closer on Green issues? No. Indeed it’s only fringe stuff like airlines etc that we may say that state involvement is best the way it is.

Indeed what the utility companies which are mostly foreign owned have done is cut to the bone. The company left behind is a debt laden holding company and what investment does happen has to be guaranteed by the Govt. If these companies fail the Govt has to step in. This debt allows them to pay little or no tax by posting phantom losses in the UK.

In short it’s difficult to think of 3 bigger disasters than Thatcherism’s core of Big Bang, selling council houses and privatisation.  The latter leaving individuals spending more and the service skeleton before we get to the prospects for future necessary investment.

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Dec 30

Geoffrey Howe is getting some belated stick for suggesting that Liverpool be allowed a managed decline in 1981. As though his opinion was heart-less and done for malicious reasons. I am sure he was not malevolent unlike the clown economic policies he unleashed which throw 10,000s on the Dole and in the end after a year they admitted it was all wrong and changed course – the pound went between 1.06 to 2.40+ against the US Dollar*  to show how mad it was. Continue reading »

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Jul 09

New Labour took 13 years to descend to a gimmick cult where policy was invented almost for the sake of having something to put before the Commons every year. Bare in mind this was actually their better policy making as the worst started with a marketing one liner or one word like the Olympic obsession with ‘legacy’ over sensible uses for facilities that will make the maximum or even yield a return rather than an ongoing sore that the Dome was before it became the O2.

You’d like to think whether you agree the cuts are too small or too big or my view Britain needs to think hard for the future that in amongst all these cuts the Tories would not impose any more bullshit on the Education, Health, Justice and other systems. Well you’d be wrong. They’ve let the idealogical fruit cakes loose.

In Education’s case Gove. A nasty poor hating rat who wants empty bellied  poor kids stuck in crumbling buildings still scared from the last dose of Thatcherism and no investment in the 70s and especially 80s and 90s. Yes Education is in the hands of not even a Gimmicist like the not missed health secretary Alan “Red Alert” Milburn but a man who wants to ensure that the declining social mobility becomes extinct at least as much as an Education System can insure with his Free Schools – State funded schools for those who already have the time and money to load the dice for their off spring.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley instead of cutting into all the administrative fat created by an infantile Labour looking to create a class of people who were over paid to fund it and create a dependent class has pulled a gimmick instead. Yes after the slaughter of MRSA and C-DIFF surely blood on the hands of the last 20 years  Governments we are not going to save lives doing stuff like cleaning hospitals. We are not going to make the GMC weed out incompetent doctors – lower paid teachers are the only ones who get that honour. Nope we are transferring budgets to GPs to manage. WTF. The slaughter of creating foundation status which killed 1000s as hospitals sought budgetary independence was all for nowt. Now GPs tails will somehow reform Health by wagging the Hospitals and Health Authorities dog.

You wonder if it ever occurs to these Gimmicists that some half arsed internal market  has not worked and shuffling deck chairs on the Titanic has not worked and will not work as well as an army of immigrants with mops and cleaning products. That not having people shuffle virtual costs from one table in a database to another might work better. Might free up time for professionals to heal people and cut the massive costs of managers and other pure costs.

If parts of the Public Sector are inefficient is it any wonder with the continual gimmicks and half understood ideologies from some US Corporate sponsored conference it is subject to?

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Jul 08

No sooner did I make clear the fundamental incompetence at the heart of Mrs Thatcher’s Govt than one of her children showed what an absolute clown he is, clown in the Stephen King sense.  It turns out that Michael Gove has such contempt for the poor and those whose children go to ordinary state schools that when he slashed the school re-building budget he sent out an incorrect list. He raised false hopes one assumes for his perverse pleasure after all if anyone human was going to hurt people. I would make sure I at least showed them the respect of having my ducks in a row when stamping on their needs. One can only assume he had that snide smile of his at the angry school leaders coming on TV after the truth was revealed or maybe he’s completely incompetent or both.

Michael Gove had already reveled in deciding to leave 500,000 children in poverty by not extending free school meals at relatively no cost (half a Billion – long term saving arguably).  Then he cut in half the capital expenditure on new school buildings that is very much required thanks to the lunacy of the Mrs Thatcher 80s and 90s when capital spending was cut to the bone.?? Additionally there is a feeling that he will seek to further increase poverty by reducing the %tage of children who get free school meals in the future.

Poorly questioned by Newsnight all he could keep saying was that this was because of the mess Labour left. This miserable insect cannot even justify his policy and won’t go into the deeper reasons for it. Ideological reasons we can therefore assume. A deep unabiding hatred of the poor and a belief in societal eugenics would be hard to deny in his case.

The reason is to transfer resources to a series of free schools set up by parents groups who want to further balance the education system for themselves by using state money to subsidise their de facto public schools. Basically we have to assume as he will not answer any questions other than with empty rhetoric that Gove’s desire to use tax payers income to subsidise the schools of most often children already advantaged by the system at the expense of food for the poorest.

This is certainly the first time that Lib Dems can feel 100% queasy about what the Coalition are doing. There seems no need for these free schools at this time and the opportunity cost is half a million kids in poverty which should have been a no brainer to even a Tory. Worse aside from people trying to create subsidised schools for the fruit of their loins I do not believe that people would support Gove or share his deep contempt for the poor and especially their children.

Thatcher can claim the likes of Gove and Blair for her legacy if you ask me.

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