Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Dec 08

According to Oxford PPE graduate Theresa May Islamic State present the gravest threat this country has ever faced. Of course May is not up on her history but the sheer stupidity of her comments when cracking down on bad driving would save more lives is noteworthy. However next to Philip Hammond, Cameron, Obama and “the gimp” John Kerry she’s a fucking genius. Their policies of stoking war in Syria and Ukraine backfired. Now they have a carnivorous Russia playing with a Fascist Kiev. In Syria the Assad regime may be about to topple but now they do not want it to so swapped sides. Enter the dragons Israel and Turkey our supposed allies and recently not friendly to each other but both fervent backers of Islamic State against their enemies – Kurds in Turkey’s case and Hezbollah/Iran in Israel’s case.

UK/US policy is now beyond mockery or caricature as its supposed allies piss on it from a great height. To cap it all off the UK Govt is to build a military base in Bahrain so it can support that country’s refusal to democratise, austerity schusterity. Again the sidebar is these people have some of the highest educational qualifications out there and they’re all either morons or unaware of the own ignorance.

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Mar 19

Ukraine is a bankrupt country which has been subject to corrupt scum filled Governments its entire recent history as an independent country. Since the break from the old Soviet bloc it has become essentially a pipeline conduit from East to West. It can no longer pay for its own gas and Russia was moving to cut it out of the loop on that before it removed its corrupt puppet Yankovich. Into this the US has agitated a regime change which has resulted in a new Govt of dubious legality. This new Govt promises to be no less corrupt than prior and may have a few added wrinkles to boot.  Continue reading »

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Aug 18

After the last riots the banker’s prime apologist Cameron justified sentences of 6 months for people who were not even in the riots but near by as justified to send a message. After Pussy Riot did far worse they got 2 years with no doubt the same justification from the despot Putin. Pussy Riot can count themselves lucky not to get 4 years which they would here if they mentioned their protest on Facebook.

Indeed because the world is full of people who polarise, use rhetoric and refuse to understand nuance I feel it necessary to say: the sentences handed to Pussy Riot for essentially being nasty at a religious service are ridiculously stupid, heavy handed and one hopes they backfire on Putin.

We in the West are very liberal on bank fraud, pollution and market manipulation that is impoverishing and starving millions in the World.

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Mar 06

One has to wonder how intelligent Putin and his advisors are. A few hundred people over stay a demo and he sends the police in making headlines in Western Newspapers. Continue reading »

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Aug 16

There is a lot of talk of cuts but until we have a genuinely intelligent Govt cuts cannot be reversed. The point is that they can be reversed and indeed by removing the mindless vandalism and headline chasing of New Labour the public services could be built better.

What cannot be easily reversed is another 5 years of Tory abandonment of the environment. Predictably the  two greenest manifestos in UK mainstream political history will yield a new phalanx of coal powered greenhouse gas producers. This is not party political only fools who want to be Labour MPs believe there is a substantive difference in any terms bar rhetoric here.

No doubt new runway capacity will follow as businessmen whine that expecting them to be cost effective and video conference is insane. I mean it reduces highly paid executives to  granny and grandpa talking over Skype to their grand kids in another country.

Whilst no one event can be definitively labeled as a result of AGW (man made climate change to plebs like me). It must be hard to escape people’s notice that the news when not dominated by moronic coverage of Naomi Campbell and murders is drought and death in Russia, Floods in Pakistan and Floods in China. Even when it’s not the climate it was pollution in the Gulf of Mexico as The Obama Administration’s fight to increase US production of Oil to pollute the world with went wrong.

The likes of Ed Miliband are currently sucking up to everyone promising endless metaphorical summer but when he has a sniff of power will he be following through on his Green sloganed placards or listening to Big Oil again?

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