Apr 27

We accept a lot of stuff at work and we get along with people whose views we often find offensive. We don’t proudly broadcast it but we do take it. It was with this in mind I approached the story of the previously known to be racist LA Clippers owner objecting to Black people in a “girlfriend”‘s instagram page and black people in general in a recorded phone call. Apparently the Clippers players are ‘shocked shocked’ to find a known racist has said some racist things. Former Commissioner David Stern is equally ‘shocked shocked’. Indeed like Captain Renaud they will still take the Green from what has apparently shocked them.

In the end the story is less about racism than about the fact that like Gerald Ratner making a piss poor joke many times it only needs 1 act to get the right publicity and everyone scurries for cover. The Clippers owner ridiculously says he’s not a racist, the players are shocked and want action, the Commish will sit down with his flunkies and lawyers and try to work out how to look good. The media will don po face and make out this is worse than killing people with drones for a point in the polls.

In the UK too racism is far more prevalent than is supposed – our conceit bordering on hysterical when UKIP have 30 points even in a protest vote. Sure people say the right things in public but ironically what the Clippers’ thing shows is that in private many have different standards and people put up with that far more than their sanctimony would show.

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Feb 21

Quality Newspapers

None Continue reading »

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Nov 30

Warning Contains Labels Continue reading »

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Aug 17

Is the murder of striking South African workers by the state any less vile because the Govt does not officially follow a racist creed like Apartheid?

The fact is the biggest problems facing the 99.9% of us are the other 0.1% whatever their or our race, creed or colour. Whether it’s P W Botha or Jacob Zuma who are ultimately responsible murder is still murder and the real crime racially aggravated or not.

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Aug 06

Like most words fetishised by Labour and made the focal point of rhetoric legacy has been de-valued into a grubby search for more rhetoric to justify past actions. See Tony Blair hawking himself round the world trying to attach his name to a policy as good as on the spot fines. Continue reading »

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Feb 12

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the disputes but the reaction to the so called football racism rows has been utterly ludicrous. The UK must look like an asylum to anyone from outside. The level of coverage and frantic polemified reaction seems illustrative of a deeper neurosis. Continue reading »

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Jan 06

Diane Abbot made yet another comment suggesting strongly that she views the differences as substantial between people based purely on skin pigmentation. Why anyone so educated continues to make these mistakes is beyond me. Continue reading »

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Jul 14

Gordon Brown returned to the Commons in victim’s clothes. Trying to use the tragedy of his first born as a means to beat some revenge into News International. It in many ways pointed to what is most distasteful about Labour and their supporters. The truth and fact are no matter. No position is Beyond the Pale. Nothing off limits. That scores have to be settled. That Govt should be driven by personal bitterness and head lines. The News of the World was their media mirror – albeit no one’s accusing the News of the World of torture, illegal war and a Trillion pound Ponzi scheme. Continue reading »

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Feb 05

I don’t think many on the left understand yet quite what a desperately racist creed multiculturalism is. In many respects we donned the clothes of equality not because we were better than other people but we wanted to feel better than other people. Continue reading »

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Jan 03

If the coalition works out the Liberal Democrats are in danger of not cashing in. They will be tarred with the perceived bad by a left who can somehow find morality whilst supporting Labour. They will get no credit for the stuff some whingers are so busy to flag they are not happy with. The fact is unless the economy tanks, in which case no one will do well, the majority will likely feel safer and more secure if not better off in a few years. Thus either way distancing themselves from Osborne is a mistake. Continue reading »

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