Jun 22

Britain has a proud history of mercenaries working for despots and vile regimes over seeing torture. Britain is a centre of excellence for death squad training thanks to our vaunted SAS. It also trained the Khmer Rouge for Thatcher’s  ‘friend’ Pol Pot. It has aided William J Hague’s friend (literally judged on their White House style media jokeathon) Musa Kusa. Yet some Muslims go abroad to fight for a cause they believe in and it’s front page news. Apparently ‘THEY’ might come back here and do something really nasty.

Sick turds from TV news even dragged the father of one of the kids into this. Let’s get this straight many of us are radical in our 20s and it’s a good thing. Mostly it goes nowhere. Our over inflated sense of our ability to drive at all ages but especially 18 has killed far more people than Muslim terrorists.

Again the media as with their obsessing  over serial killers are, if there is a rational motive, investing in the next terrorist. If they are not trying to induce terrorism then why pick on Muslims? Does this sell papers and if it does what does that say about the conceit that the British are not racist? No good answers there.

Muslims are not your enemy they’re just painted as such.

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Apr 27

We accept a lot of stuff at work and we get along with people whose views we often find offensive. We don’t proudly broadcast it but we do take it. It was with this in mind I approached the story of the previously known to be racist LA Clippers owner objecting to Black people in a “girlfriend”‘s instagram page and black people in general in a recorded phone call. Apparently the Clippers players are ‘shocked shocked’ to find a known racist has said some racist things. Former Commissioner David Stern is equally ‘shocked shocked’. Indeed like Captain Renaud they will still take the Green from what has apparently shocked them.

In the end the story is less about racism than about the fact that like Gerald Ratner making a piss poor joke many times it only needs 1 act to get the right publicity and everyone scurries for cover. The Clippers owner ridiculously says he’s not a racist, the players are shocked and want action, the Commish will sit down with his flunkies and lawyers and try to work out how to look good. The media will don po face and make out this is worse than killing people with drones for a point in the polls.

In the UK too racism is far more prevalent than is supposed – our conceit bordering on hysterical when UKIP have 30 points even in a protest vote. Sure people say the right things in public but ironically what the Clippers’ thing shows is that in private many have different standards and people put up with that far more than their sanctimony would show.

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Feb 21

Quality Newspapers

None Continue reading »

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Jan 18

A couple of people died in a helicopter crash and we had a charming story that’s probably at least 1% true about the reason the driver was not in the crane that was hit. We have had names and details of those killed or trapped in Algeria. On the same Channel 4 news they said hundreds of people had been murdered or whatever the term they use for corporate manslaughter is in North Staffs Hospitals.

You will note that the issue and story where some future lives could be protected is by and large ignored. The victims reduced to statistics not names with families. One is grief porn of crocodile tears and whining and complaining the other cold factual reporting. The 10s of 1000s who lose people unnecessarily in hospitals every year must wonder if their relatives are worth-less.

The media are there to entertain you not inform you or change anything.

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Jan 08

When the so called actress professional dieter and drugger Brittany Murphy died I remarked how it was odd how many people marked the passing of the 65th rated actress. We’d hardly care if some furrin former  65th rated tennis player died young or the 65th rated Snooker player or even footballer.

Regardless of my failure to see the fascination with blank templates who act in film and television. The widening of media and the growth of sports does mean that there are more and more people with at least a one liner claim to fame. One more death to note for the media. Thus today the person who allegedly directed Snakes on a Plane died. I don’t care but it was there on the news ticker.

Today you won’t see a story that says the economy is fucked although you might catch the first mutterings of a Sterling crisis in the Telegraph for a country who imports half its food and its energy. You won’t hear the climate’s still getting more fucked. The point is real news is frozen out by trivia and our understandable curiosity.

Pretty soon every day will have some notable death or something the good thing to do is ignore it. No RIPs on twitter. No crocodile tears for people you never met or knew.

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Dec 18

Police Lie.

No confrontation.

Score Settling.

If you read the newspapers or believed this story in any way you may be a pleb.

This is what happens in a Kleptocracy people on the fringes are sacrificed and the institutions compete for power. This had nothing to do with anything else.

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Dec 10

Imagine if the BBC covered the ongoing manslaughter from C-Diff & MRSA in our hospitals like the tragic death by her own hand of one nurse? If they assigned blame for the crippling PFI costs, unclean hospitals and medical incompetence like they do to 2 low rent DJs.

It’s just absurd in these economic times that newspapers and the sick people who read them are so fascinated by trivia like Middleton’s breasts, her womb and stories related to her near pointless existence.

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Dec 08

Following a prank call by some Australian DJs someone took their life. The BBC led on this story and the UK media and the reactionary have been out with their moral high horses. Of course the odium really started after the unfortunate death so we  can conclude this was a tragic result of what is by and large acceptable behaviour.  Continue reading »

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Oct 21

The Guardian today accused me of expense fiddling because I book in advance and travel 1st class and so do some MPs. This often saves on a standard class ticket but the sanctimonious Guardian says if people book early enough they can also book cheaper standard class tickets.

It’s clearly cretinous stuff from the establishment’s anti-establishment but not really paper. A paper who discredits rational thought and the left by allowing Polly Toynbee a column. A paper that admits it phone hacked but says it was Ok cos it was the Guardian, its self regarding probably its strongest feature. A paper who spread the kind of police rumour it decries to aid in the closing the of News of the World.

The Guardian’s business plan also shows its lack of focus and leadership. It’s focussed now on becoming a online only whining html conduit for reactionary US Liberals. This only a few years after investing in printing presses to make itself incompatible with everyone else.

Personally I am happy for MPs who are working to have First Class, it’s what they do I object to not the class of railway travel. What I am not happy is a so called Liberal newspaper who stands by Obama and the Greek Troika but nit picks a Tory Govt [and me] for train tickets.

It loses £44 Million a year. Quel Surprise. Incompetence in everything.

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Sep 25

The only crime in life according to our media is slips in behaviour. The kind of neutered pointlessness of the un-opinionated  and un-thinking is raised to heavens whereas a dash of temper or the wrong word and odium.

Whilst I do enjoy the Schadenfreude of politicians not for the first time realising there’s a reason the classes who habitually run into the Police refer to them as The Filth or Pigs. That the standard rhetoric about how great our obviously corrupt Police service are is just total shit. Sadly he won’t say it. He may imply they are lying sacks of shit who leak to newspapers but that won’t be investigated. The Sun shows 2 fingers to Leveson.

If I went in for ad hominem attacks I’d suggest that there were a lot of po faced lefties out there saying how bad telling a copper they were a fucking pleb was. However I won’t. Equally I won’t condemn anyone for a loss of command or a one off incident.

There have been many crimes by the UK Govt Ministers in the last 15 years from 1000s of needless deaths in a health service having money thrown at it to war, torture and rendition.

I doubt This Tory whip’s worst crime would make it into Jack Straw’s top 100.

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