Jul 02

What the fuck does that mean? Well as a Leftist from the Point of View of how I view Capitalism I could agree with most non gut non Fox non racist right wing people that the current economic policies to all intents and purposes shared by Labour and Conservative are laughable. That printing ever more money with bogus low interest rates whilst allowing Casino Banking makes as much sense as stabbing yourself.

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May 15

It seems the big US banks cannot get enough of losing money. That the money is delivered fresh and new and at the expense of savers and taxpayers through low interest rates and QE is unremarked by the mainstream and hence one assumes corrupt press.  Continue reading »

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Nov 29

I recall working for a national airline run by clowns in the 90s where to keep the head count down and satisfy the City the airline let staff leave and replaced them with vastly more expensive contract staff. It was insanity. Continue reading »

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Oct 07

The economy maybe tanking but there seems precious little Osborne feels he can do. My advice in that circumstance do nothing and certainly not the last resort of the clown Quantitative Easing. No one has more effectively explained that QE is a waste of time other than to enrich bankers who steal by diluting everyone else’s capital than Osborne. Continue reading »

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