Apr 26

I’ll also leave out they support the same policies as the Tories whatever the Tory fiction about massive cuts – after all SNP, Libs and Labour have the same spending plans too. We’ll leave out their obvious racism where they try to sound marginally slower swiveling of the eyes than the Tories. We’ll even credit them on Syria not bombing to help our friends al Queada and now enemies IS. Continue reading »

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Dec 02

It’s getting hard to see the obsession anymore with sexual choice. Of course we’re all wired to have sexuality but what other people’s is should in many ways unless they are the object of our desire be a profoundly redundant question.

Labour fan types are so quick to come out and be seen to comment and compliment someone for saying what the object of their desire is.  My questions to these Neo Libs of the Labour Party and you are for all your denials Neo Liberal. Why do you have to comment? You support bigotry and tough policies on the poor. You support the economics of Austerity. You support moronic Immigration policies. You support a race to the bottom on benefits. You support the subsidy of big business. You support nationalising debt and subsidising risk for banks and large corporates. You support Corporatism. Yet you think being nice about the largely inconsequential preferences of a celebrity mean jack.

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Sep 25

Ann Pettifor described Labour’s economics as Salami slices i.e. slices not a whole. I would go further and say they are a series of gimmicks tested on focus groups.

  1. Top of the list freezing energy prices. For starters it is actually arguable that UK prices are that high but if Miliband assumes we have a broken market a price freeze is not how you fix it. It’s just populist nonsense with the twist someone else pays for the bribe. Continue reading »

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Aug 04

Sadly a lot of us do what might be considered trolling. Most of us do it with brothers and sisters or friends or just some shop assistant or barman telling us you’re barred. A lot more people are tripping the line on insanity than we credit. There is a lot of pent up frustration and self loathing out there and it comes out as trolling. Of course some psychos do it for amusement. Some may even be nefarious. Almost all are harmless beyond the words they used and best blocked and ignored. Continue reading »

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Nov 08

What comes first the decision or the reasoning?

You hear something think it through logically and then answer? Not really most of us go to say yes or no straight away and our conscious brain tries to explain our often irrational decision.  It’s why Politics is about catchy phrases and not policy depth as the front men understand that say something catchy and people will look favourably whatever the argument. That’s why it’s hard to argue Liberty with its deeply nuanced arguments and difficult to explain points why we should allow freedoms to people when in the short term such things may seem risky. Continue reading »

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