Jan 13

Policy in the UK is now formed by trying to say something to appeal to voters primed by the Establishment media. This is as true of the so called Opposition as the so called Coalition Govt. Essentially policy is played by appealing to reactionary elements like myself in marginal constituencies unlike myself.

Thus the Conservative Home Secretary and Prime Minister proposed 2 of the window lickingist stupid policies ever – ever is meant literally there. Making Blair’s drag people to a cash machine and fine them on the spot look like the ‘Rope A Dope’ of political ideas. The first was a suggestion that to correct purely a silly target for net migration we should drive foreign recently graduated people to the airport and kick them out by Theresa May – an idea of such deep idiocy even George Osborne had to rule it out. This was then topped by David Cameron’s suggestion we ban encryption that the security services cannot break.

It’s frightening that MI5 asked for that. Computer Science is a plus in the UK and this would have been another really stupid policy that destroyed business who could no longer protect themselves and would have to go offshore. Do MI5 so little understand computing they would ask for that? That is probably why these frozen pole lickers want ever expanding databases as they have no practical ideas to combat people who would do harm?

It does leave you wondering if the UK can survive with a governing class drawn from people who demonstrated extreme conformism when entering Oxford and Cambridge at 18. Not to mention how much power MI5 has got by allowing paedophiles to serve in the Govt.

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Jun 14

The good thing about being in favour of wars is that generally speaking when you’re backing UK/US winning it’s easy. Triumphant rhetoric flows like the Rhine. Justification rhetoric is almost a doddle as inevitably the opposition ‘leader’ is a vile despot our politicians constrained by history, aided by  a compliant media, cannot easily be said to be as evil as.

Anyway after 12 years the Iraq policy unwinds. After the last 2 Presidents said Mission Accomplished and a Strong Stable Iraq and began selling them weapons (seriously WTF does Iraq need with £3 Bn of F16s with half the country destitute?). It reminds me of the Chinese building an enormous wall and the Mongols being let through the gate by an army who no longer cared! After 12 years of Neo Con/Liberal bollocks the fundamentalist loons have just been allowed to walk in. All the 100s of Bns of dollars of weapons and training a complete waste.

America and UK well done you went into Iraq to fight a non existent al Queda and now have created a Sunni fundamentalist army that may be worse. Orwell was a fool who only foresaw how you would create a pretend enemy not then make it real. That is alchemy. That is genius. That is sick, man. American Hustle, indeed.

Sadly Rumsfeld and co gloated and enjoyed themselves. The rational felt sad then and sadder now. A nation of cunts rose up with their Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys… Yet whose side are the cowards? Whose side stood by to be mocked? Who stood against the easy rhetoric crowd?

Hawks, for what it’s worth it’s worse than we feared then. Yours Doves.

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Jun 20

People will argue that the demonstrably incompetent Gordon Brown a man who made anti intellectualism a goal of government was thrown out because he was not likeable. This is clearly not true. People take the least risk or when they feel there is no perceived risk then maybe it’s a beauty contest that the despicable Blair beat Major in. At the time Blair was not the broken gibbering clown he is now flouncing a massive income off the world’s mass murderers but a vibrant bouncey character for a Britain seemingly reviving culturally and economically. Blair also promised economically to be the Tories without the nasty rhetoric at single mothers, ethnic minorities and the Europeans – all of which Labour under Brown became when their bubble economics burst. The Tories now use PFI, Bailouts and funny money bubbles as much as Labour.

The point is that whilst people distrust Govt most will vote for the most competent sounding in this time of crisis. Thus  Blair when it was his duty became unpopular propagating others wars. I do believe that it was his weak conformist nature and lack of character rather than a conscious decision to do something stupid. Similarly Obama who has gone from joyous crowds to the sad pathetic pariah in Germany in 5 years when it was time to back the wars and control freakery he caved and within days of taking over.

However popularity counts for nought. Paint your opposition as incompetent and you’re in. At present Cameron faces a grim opposition of chancers called Ed and has even seen the Tories double support in the Under 30s – those not prejudiced by the hateful bigotry of the Thatcher years.

Ironically for John Major the perceived comfort of Britons such that Tories fought over Europe and to satisfy their own venality were the reasons he lost. Hard times may actually be good for business especially as the poor and intelligent switch off from the rhetorical crap of the main parties leaving the nasty, selfish and stupid middle to vote.

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May 24

There is a scene in the film The Truman Show when Laura Linney’s character gives an advertising line to camera and Truman asks her who she is talking to. At least she was talking to people even if Truman was not aware of them. I wonder the same about the Obama Administration which has killed over 3000 supposedly imminent threats to US security from hinterlandsmen in remote 3rd world countries – most of whom have never been to an airport never mind got on a plane! Continue reading »

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Apr 13

It’s an oddity that those who strongly supported Lady Thatcher’s restrict money supply and don’t subsidise people to work often claim to support the current Govt. This is like being a fan of theatre but also supporting building a block of flats over the Old Vic.

Tell me why Govt should do nothing to subsidise skilled jobs that made an accounting contribution even if they lost money overall? Yet should support forcing people to do soul-less learning free jobs in Poundland selling largely foreign goods without improving the nation’s output? The reasons for the former might be a belief in something the reasons for the latter can only be hate. I would opine that the current Govt’s policy is so asinine as to be a symptom of corruption or extreme stupidity.

The thing the Cameron Govt policy has in common with Thatcher’s is hatred of the poor and stupid policies.

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Mar 12

Ed Conway@EdConwaySky Oh dear. BIG fall in manufacturing output in Jan: down by 1.5% month on month. Economists had expected 0%. IP down 1.2%. Nasty

Economists might be fooled but no one else is. When you favour the loss making financial industry over manufacturing what can you expect? When you favour asset prices and speculation over savers and investors what can you expect?

Of course the rich share of tax payments will rise and this will be used as proof of efficacy and more reasons to kick the poor into jobs that have not raised National Output. Indeed I would make the case to Osborne that as he claims to have raised employment but not output Public Sector Workers must be more productive. It’s as logical as giving money to the rich. In the US this spiral of stupidity has left 15% on food stamps and this is likely to grow with the rich likely to use it as a justification to a supine middle class that their taxes pay for others.

It’s just a death spiral or debt spiral where you weaken the real economy and then say the rest of the economy is dependent on the subsidised and criminal Financial Sector.

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Feb 14

10p tax rate came back like Jason for Jason III. The first time it was created and the 2nd time it was killed and the 3rd time it hopes to be reformed. Yes it’s breathtaking that something so stupid as yet another tax band would be a flagship policy. It more shows that the Labour Party is self referential rather than anything else. I doubt this strikes a chord with anyone outside a few Labour Left creeps.

Miliband is after all the man who made his maiden speech about Asylum and how great it was. He was also Brown’s chief droog with Balls and appointed Woolas, tried to intern people, demonised Asylum seekers and locked up Children not as an unavoidable part of policy but as an aim of policy. The point is Miliband does not see his own hypocrisy and corruption. He’s an idea less pin cushion chasing votes he should get merely by not being creepy or a Tory – albeit in reality he is creepy and by any definition a Tory.

The Labour brand of salt is still salt, Lo Salt maybe. Still reactionary. Still has no answers. Still has not weeded out its corrupt former leaders of the PFI fraud, Human Rights abuses and War. Still has no plans just a string of headline grabbing policies, they hope.

Raising thresholds and reducing VAT would be a better and simpler idea.

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Nov 04

First up one should not talk the economy down. However there is no evidence that Tory or Labour disbelieve their inane and delusional nonsense. Iain Duncan Smith thinks the UK will be fine outside of the EU. The Milibands are pimping a Living Wage which is classic New Labour using a worthy cause and source of worthy rhetoric without tackling the reasons why people don’t get a living wage – despite their being in power for 13 of the last 15 years. They all ignore the economic reality. That whilst it continues to subsidise the shadow banking industry that creates no wealth with 10s Bns each year the real economy will not grow and indeed the rest will shrivel and the parasite will have nothing to feed off either. At that point it won’t matter if we are in the EU or not.  Continue reading »

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Oct 22

Yes the election is starting its countdown. The Tories are going to be even tougher on crime than Labour who were always threatening to be tough on something. It’s a bit like the FA should be tougher on racism people neither define what they expect nor what the goal is. It’s rhetoric. As with the riots a few people’s lives will be sacrificed to make it sound like they are tough. As Gary McKinnon showed they are prepared to make a nonsense of their tough rhetoric when it is populist even for when dealing with an unapologetic unreformed criminal.

We can expect ‘tough on’ policies leading nowhere. A slew of more fascistic laws which will work nicely when their money printing sees a collapsing pound, inflation and food and energy poverty.

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Sep 16

Kate Middleton the Duchess of wherever apparently got em out for the paparazzi and now is surprised this is being shown in dozens of magazines? Only the internet ignorant and the completely disinterested in her or or her breasts are to be denied.

The reaction to this is several fold

  • I grew up on pictures of Monaco’s Stephanie showing em via the British media
  • If Kate did not want them seen then keep em in:
  • Harry’s still the biggest cock in the House of Windsor
  • Why are the Royals entitled to more protection than micro celebs or macro celebs?
  • The Royals must be loving the publicity and sycophancy from the media.
  • What was wrong with Prince Harry naked at a party and Middleton sunbathing? One has surely a greater expectation of privacy and it’s not Middleton.

Another entirely bogus paper filling row. It merely reflects the sheer tedious lives of many that they would choose to read this stuff or be bothered to find the pictures on the net.

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