Jan 20

Why are GCHQ collecting every piece of info they can on everyone they can? Apparently it is to protect us from Paedophiles, Terrorists & Drug Dealers. When Terrorists did not work they added Paedophiles and what the heck drug dealers.

Yet what do MI5 do when a senior member of a Govt or past Govt is exposed as a Paedophile? They cover up. What do they do when terrorists and drug dealers are facilitated by a leading Bank? Nothing. When Paedophiles are discovered in tax haven Jersey what do they do? Rapidly close the investigation and block foreign journalists from going there. The point is whatever reasons the State/Govt/Establishment does not find this behaviour abhorrent.

Do you really share the values of your State? Does the UK share yours? Whatever they say and whatever number of poor people are killed or locked up in the Wars on Terror or Drugs do ‘they’ really want either to end? To have their budgets reduced? To restore the freedom they claimed to need to take to keep us safe from an occasional threat?

Make no mistake Western Govts have never granted freedom willingly. Equality issues which has become their Fig Leaf but that has taken years of campaigning and as the risible Obama’s volte farce on Gay Marriage showed only voter power led him there.

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Jul 04

Theresa May has banned the drug Khat one can only assume to boost the illegal narcotics trade and the terrorists who can profit from that. There’s no over riding medical need to do it. It becomes very useful no doubt to Somali Islamists if the supply is illegal as it forces up the price. If they have to take other drugs then so be it too. A whole new community could be recruited to criminality, well done Mrs May.

May’s reasoning is either stupid or the Banks and friends of the Tory Party like HSBC sense more money here. Is any who is sane and not corrupt arguing illegality means less money to terror groups? To criminals? Less drug taking? Less misery?

Of course not unless she is a moron.

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