Jun 26

As much as one can and even likes to compare as salt brands the NSA Banker loving Democrats and Republicans it is not quite true. In the US you have lots of so called binary issues to divide the parties although ‘Licans and ‘Crats agree the poor are scum and it’s whether you patronise them or not. Even that difference appears based on who votes what.

What really separates the US parties to me as a distant observer is it seems is a massive hunk of the Republican agenda is obsessed with controlling and judging what women do with their cunts*. On Abortion look you can argue bullshit about fetus’ being alive and reacting when aborted and you can equate it with murder** but it’s a fetus and a woman has a right to choose what is done with it. Another popular theme of the more stupid GOPers is how Rape is barely a crime and women should get over it. Even the Libertarians who I would share many concerns with on the economics of money printing essentially want a Feudal economy with indentured servitude, no rights, discrimination and bullying legal – it’s called freedom if you’re rich! This is a world that would be particularly interesting shall we say for women. Your boss groped you well you can like it or get another job would be a Libertarian response.

I am glad the UK does not suffer from enough religious fundamentalism to somehow be twisted to back this misogyny seriously. It’s a cold comfort but some comfort listening to the cunts over there obsess on cunts. You really would only find 200 to 250 Tory MPs who backed such nonsense.

Maybe Freud got the Penis Envy thing wrong but then he was a bloke.

*Vagina is a sheath for a sword and only refers to one part of the anatomy, there is no other word for it and I implore you to chat to Germaine Greer not me about that.

** Just as if you love logical fallacies or the Obama Regime enough and are stupid but sophisticated you can argue pointing out to the public Govt programs with no democratic oversight that may be unconstitutional  is treason.

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Jun 08

The chief spokes-clown for the Obama Administration was in full flow. It was a discussion he’d like to have but whoever leaked the secret would be hounded to 20 years inside or preferably suicide or would visit somewhere they could use a drone. He went on to deny something no one had accused The Administration of – listening to phone messages – classic rhetorical device. Meanwhile the ironically titled Justice Secretary Holder, who one assumes got his name from holding the Prez’s coffee cos he appears to have no talent bar lying through his teeth, said the US categorically did not have a murder not capture policy even if Tuesday’s kill list discussion was personally the highlight of his week. Continue reading »

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Jan 01

Fiscal Cliff more baby talk between people who don’t have your interests at heart pretending they do.

The reason O’s Administration and the ‘lican losers don’t really want to go over the so called Fiscal Cliff is they would then have to negotiate more sensible tax and spend policies. Bear in mind that the banks that have stolen/lost/burned trillions in savings were not attacked directly by President Suit’s administration like the evil Occupy movement whose made outrageous demands like political donation reform and to prevent Rep. Pelosi and co insider trading.

To Pressie O and his administration the enemy is not the Tea Party or the Koches or McCain or Bush or Rombot or the Muslims or the drug dealers but those like Occupy who want actual change. I predict on the Fiscal Cliff  a deal will be agreed to allow the military to carry on attacking tens of counties and taxes for most will not change.

The politicos they’re just crying for attention and to convince you you have a real choice. You don’t.

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Jan 06

Having to listen to US politicians mostly of a Republican nature is hard. They will say how they are guided by the Lord and rattle on at the need for us to nuke I-ran and how abortion is more evil than ummmhh evil. How killing people even via state sanctioned means is worthy of a boast!  Worth cheering your state is so full of murderers you had to kill 500 yourself. Continue reading »

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