Jun 23

From Frances Coppola’s blog a useful primer on what is and is not happening with this banker friendly policy.

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May 21

Heretical thoughts in our era of electronic money and cards maybe we should hold cash? Continue reading »

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May 09

Interesting how Germany deals with the Dutch given the shellacking the southern Europeans and Ireland got. Yes they’ve had cheap money and a housing bubble and now have debt!

The fact is, whatever Keynesian economists say, QE and or low interest rates = bubbles = zombie economies = gutless short term politicians who won’t take the hit. Continue reading »

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Mar 07

Vince Cable called for an end to Austerity.

Sadly he did not call for an end to QE and artificial interest rates as the gutless clown Osborne prepares to hand over the economy to the QE junkie Carney. Osborne is showing even greater cowardice than Brown who one could argue had good reason to hand over monetary policy in 1997 even if that abdication of responsibility looks like criminal incompetence 15 years later.

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Jan 31

It’s tough to say that the current Westminster fluff over tax avoidance is well fluff but it’s fluff. MPs try to sound moral about the world they created. The point is the world envisaged and logically derivable from the Brown Govt is one of a Kleptocracy being slightly more generous to the poor but emphasising the tax revenue from the rich. A world of the beholden to their betters under 24 hour surveillance.

In the US as the Obama Administration tries to fulfil the similar dreams of Clinton and Bush this duality can be seen by JP Morgan operating Food Stamps whilst rigging so called Markets, stealing from its customers and M F Global customers.

Even the utopia of a populace in thrall to his magnanimity as Brown imagined has the problem there is only so much wealth they can steal from savers and pensioners whose incomes and job prospects are falling. We now have new Bank of England head Mark Carney’s operation to kill what little remains of pensions with QE tying up with Osborne’s crusade against the poor. For all the bluster of the public accounts committee and the rhetoric of Labour and Conservative the clownery will continue regardless of how much tax Amazon or Starbucks pay. Bank fraud will continue no matter how much time Police spend on dead paedophiles or people who listen to phone messages.

We on the left must try to get above the Content Fetishism and move to raise the real issues even if it means pointing out the deformed version of Capitalism we have.

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Jan 09

It’s popular on the fringes to suggest buying Gold and Silver as a hedge against QE and year zero economics. What should countries and individuals do I hear you ask.

Take the Swiss everyone wants their currency. They in the face of their currency rising and with all their business threatened started QE and selling their own currency. Bad move? Yet what else do the Swiss do? Let all their business go bust whilst they buy up resources, metals and foreign Capital. Essentially the Swiss would have to use their currency’s strength and create a Sovereign Wealth Fund for the population to live off. They would essentially have to go rent seeking on the rest of the world. This would mean a form of Socialism or alternately Civil Unrest at the unemployment in Switzerland. Then again they could say they were going to do that and the so called “The Markets” would drop the currency for them.

QE is essentially a suicide cult that drags everyone in unless you’re prepared to change your society. Better to end QE and cut off countries who insist on it. It benefits rent seekers and bankers and even they will end up poorer if economic activity is run down as is currently happening.

If I had any capital I would be buying Silver coins as there’s no VAT on coins.

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Aug 25

So Gove has signalled that exam results should stop rising.

Continue reading »

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Aug 25

I  find it hard just to read the headlines and front pages of what are ironically called newspapers. Today one has Beckham denying he shagged shallow occasion whore Katherine Jenkins. Another has Katherine Jenkins denying she shagged shallow occasion whore David Beckham.  Continue reading »

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Jul 11

So I read today that QE toting villain Mervyn King is only half a scumbag. Continue reading »

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Jul 08

After all the aren’t we good columns and stats against the increasingly direction-less and broken coalition the Guardian showed itself once again for the 0.1%. It talked of ‘raised hopes’ for QE. This disaster came to pass.  Continue reading »

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