Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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Dec 08

Following a prank call by some Australian DJs someone took their life. The BBC led on this story and the UK media and the reactionary have been out with their moral high horses. Of course the odium really started after the unfortunate death so we  can conclude this was a tragic result of what is by and large acceptable behaviour.  Continue reading »

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Nov 18

Savita Halappanavar’s tragic death is a reminder of the Dark Age laws of Ireland but also the power of a personal story. It can be hoped that Ireland brings in some modern laws on abortion as its economy heads to the 19th century with potentially the rest of Europe because it assumed the debts of a bank with the name Ireland in it.

Nonetheless it is quite bizarre that 1000s of deaths on the roads or in un-clean Foundation hospitals moves no one. Thousands of deaths and anarchy in countries we invaded moves no one. Soldiers beating and killing prisoners moves no one. That our main opposition party in the UK supported rendition and torture programs is inconsequential. It’s a further reminder that as Stalin purportedly said kill a person and it’s murder kill thousands and it’s a statistic.

The debt and austerity will kill far more people than even the ludicrous remnants of medieval superstition in Ireland.

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Feb 12

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the disputes but the reaction to the so called football racism rows has been utterly ludicrous. The UK must look like an asylum to anyone from outside. The level of coverage and frantic polemified reaction seems illustrative of a deeper neurosis. Continue reading »

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Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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Sep 24

It struck me last week that President Obama’s administration was one of the most contemptibly weak to perform its function. A group whose every move was aimed at 2 things 1) Elections 2) Paying back the people who paid for his election – arguably 1 thing. I provided 4 examples: His lack of any argument for why he opposed Palestinian Statehood after all their country is illegally occupied even according to the risible Obama Administration: Continue reading »

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Sep 18

Johann Hari in echos of military clowns down the centuries was left with honour as the last resort of the scoundrel. He confessed he was a lying myth spreading hate filled self important person with no journalistic ethics.  Hari gained popularity by telling the Left what they wanted to hear.  That the Tories were indeed evil. That the Liberals had made some deal with the devil when they did the only right thing after the last election. Continue reading »

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Jan 22

I’ve said before that the ‘Politics of the Few’ outweighs the seemingly more valid fields of inquiry and energy. The case of a single named victim likely female or a child will fill papers and debate. It will lead to bad laws like the Dangerous Dogs Act and Paedophile Laws that make no sense but have a child’s name attached to make us feel better about it. Continue reading »

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Oct 11

Prime Minister’s know that the role no one wants is Home Secretary. If you’re a lousy Foreign Secretary like David Miliband who has spent 3 years: transferring us from a point-less war in Iraq into an even more point-less one in Afghanistan: Covering up complicity in Rendition and Torture by his idol: Endorsing interviews where Torture took place: No one knows or cares. It did not happen in Britain and a few hundred soldiers here or there means less to the public than Baby ‘P’ and also falls on the Defence Secretary who is normally someone so stupid the military can understand him and a perfect fall guy.

Home Secretary gets the Police, Asylum, Immigration, Prisons, Gun law and hundreds of surprise sources of immediate alarm requiring an instant and correct response where none might be available. Thus its a good position for the expendable or those with no overt ambition and even a good place to stick a loyalist. Thus a self aggrandising type like Brown put a political nobody like Jacqui Smith there. Someone who was probably the least inspiring political figure of her generation: Stupid: Greedy: Ignorant: Vicious: Uncaring: Deaf: Incompetent: and a hundred other pejoratives.

After Smith’s greed rather than her near total  incompetence finished her off Brown was forced to use Alan Johnson. Johnson’s first act was to damn science over drug law. In a bravura Commons performance Johnson said people in his constituency in Hull did not care what science had to say and preferred to use rumour, prejudice, smear and perception over facts of any sort. Mocking fact as any basis for policy when the rhetoric was not easy to sell. This at a time when Brown said people who disregarded science on Climate Change were Luddites. Thus it must have made for interesting Cabinet meetings as Johnson said rising sea levels were not a problem as they would just drain off the sides of the Earth.

In opposition actually Shadow Home is a great job for precisely the same reason it’s a shocker in power. Things go wrong and you can whine and batter the Govt. Thus Ed Balls one talent of being a thug is suddenly useful. Of course he coveted the Shadow Chancellorship but that meant giving someone who Ed Miliband disagrees with a job which in power would arguably have more power than the Premiership. Indeed it now seems not outrageous that Brown only started to spend money when he believed Blair would step down to give an idea of who holds the purse strings holds the power – hence Presidents and Prime Ministers make foreign wars as that sidelines the Chancellor.

Ed Miliband has made clear Labour will take a position in the centre ground – he will be led by the public. This means being slightly to the left of the Tories on the cuts whereas Balls is almost an extremist. I can only assume similar reasons ruled out Yvette Cooper who seems to have an easily won reputation. She’s never impacted my consciousness  but is a bright button but so were Ed Balls and David Miliband meant to be! This thus left the question with Darling and Straw leaving front line politics along with David Miliband who to put as Shadow Chancellor?

It’s a measure of how weak Ed Miliband’s constituency is that he apparently considered offering his brother the role to stay. He would have taken the nepotism hit. He’d have taken the person with real power in the Parliamentary Party being his rival not himself. Yet  like the first rodent sniffing incoming sea water David was off quicker that Ayrton Senna da Silva sniffing a gap.

So who else did Labour have? If he appointed someone with a career was he looking at the next leader of the Labour Party? Would he also be closing the door on bringing back his brother?

However none of this excuses giving a technical role to an economic ignoramus like Alan Johnson. Is Labour so short of real talent that does not undermine Little Ed’s position? It’s like asking a child to derive Pi to 100000 decimal places and recount it from memory asking Alan Johnson to understand any kind of complexity. Johnson was 19 years a Postman and could not produce a single comment on a Postal Strike – if he’s too weak or stupid to comment on a subject he would know about WTF is he doing as Shadow Chancellor?

What it is truly indicative of  is that Labour will be playing politics. They will be to the Left of the Govt by a short distance. They will not believe in anything just what they think the public will wear. That if once again they think they can outflank the opposition with de facto Concentration Camps for foreigners seeking refuge from violence or interning people for 6 months in the wake of another terrorist outrage they will be there. This is Alan Johnson’s talent enunciating rhetoric that he has no in understanding to back up or get off message with.

The scary thing for the working people of Britain is that if Labour succeed in getting elected with such a reactionary stance as is possible with the cuts they will probably be even worse than last time as the finances are so cooked. Alan  Johnson’s appointment signals Ed Miliband’s weakness at best enough people’s 2nd choice at worst the gerrymandered candidate of incompetent and nihilistic Union Barons. It also shows that Labour will still be guided by what the public say.

Say Anything in the end means Do Anything.

BTW He is not Red Ed but I’d go with Little Ed or Reactionary Ed or Dull’Ed.

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Sep 12

Paster Terry Jones, a host of Imans, a ton of demonstrators, a President and his Secretary of State, a Muslim Centre, 9-11 anniversary, EDL etc… This last week has seen a host of inter-related stories started by one book burning Nazi who thinks God is talking to him.

On the face of it Barack Obama’s Administration come out sounding sane that Islam did not attack America. That the US should welcome and accept within limits a Muslim Centre close to where the Twin Towers were brought down.

Most absurd and surely unquestionable is why does the President of the USA and the world’s media have to pay homage to someone merely because he is a lunatic?

It is a measure of how it’s not just journalists who are led by what is thrust in their face but people too. Honestly what would annoy me more as a Muslim some inconsequential fruit-cake  who was to burn a holy book of mine or the gang of US soldiers who killed Afghans for fun and took their fingers as souvenirs? Sure one feeds into the book of reasons but the other caused mass protests on the streets before he did anything.

I had planned a long tome to make sense and draw neat conclusions from this chain of unending stupidity. However  I cannot. At the end of the day rationality and perspective is in short supply. The people we elect to lead us do not. They are led by what the polls say or what the vested interests say. If you try to find the start point between nutters, media, politicians, security services, lobbyists and incidents you are doomed to run in circles without a clear bias to guide you to where you started anyway – that is not to speak in favour of pre-conceived ideas!

The battle for reason goes far beyond protesting the Pope. It goes far beyond labeling Blair or Bush or Obama a murderer. To blame any one person or organisation is scapegoating.  An abdication of society’s responsibilities. To accept others ignorance and use it as a defense for ourselves while the world burns.

Arguably the fault lies with us individually and collectively but do we have the freedom to act? Do we have the scope anymore to start mass movements? Or are we doomed to type to an un-waiting world whilst the mass media consumes vast forests of stories based on the personal interactions of well known people and temporary person’s to ridicule?

Do I feel better because some Paster was bullied by the whole of a society and imbued with a ridiculous importance of a life and death decision?


Now if 1 news station had not covered this story then that would have been something.

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