Jan 31

Today I’ll stick to their Economics. This is very simple but is the policy of almost every Western country and is the kind of idiocy imposed on the Greek people.

The key tenets are:-

Subsidise & Nationalise Debt:- If the Banks or large corporates get in trouble they are not nationalised only their debt. Also guaranteeing loans and deposits as a massive form of hidden subsidy – tax breaks too.

Monetize Everything:- Privatise or use devices like PFI (UK) to turn Govt services into a stream of rentier income. Paying Financiers considerably more than Govt debt costs would seem insane but it’s the policy of Labour, Tory, Kippers and Liberals.

These policies are obviously unsustainable and defy left right comparisons. They are pro Capitalists in the sense of being pro certain Capitalists but not by use of Capitalism. It is consistent with running society for the wishes of a few rich people and stifling creativity. It’s trying to freeze the world in 1999 if that reminds you of anything!

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Apr 20

Do a survey of people and they will decry their Govt and suggest they are all corrupt and then go and vote for them or at least not vote for anyone which is a vote for them anyway. In England 95% of vote will go to 3 neo Liberal parties whose policies are varying degrees of how to hand state assets to their friends and a 1 issue party who dislike furriners coming to the UK.

Indeed based on what happens when things go wrong and voting people in England actually belief in the benevolence of Govt. They’re happy to consume human story media be it a lunatic gunman who was an athlete – note how the Oscar Pistolpacking trial has had more attention that the sport never mind Para version that he competes in. Now the BBC leads on a South Korea ferry disaster which like the MH370 merely qualifies as grief porn or sad voyeurism.

People deride newspapers and politicians yet actually support and trust them more wholehearted than things they claim to care about. The supposed objections nothing more than a veneer of sophistry. In reality the majority of these people believe in and trust a corrupt Govt getting rich on selling state assets for pennies in the pound. My tweet may not be accurate as I think I am erring on the side of caution but here it is:-

Difference between Labour & Tory. Labour built hospitals giving away 80p in the pound. Tories now selling NHS services for 20p in the pound.

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Jan 15

My father made the point re minimum wage yesterday that we no longer have fields of sharecroppers but a bloody great combine harvester which produces compacted bails. The intriguing question is as pursuit of rentier incomes becomes the goal of a Plutocracy anxious to cement their position is this a precursor to a lack of progress?

Has investment fallen in recent years as Globalisation has made Labour cheaper? Will Monsanto owning law courts and the US Govt improve food production long term or will they take their Obama Administration approved Monopoly profits? Will the ever expanding financial sector be able to expand forever? Will housing and continue to climb? Who and how in a West of declining wages be able to support this?

Dystopia may not await but it’s not clear if it is not the goal from the policies pursued by Westernites. It’s becoming like the world of the Matrix with 1999 as some stepping off point. As increasingly the aim appears to freeze society and allow those with assets to live off rentier incomes.


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