Nov 24

UKIP is a thoroughly reactionary one issue party. It’s leaders are if you scratch the surface exposed as at best ignorant at worst bigots. Nonetheless taking foster children off people who support such a party is bananas. Worse it is politically motivated tosh.

Should we take children off parents who vote Labour because it’s the party of Tom Watson and Ruth Kelly and its MPs deemed Phil Woolas suitable for the shadow cabinet even after his self pitying bigotry was openly stated in his election diary published in The Independent. Indeed current darling of Labour is political thug Tom Watson who used to try to win bi-elections by stoking hatred of asylum seekers.

The party that signed the Human Rights Act but was happy to lock up foreign children and have foreigners rendered and tortured, engages in ridiculous wars to kill johnny foreigner, practised the creed of multiculturalism that sees people defined by where they were born and their parents religion or race, appointed Ruth Kelly, Phil Woolas and Tom Watson to cabinet and shadow cabinet says you’re racist….

UKIP’s policy is one all anti racists would agree with

end the active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism by local and national government

UKIP probably don’t mind the publicity never mind the credibility. Labour supporting parents must hope that the mild racism in the party they support does not lead to their children being taken away.

We now have a febrile atmosphere around race where yes we may put people in prison and the country comes to a halt if someone on a football field might have been racist but the only people celebrating all these imbecilities are the racists and bigoted multiculturalists.

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Nov 08

I’ll dispense with some trivial issues as quickly as the Coalition could if anyone dared be honest: the UK is in the EU for good: the human rights act is staying: workers from the EU will still be free to come here for years. It does not matter if you are a Socialist or a lunatic these facts are immutable over the medium term, 20 years say. Continue reading »

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Oct 29

I sometimes wonder if the main difference between Labour and the Tories is their fan base. That arguing with Labour members is ridiculous as they support and espouse positions their leader’s actions counterfeit. Continue reading »

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Sep 26

Let’s assume despite his being an acolyte of Brown that Ed Miliband really does want to change things rather than bask in reflected glory.

Ok, got that massive assumption?

How does he make Labour an effective next Govt?

Sure he can win thanks to the cuts and the electoral map which amounts to 13 years of gerrymandering – no claim from Labour is more hypocritical of the coalition Govt. However Labour thought they could hold onto all their dogma and self indulgences for the same reason under Thatcher.

However 5 more years of waste and incompetence could consign Labour to the dustbin. Or this country at least. They would be reduced to Sarkozy style blaming small pockets of Immigrants as Balls already has. A big ‘N’ National Social Democratic Party rather than small ‘n’ one that has Phil ‘Bigot Moi?’ Woolas as Immigration minister and David Miliband key ally!

Like Blair and the clause 4 thing where lots of people who really did still believe in clause 4 were bent to the will of a shiny toothed leader. You win real support by taking on your party’s sacred cows. By slaying some people for no fault of their own.

Ed Miliband has to find his excuse and sacrifice some people and the best person to go is his brother. Like Blair someone on the fringes of the party who once they are not going to be PM is of no use. Look at Blair as dead to Labour as the Militant Tendency now. Sure there will be a rehabilitation especially if he falls ill but for now a broken twisted figure trying to justify a long forgotten war. David Miliband has no uses anymore. People like him are either leaders or not. He was an ineffective Foreign Secretary and was even stupid enough to mire himself in the torture problems Labour has with me.

Whilst Labour have bounced in the polls by fear-mongering it won’t win them support long term and even if it does it will make for poor Govt again. defining yourself by what you are not as New Labour did led to 5 years of do nothing Govt and 8 years of tragic and inhuman mistakes.

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Sep 26

It’s quite conceivable that the Labour Party will soon be much more the party of the unelected and unelectable Prime Minister Gordon Brown than when he was in charge. A nightmare coalition of Balls as Chancellor and the word mangling clown Ed as Head Honcho. If Ed has a lick of sense he’ll send Balls to the Shadow Home berth where he can shout down like the bullying Berk’ he is when as happens to Home Secretaries something goes wrong on their watch – the best news for Labour is because of a pair of tits on his front row Cameron cannot sack Theresa May without looking Brownian in his hatred of women.

What really made me churn as Labour seems to hope the cuts can stop it from looking in a mirror is the lauding of 13 wasted years.

It could be a quarter a century and in a much reduced role that Britain’s public finances are in as good a shape as Ken Clarke left them when Brown decided he knew better around the turn of the century. As Harriet Harman the cerebrally challenged deputy leader blasted out the achievements of the Brown Govt a 10 year old boy would have been correct thinking I could do better at the cost of 100s of Billions. The fact is I could say buying an Aston Martin was an achievement but a pretty Pyrrhic one if I maxed my credit cards to do it and could not afford the repayments, insurance, tax and petrol!

Harman battled to sound like she believed a word she said. In a speech whose anti intellectualism was maybe a sop to the Daily Mail who hate her as she’s female. Her other “yes, but” inducing comment was that the recession  was not the fault of Labour. Yes, but the the high levels of debt in a boom that left us poorly placed to ride it out and we’ll be paying for it for years was. The fact that most of the weakest balance sheets in the major banking world were British was. That our banks were exposed to a sub prime crisis in the States was. That we are in the same boat as the US whose policies we copy was not mitigation.

Everything they supposedly achieved was built on debt, consumer and public. Built on debt. Growth through debt.

The worst part of it was this consumer and public debt binge left people working all hours and bitter. Resentful as their ridiculous feelings that they have lost something to Immigration shows. Immigration is an issue only in terms of how does this country counteract an aging population? Young immigrants?

Ed Miliband has to, if Labour are to ever be an effective Govt, admit their incompetence. Admit they need to build public services on something other than debt. He has to drop the likes of Woolas and Balls with their ranting stupid idiotic bigotry. He has to make the ultimate sacrifice and open his brother, Straw and Blair up to justice over their sanctioning of interviews where torture would almost certainly take place, this is against the law. He has to stop worrying what Newspapers think. He has to tell the truth about the ghettos they created many on racial lines. He has to tell the bigots and clowns why we need Immigration.

Most of all he has to cleanse the party of Brown and his influence.

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Sep 13

Even now not just in my youth I know people who have Mrs Duffyesque bigotry levels. They have prejudices but they would never for instance be less than gracious just as the Polish decorator would always get a cuppa off Mrs Duffy. So we are all to a degree guilty by association even Barack Obama had a Grandmother who Ron Atkinson would call a bigot.

However the difference with the Brown, Balls and Ed Miliband clique is that they can choose their political associations. They can give suitable jobs to suitable people. Like Blair making Ruth Kelly Equalities Minister or Margaret Hodge the “Pope of Islington Council” Children’s Minister it does seem making Phil Woolas Immigration Minister was a mistake. OK those are not mistakes. A mistake is Kevin Pietersen saying Fuck on Twitter. A mistake is Hamilton getting himself knocked out of the GP yesterday. A mistake is a missive fired off drunk. An over reaction to a piece in a paper followed by a stupid comment (I plead guilty). A mistake is not the seemingly ironic appointment of a minister to a job. That is a decision. A choice. A nailing of colours to a mast. A signal of what you intend.

It was the decision of the Brown clique to put a bigot like Woolas who views the world in colours of skin as Immigration Minister. Ed Balls signaled that  he did not feel Woolas was harsh enough before shutting up under the weight of David Cameron’s ridicule. Ed Miliband stays quiet of course as he was responsible for nothing Brown did and now believes in Liberty and the Environment!

It does not matter if Woolas did not break electoral law his pamphlets as described in the Telegraph amount to bigotry and stirring racial hatred.

The most damaging claim is that Mr Woolas deliberately played on racial tensions in his constituency by falsely claiming that Mr Watkins was “in league with extremist Muslims”.

Emails…. detail their alleged plans to claim falsely that Mr Watkins supported Islamic extremists and was “prepared to condone death threats” against Mr Woolas to secure their vote. Pamphlets sent out by Mr Woolas also falsely suggested that Mr Watkins was receiving illegal funding from abroad and had lied about where he lived, it is claimed.

Coming from a Labour Party that indulged the extremist Muslim Council of Great Britain such a charge amounts to arrant hypocrisy. However it’s also saying to residents of Oldham that Extremist Muslims were a significant fact of Oldham life. That people need to do something about that.

We know from Woolas’ moronic diary of whining in the lead up to the election he views people as groupings with homogeneous and predictable views hence he needs to scare “White” people.

We now know that Brown’s dislike of Mrs Duffy was clearly hypocritical. Indeed we found out today the state of Iraqi prisons and more claims of murder by British Troops undermining Blair’s position on the War in Iraq – OK that is probably the most undermined position ever but he claimed we removed a tyrant but it seems we changed nothing and killed a lot of people doing it and merely changed leaders not culture.

Quite how anyone on the left can support Labour or any of their leadership candidates implicated and proven in many cases to be apologists for torture, war, racism, bigotry, authoritarianism and illiberality is still beyond me. One wonders if the predominantly young people on the left are harbouring dreams of a Labour MPship down the line?

Labour will not draw a line under it for me until Blair, Brown  and their closest acolytes are removed. Sadly their next leader will either be Blair or Brown’s and by implication Bush’s and Woolas’ apologists regardless of which of the 4 men wins.

My message is again to the left to develop its ideas and especially its  economics. To interweave the needs of the environment within those. If the left ignored Labour and especially the patronage of Ed Miliband and his ilk they’d come begging eventually.

Oh and David Miliband has used the man who ended my interest in active Labour politics [Woolas] as his attack dog. From torture to authoritarianism to bigotry all are tainted by all the actions of Labour over 13 years in power.

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Jul 11

Have told North West Labour Party that my chances [in Oldham East & Saddleworth] are slim. The Tories [third, behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats] have selected an Asian. The white Tory vote will go for the Lib Dem because they’d sooner have a Lib Dem whose views they oppose!

This is Phil Woolas from last January. Many of us have more desperate and selfish thoughts than we ever share but we know that they are delusional and not for sharing – a function of the twisted self image we know we should ignore. What shocks me even more than Woolas’ publishing his personal twistings is he would put out such a damning indictment of his constituents in much the same was as the man he refers to as ‘Great Leader’ felt about his neighbours in Rochdale. Frankly if you can be racist against white people in your constituency he was….

The only nugget of interest was that he discussed Immigration (he was the minister after all) with Brown. Intimating that we would be short of skilled workers without it. Why not have that debate instead of pandering to the racists with policies that will not affect 80% of immigration like the Tories. Not once did Labour explain their policy about why they were happy for immigrants.

Indeed the biggest contempt from Woolas was that immigration and Brown cost them the election. With all their gerrymandering that meant they can win a significant majority without a significant vote and the continued hatred of the Tories he might be right about Brown though. However the rest of us may be reactionary but the overwhelming majority of the British are not voting for 1 issue idiots and all Woolly was confirming that immigration policy was aimed not at any national problem just the Labour Party’s problems.

And that is why they lost. People may not be able to enunciate an in-depth position but they knew Labour had no answers but a series of policies to achieve nothing more than votes. Most of people’s intelligence is unconscious and thus going by what people say per se it is a mistake.

Sadder still the 4 serious candidates for the leadership all seem to grab positions not from principal or even from 3rd way fitness for purpose but to try and position themselves to be popular.

Will they ever get it?

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Apr 21

Jeremy Vine and the so called journalists on Panorama showed why people are skeptical of people who try to bring up the problems of immigration. Their premise was that Britain was full up especially the South East.

This was based on factually: lots of net immigration:  we had the smallest houses and highest prices in Europe (Plus Ca Change?): Roads were slow moving. These ideas were unqualified, un-contexted nor was the historical significance of them tested. A sort of anti intellectual argument based on popular ‘common’ sense.

This was supported by key evidence from ‘experts’

  1. A mother in Barking whose kids lived in a damp slum and who felt immigrants got the housing. Oh and I loved the medically questionable view that all 4 had asthma because of the dampness!
  2. A man who had been commuting from King’s Langley in the slowest manner imaginable for 10 years (no I have no idea why that was significant either bar showing the Tube is rubbish).
  3. A teacher from Manchester who had more students than expected and did not like it.

Bang conclusion the premise they started with – we’re full up and it is getting worse.

Actually the only facts on offer were that net immigration was falling. That employers were filling vacancies with low paid foreign workers who were somehow fitting themselves seamlessly into the Labour market and finding housing in London’s commercial sector without whining about over crowding. That some economically inactive mothers would rather stay in a hovel where they were born than move to better housing in less pressured parts of the country.

I finally  got why Immigration Minister Phil Woolas comes across so sour and angry it’s because he has to listen and answer doom laden questions from mealy mouthed journalist tossers with no mind to reason or accept the probability that trends are temporary. In the 80s these runts moaned about the brain drain now in reverse they refuse to see benefits and demographic needs or even to consider what an aging society with the baby boomer bubble of oldies should do.

There probably are real questions about immigration but Panorama raised none and played to the bigoted moron brigade. Not surprising I guess with Vine and the rest of the lightweights concerned.

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Feb 24

Tonight the BBC showed how easy it was to get letters purportedly from colleges in the UK which can be used to get a Visa together with a temporary amount of money in your bank account. Minister Phil Woolas just kept ranting and shouting that the particular college was  already closed. Ignoring the specifics were not relevant to the debate. I assume he was tired even though it’s not that late but I have assurances from someone who knows him personally he was sober. Woolas was certainly slightly more sober in his comments on Eastern European unskilled labour and maybe was just upset that despite all his efforts that it seemed it was not enough.

Last night a care worker for injured troops was shouted down by Defence Minister Bob ‘Bruiser’ Ainsworth. She suggested that that she and others were raising for troops to get prosthetics in the USA. They were clearly doing this but Ainsworth just shouted at her that this was not happening. Like telling me that I don’t write a blog as I am doing it.

I understand how they developed this tactic of taking on every negative at birth but when practised in the manner of Ainsworth and Woolas it’s a clear attempt to just shut someone up because they cannot be bothered or are not of a mind to argue. Not to debate or head off a smear but just to bully and kill debate.

Regardless of any specific accusations. Labour clearly has a boorish disregard for nuance and debate. It desires for its one liners and spin to serve unchallenged as analysis, excuse, knowledge, argument and fact. It’s obsession that 3rd way gobbledygook half heard and misunderstood at conferences and transferred into policy without thought or understanding should not be challenged by consensus and getting contrary expert opinion.

Labour’s weak and bullying and really like the 92 election fear of anyone else is their trump card as they are tired after 13 years of not tackling the real issues.

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