Jul 06

A week after President Loony sent half a Billion freshly printed dollars carelessly like a man tossing a fag [UK vernacular] to Syria to support ISIS and other Sunni fucktards the British Govt froze the accounts of the British jihadis fighting for a cause we clearly fully support.

Why would we deny the rebels 10s of pounds whilst the O’ Administration sends hundreds of billions? Is it to keep Muslims coming back to kill us in the news? To scare us into the point-less, for any positive contribution, and vast infrastructure of the surveillance state? We have never objected to mercenaries going abroad. We did not freeze Simon Mann’s accounts publicly when he tried to over throw a President nor that of his backer Mark Thatcher nor other rumoured backers – did we even lock any of them up?

This is to keep in the headlines these dumb fucks coming back radicalised to justify things that have so far at massive expense not stopped one terrorist attack according to even the NSA – likely to come back disillusioned.

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Mar 23

Workers declining share of wealth and productivity gains has been hidden by rubbish inflation numbers and massive expansion of credit and housing bubbles for over 30 years. This has combined with greater financialisation and the voracious appetite of those who take no risks – known as bankers mostly but large corporates too. 2008 has actually accelerated the trends without altering one thing indeed greater and greater percentages of wealth are controlled by a small elite who make risk free gambles and get to load the debt on the populace through their politicians. Continue reading »

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Jul 25

There has been no vote on the surveillance state even though GCHQ makes the NSA and their private contractors look like a model of restraint. Banks are free to help drug dealers and terrorists who their defenders then claim we are at war with! Now it emerges that criminal behaviour by Blue Chip companies is de rigueur and allowed. The point being there is no rule of law for the wealthy. Continue reading »

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Jun 09

The recent Prism stuff has been teeth grinding for politicians. They and the likes of Facebook, Google & co shown as little more than agents of the Security Forces. Yet they had no one to blame and ad hominem which must have driven them to distraction. Hence Friday’s intelligence defying lie fest and nonsense from their chief voice. Continue reading »

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