Jul 26

You realise the success of the prevailing rhetoric about conspiracy theories a few weeks ago I heard the Israeli teenagers killed were killed by a group not under the command of Hamas or Fatah and  – which revisionists will now try to say had nothing to do with the Gaza invasion. Indeed Israel was told of the names of the likely killers by the Palestinian authority. As such an assault on Gaza is a bit like attacking Iraq after the Saudis attacked New York and no one would be stupid enough to do that. It only appeared in the wider media yesterday.

Yet push that view a few weeks ago and you are a conspiracy nut or anti Semitic.  Yet look at conspiracies that the NSA/GCHQ were spying on us denied by a mocking laughing glib Obama Administration head spokesperson Barack Obama. The last Labour Govt (hopefully at any rate) in the UK denied being involved in torture and rendition. The Obama Administration was elected to end torture now uses torture on hunger strikers – it was going to close Guantanamo as well. A senior Democrat was aghast when a journalist asked her about Two for Tuesday Pizza meetings where over pepperoni processed cheese tomatoes and a bread base no anchovies Obama and some friends get to play god and decide who to kill. Ok I exaggerate I have no idea if they detest anchovies although they seem like the kind of suited psychos who can’t love the anchovy.

Kennedy was killed by the lone gunman acting alone but that does not mean that everyone else who thinks that our leaders do bad things in pursuit of a neo Liberal agenda is mad. The rhetoric munchers are hard to beat but all they have is labels in the end. Remember they’re wrong or lying more than you are and you’re not in favour of violence or anti Semitic, unless you are of course.

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Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week. Continue reading »

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Aug 30

I can’t help feel that the Commons’ vote on Syria was nothing to do with the issues of how we respond to the Assad regime using the weapons we in the west sold them. Nor to do with the genuine realisation that whatever permission the UK/US/France are given they will interpret it and over step and leave a worse mess as they have consistently done.  Nor was it about the absurdity of a POTUS who kills people who are no direct threat for reasons of PR – to be seen fighting the enemy he supports in Syria.

There are genuine issues and frankly given we don’t want to bomb chemical dumps nor support the rebels frankly I could support the killing/arrest of Assad and the raising of indictments to the ICC for senior generals and members of the Regime (not supported by the Americans who demand immunity for the 1000s they’ve killed).

Here is the only salient fact if we think chemical weapons should never be used, except of course to increase freedom by Israel and the US, then stop selling them in the first place.

The worst though are the people who try to send it to the UN to back stop their inadequacy. It’s an abdication of responsibility to a body that is powerless. Those who want military action and those who don’t at least have a pair.

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Jun 11

The so called traitor Snowden comes from a family background of public service which I think is interesting. Whilst he himself is as he says completely irrelevant it does talk to the disconnect between what we think of as a public servant and the chiseling creeps in all branches of the Govt and their Corporate backers in the US and UK and many other places.

People with a public service ethic like Snowden are anathema to Pelosi, Obama and Feinstein and the rest of the oh so moral when they’re not in charge money grabbing free loaders.  For people who would not give up 1 nickel of their own money to help someone they must fear sacrifice and duty more than anything. No wonder Bazza, Di’ and Nanc’ irrationally use labels like traitor. A traitor to their cause of self enrichment undoubtedly. There may even be polite dinner parties that Barry won’t get invited to once he leaves power. That is just too bad I guess.

Snowden and Manning are clearly not traitors whether you agree with what they did or not.

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Jun 08

The chief spokes-clown for the Obama Administration was in full flow. It was a discussion he’d like to have but whoever leaked the secret would be hounded to 20 years inside or preferably suicide or would visit somewhere they could use a drone. He went on to deny something no one had accused The Administration of – listening to phone messages – classic rhetorical device. Meanwhile the ironically titled Justice Secretary Holder, who one assumes got his name from holding the Prez’s coffee cos he appears to have no talent bar lying through his teeth, said the US categorically did not have a murder not capture policy even if Tuesday’s kill list discussion was personally the highlight of his week. Continue reading »

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Apr 06

This we’ll make work pay is in one sense an honourable aim. However in reality it is a specious attempt at mere electioneering. Even someone as vain as Osborne or as shallow as Alexander would know that the methods of achieving this are self defeating.

  1. Cut Benefits: These are low and will just put more pressure on extended families and Social Services.
  2. Subsidising Wages or forcing people to work: This is just a further encouragement to the zombie economy as work for standing around in a shop is valued as taking up a profession or joining a new vibrant company.
  3. These so called new jobs add nothing to the country’s GDP so far – more people employed and even with QE etc it’s still flatlining.
  4. Forcing people into work lowers wages of those at the bottom – why should I employ you when the state will give me free workers? This again lowers demand and tax return to no benefit to GDP.
  5. Putting more and more people in unproductive low paid jobs is hardly going to fund growth or debt repayment the UK needs.
  6. Essentially it’s become an ‘end around’ the minimum wage with people supplied to business for nothing at a cost to the rest of us working for pennies an hour.

It seems merely a cynical ploy for votes from a deviant stupid self important middle class fed on stories of scroungers and benefit fraudsters. Who’d be stupid enough to fall for that? All 3 main parties support an inherently bullying model for the unemployed, low paid and unfortunate which says little for them and the idiots who will vote for any of them. They scream morality but have no value system. They are happy to condemn millions of people and hide behind rhetoric.

Rhetoric drives policy in the UK no matter how much misery it causes.

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Mar 17

Ask about the bursting of the debt and hubris bubble of Labour’s creation in 2008 and you’d swear the UK had dealt with this problem as well as the German economy. A Labour droog will spin some line about the Global Economic Crash that caused it, caused by UK and US regulation and obsession with Finance. Not mentioning this would have had little effect or cost had the UK Govt not been at the forefront, and Balls boasted of this, of the lack of regulation and privatised monetary expansion of so called Investment Banks. Continue reading »

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Feb 14

10p tax rate came back like Jason for Jason III. The first time it was created and the 2nd time it was killed and the 3rd time it hopes to be reformed. Yes it’s breathtaking that something so stupid as yet another tax band would be a flagship policy. It more shows that the Labour Party is self referential rather than anything else. I doubt this strikes a chord with anyone outside a few Labour Left creeps.

Miliband is after all the man who made his maiden speech about Asylum and how great it was. He was also Brown’s chief droog with Balls and appointed Woolas, tried to intern people, demonised Asylum seekers and locked up Children not as an unavoidable part of policy but as an aim of policy. The point is Miliband does not see his own hypocrisy and corruption. He’s an idea less pin cushion chasing votes he should get merely by not being creepy or a Tory – albeit in reality he is creepy and by any definition a Tory.

The Labour brand of salt is still salt, Lo Salt maybe. Still reactionary. Still has no answers. Still has not weeded out its corrupt former leaders of the PFI fraud, Human Rights abuses and War. Still has no plans just a string of headline grabbing policies, they hope.

Raising thresholds and reducing VAT would be a better and simpler idea.

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Jan 14

So it seems another set of Islamacists need stopping and France and Britain are in like Flynn. There is the usual background rhetoric about terrorism even though in the last 20 years I doubt deaths due to Islamic terrorism in the UK are higher than a year’s supply of unnecessary deaths in many NHS Health Authorities.

Of course this is pap as terrorists can train anywhere. The Saudis who committed 9-11 learned to fly in Western countries. The 7-7 bombers a bunch of stupid people educated by Labour’s multiculturalism in the north. It’s beyond asinine to say this or any other invasion has anything to do with Terrorism.

France who played an active part in the murder of 800,000 people in Rwanda is now self elected moral vanguard against Islamacists? Britain who aided Gaddafi’s torture program then turned on him to cover it up says they’re immoral? Britain who staunchly defends Bahrain and Kuwait as they oppress their people. Britain who was content to take part in a war with no regard for the people they were liberating. Britain currently paying out 100s of torture claims and trying to introduce secret courts to cover up its contempt for liberty. You’d have to be as thick as a brick to believe this is anything but an imperialist resource grab by 2 unpopular Govts – Gold and Uranium I am led to believe.

The West might like to consider that supporting poverty, commodity price fixing, brutal despots and corrupt mannequins is why people turn to the Islamacists. The USA has bases in 175 countries and the British have invaded all but 22 countries in the world (Mali is in that 22!) – France probably invaded the rest as it includes Mali, Andorra, Luxembourg, CAR & CHAD).

Do the Math this has nothing to do with Terrorism or the local populaces own good.

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Jan 04

Ed Balls did nothing to improve my view of him or Labour as more than clever idiots who come up with slogans and then policy based on matching a nice sounding slogan. Of course every slogan must have the word Tough in it to appeal to morons.

Ed Balls has come up with “Tough but Fair” Work and Welfare Reform. The policies to come later. The policy they can let us know is essentially Tory Workfare with minimum wage. No details on how this will not undermine wages at the bottom, is not paid slavery, subsidises bad employers or even how it will work. Most especially there is no clear goal stated just a slogan about a perceived but loosely specified problem.

Since Ballsy is fond of opportunistically caricaturing Keynes maybe they will dig holes and then fill them in. Or maybe they will build camps for Immigrants but with Kindergartens for the children this time. Camps for people rude on Twitter and those who mock Mr Balls not compliant in the whole PFI and Bank fraud because he was too stupid to spot it.

However you sift it it’s slogan led policies with no specific goals/problems/ethos. When they do have a policy it is Tory Lite. Like increasing tuition fees to 6000 not 9000.

Tory and Labour is really Same Direction Different Speed Same ruinous Economics.

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