Jan 11

On the one hand we have vile murderers who die for a cause so base and ridiculous at the same time it defies sane analysis. On the other the lives of a bit more than a dozen westerners are placed above the continuing butchery the Islamic nuts perpetrate in the Middle East many in their own country among their neighbours.

UK/US seek to censor and create a surveillance state of good manners yet will not ring up the Saudis and tell them to stop distributing and  funding the ‘intellectual’ underpinning of this nihilistic Terrorism. Indeed the UK Govt is likely to ring up the sponsors of the Paris massacre and try to sell them arms. 2 years ago he, accepted only taking orders from his organ grinder in Washington, UK Govt begged Parliament to bomb Assad in support of his enemies which turned out to be Islamic State and al Queada – the US did claim to bomb a group that did not exist “The Khorasan Group” one assumes to obfuscate this fact. Indeed Israel to no odium bombed the Assad regime the other week to show that all this posturing and pretense that we think these groups the worst of the worst is poppycock.

One can argue the West stoked conflict in Syria and is prolonging it at the expense of 10,000s of lives with no improvement in liberty and freedom likely whichever side won – see Libya. What is the moral difference then between our leaders and the rancid scum who shoot cartoonists? That they do their killing in person not with indiscriminate drone attacks? No, as their attacks are not based on anything either and are purposefully done to no end bar fear and publicity. When you kill people over cartoons and their religion you’re no better than the Obama Administration killing someone because his meta data crops up in the wrong place.

I’d support action to tackle these terrorists wholeheartedly and am left to wonder why the UK/US seems intent on fighting people who want to cut fossil fuel usage instead.

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Apr 16

Numerous fans of the rabid US Democratic and Uk Labour parties like to display their moral superiority over the right with their endorsement of so called Gay Marriage – it’s marriage period, live with it. My only point to the what is laughably labeled left (in effect centre very right) is that oddly they did not endorse this idea en masse until more than a few years ago themselves. Indeed chief ‘cratic POTUS O’ himself only came to the idea after polls.. sorry friends convinced him that ‘they’ wanted it.

My point is this point scoring morality is ridiculous. Equal marriage has no valid argument against it and did not 100 years ago either. Given they and their so called liberal parties only came round to it in the last few years to expect people of a more conservative bent to overnight is sickening sanctimony. Their sententious disdain for people who are at most 3 or 4 years behind them on social liberalism qualifies as ridiculous.

The equalising of marriage rights is for me a great cause where the supine reptiles who inhabit Govt were dragged there by public opinion, certainly in the US. It’s a cause for celebration not finger wagging point scoring. It would actually aid equality if people engaged rather than threw nasty labels at people.

As someone who eschews marriage you’re all welcome to it.

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Apr 04

Having invested 2Bn in getting Ukraine to revolt it turns out the US Aid budget tried to create a Twitter for Cubans to foment revolt. No wonder the UK Govt insists on an Aid budget staying so high it’s a slush fund for illegal activity. It’s money that can be directed anywhere with few questions asked.

As said before the thinking behind the Ukraine is pure stupidity. The West will now have to buy gas and make the new ruling elite richer than they already are. Who wants to be on the hook for $160Bn from a country run by in some cases actual and proud fascists? No wonder the EU balks at sanctions as Obama (POTUS) ludicrously and Kerry pitiably claims that interfering in sovereign countries is wrong – no odium for Kerry the poor lar is just out of his depth as he was in the Dumb v Dumber Presidential election of 2004.

Of course the US lost its democracy this week as more campaign funding limits were removed by the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] which counts pizza as a vegetable and corporations as individuals. Those who think SCOTUS will protect their liberty from POTUS’ pant sniffers in their booths wanking over your webcams in Cheltenham England at GCHQ need lessons in life. Maybe they and John Kerry could have a joint seminar for simpletons on how the world works.

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Aug 07

In the face of being shown as an inveterate liar and a clown it seems Barry O’ is adopting the A-Rod method of dealing with unpleasant facts and not being master of your destiny. Just keep denying and change the meaning of words like Leaks, 4th Amendment, Whistle-blower, Torture, Murder and Domestic Spying Program.

In the face of a housing bubble offer to reflate it for your banker friends whilst saying that is what you don’t want to do. In the face of a clear and obvious domestic spying program deny it on some grim late night chat show. On being shown up as a bully just keep bullying and show what a man you are by turning down a pissing contest photo op with Putin – wow what was 2nd choice send him Roses? 200 representatives de facto agree the 4th amendment is being curtailed and you still call the person did pointed it out a traitor and a spy.

Obama is like the 300 pound baby. You have to take someone seriously who kills so many people so directly on his orders and has control over a Federal Imprisonment Unit whose conviction rate would make Mugabe weep with inadequacy. Yet sat in England in a cafe he’s just pitiable.

Once he is out of office remember he’s just a clown. It’s not personal. He’s not evil. He’s not even stupid.

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Jul 25

There has been no vote on the surveillance state even though GCHQ makes the NSA and their private contractors look like a model of restraint. Banks are free to help drug dealers and terrorists who their defenders then claim we are at war with! Now it emerges that criminal behaviour by Blue Chip companies is de rigueur and allowed. The point being there is no rule of law for the wealthy. Continue reading »

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Jul 19

By most accounts Samantha Power is smarter than most of us by a considerable way. It would be like a normal football fan trying to shout down Gary Neville to argue with her in private. In public she just told a bunch of Senators what they want to hear so she can have a job pushing policies she must know to often be absurd. She is trying to be a US UN Ambassador.

US foreign policy’s produced a lexicon binding enemies with labels and language and rhetoric. Does Samantha Power really believe Israel is a victim and of whom? Yes some criticism excessive and hypocritical after all who believes in human rights anymore? What good will she do bounded by the ridiculous strictures of  The Story America tells itself? Venal? Similarly John Kerry is talking about more Palestinian Israeli peace talks whilst both sides leaders no doubt go hell if you keep bribing us we’ll keep pretending you are doing a real job jerk off. Kerry doesn’t even need the bread.

As one Rolling Stone cover has shown many in the US establishment can’t face any other version of the truth other than their own vocabulary of real but mostly imagined pure victimhood. It’s sad when intelligent people are so desperate to join them at the trough they will not challenge a self perpetuating orthodoxy they know to be damaging rubbish.

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Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one? Continue reading »

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