Sep 21

It’s really lucky that the UK Parliament has Rory Stewart as Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to point out bombing Islamic State is a complete waste of time and resources. He can tell Cameron and Cameron can tell that nice chap Obama and job done. After all Cam’ and O’ laughing and joking and being good fellas to down a few with and can leave serious stuff like thinking to the likes of Stewart. Also Cammy and Oey could just ring our allies Qatar, Saudi and Turkey and tell them to stop fucking helping Islamic State if it actually mattered to them. It really is that simple.

Of course who can blame the Obama Administration the Democratic Party might lose Senate seats and State Houses if it challenged the moronic wisdom of the narrative it has created to drone people for no reason. They can hardly say look we’ve been lying for 6 years and actually the truth is we killed lots of people because of PR.

Then again O’ could just flippantly say “We murdered some Folks”.

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Aug 01

I do not know a good strategy for Afghanistan but equally that does not mean that we should withdraw. Never getting sucked into a contest in the first place is an easy opinion. The problem with everything when it is conducted at the depth of protest placards for policy is that things become pro or anti. The cynical would say that is the level necessary for Brown, Obama, Bush, Cameron and Clegg’s administrations and coalitions to understand them.

The Taliban are to anyone secularist and especially atheist a vile moronic death cult. We may find the Pope being accorded the status of anything much more than paedophile’s accomplice hard to reconcile with fact but the Taliban are off the charts nasty. For half the population that are women they advocate a de facto slavery except after the Servile wars slaves had some rights. Indeed their brutality and medieval acts are something the world should be concerned at.

The problem comes in that Afghanistan society is hardly that much nearer Western norms without the Taliban. The alternates being discussed are a peaceful denouement with parts of the Taliban leaving the country in the hands of an assortment of local forces from the Taliban to the scarcely any better warlords and Karzai.

Our original reason for being there  that al Queda trained there was of course ridiculous. Terrorists can train anywhere and al Queda were not the Taliban. It was ludicrous but when kept low key under Bush with less loss of life no one it seemed much bothered. For reasons that have never been enunciated, broad anti thought one liners about stopping terrorism are moronic and not taken seriously, more supposedly Liberal politicians like Gordon Brown and his Labour Party and Barack Obama decided to target this wasteland for seemingly no reason than it had more relevance to 9-11 and the specious justification for this ‘War on Terror’ nonsense. It was a more moral war than Iraq.

The now Tory MP Rory Stewart, who was a Governor of a region in Iraq and walked across Afghanstan, was saying that to achieve something in most of Afghanistan would take a long time, require commitment and setting your goals low i.e. nothing one can sell to an electorate but not something with a large a loss of life and widespread NATO human rights abuses.  The approach of the NATO forces has been to set your goals high, wide and sanctimoniously.

Where I disagree with the opposition is that to now just leave the women and people of Afghanistan to the Taliban and medieval Warlords is a dereliction of duty. Particularly as we have no intention of allowing Afghans here as asylum seeking refugees – something surely almost every woman from there could claim!

I personally do not know exactly the right thing to do but put simply the current policy of trying to win a pointless military war is not a policy and complete withdrawal is an act of political expediency. If I had to choose between the two leaving makes more sense as we’re not achieving anything positive and foreign policy has never been about ridding the world of evil.

It’s a deep pit of lives and money let’s stop digging and think.

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