May 01

The state of Connecticut is apparently considering a 10 day moratorium on gold buyers. What next background checks? Spain is starting to consider fleecing foreign property owners with a wealth tax -> the UK will be right along soon after so don’t worry unless you have property in both countries.

The point is that all the debts will be paid for somehow if the rich and banks are to survive intact. The day that happens is likely to be closer if more and more ordinary citizens never mind Billionaire’s squirrel money into Metals and Bitcoin or equivalents to protect themselves from the likes of Osborne, Carney and Bernanke.

The attempt last week to end the Gold Bug-gery Bull run has just brought about a decimation of the Paper Gold market and the start of a separate physical Gold market it seems – people sold paper promises of Gold and people bought cheaper bullion! Seriously you have the absurdity of a shortage with a lower price! However as more metals shift to the East how can a bunch of crooks in New York and London control that? Then Govts have to look for things to take ala Cyprus. To take wealth off people to fund their debt. After Cyprus only nutters would put money in a bank so that leaves property and wealth in Gold and its ilk.

Anyway it seems Americans’ll soon find it easier to get a gun and make money through crime than buy Gold. I guess it’s a zero sum game even if you end up with wealth it will be stolen in a wealth tax in each country you have property or Gold etc.

Time to fight back?

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Jan 31

It’s tough to say that the current Westminster fluff over tax avoidance is well fluff but it’s fluff. MPs try to sound moral about the world they created. The point is the world envisaged and logically derivable from the Brown Govt is one of a Kleptocracy being slightly more generous to the poor but emphasising the tax revenue from the rich. A world of the beholden to their betters under 24 hour surveillance.

In the US as the Obama Administration tries to fulfil the similar dreams of Clinton and Bush this duality can be seen by JP Morgan operating Food Stamps whilst rigging so called Markets, stealing from its customers and M F Global customers.

Even the utopia of a populace in thrall to his magnanimity as Brown imagined has the problem there is only so much wealth they can steal from savers and pensioners whose incomes and job prospects are falling. We now have new Bank of England head Mark Carney’s operation to kill what little remains of pensions with QE tying up with Osborne’s crusade against the poor. For all the bluster of the public accounts committee and the rhetoric of Labour and Conservative the clownery will continue regardless of how much tax Amazon or Starbucks pay. Bank fraud will continue no matter how much time Police spend on dead paedophiles or people who listen to phone messages.

We on the left must try to get above the Content Fetishism and move to raise the real issues even if it means pointing out the deformed version of Capitalism we have.

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Jan 13

Definition of KLEPTOCRACY
government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed

‘Bout’s sums it up?

‘Nough Said.

For the slow this includes politicians of all sides with elections merely deciding who has patronage. Includes Bankers. BAe, Generals, bureaucrats and Admirals who have enriched themselves whilst our soldiers die for lack of decent equipment.

As our Govt fights the Lords for likely faux or Pyrrhic savings of 1.6Bn from the Welfare Budget the part owned banks were warming the Govt up for 30 Bn more toxic debt.  The main people who suffer from the vicious assault on the poor are not the shirkers and black economy cheats but those in need. We end up paying back either through social disorder or through the health system or special needs or education or the justice system. I have come across middle class people who cheer each new attack on some poor people without explaining the gap between unemployment and  vacancies. Between the skills needed and those gained from Labour’s education gimmickry.

In the end we can fight each other. Call each other spongers, flooders etc but it rather misses the point we are being impoverished not by a rogue or even a million rogues getting 60 quid a week but by every Bailout, QE, defense procurement, banker’s bonus, toxic bank debt, HS2 project, derivative trade and election.

Time to fight.

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