Jan 17

Are Labour a case of we really mean it this time as they throw ideas that contradict their last Govt? i.e. smaller banks from the Party that insisted Lloyds destroy itself by buying criminal organisation HBOS? Seriously were Brown’s gimps [Ed n Ed] unaware when this was happening?

Regardless now Miliband is the Chief Lab Rat. King Rat will in my opinion enact much of what he says. However its actions like the 45 minute claim will be specious and not what most people will assume he means. Indeed it shows Labour’s real progress that all they can do is trumpet the minimum wage which we now are reminded was 15 years ago and the reasons Vince Cable was not able to vote for it – stroke of a pen legislation.

A raft of regional development agencies with no admission how ineffective and corrupt these have been in the past. There is the nub of my view of Labour until they admit their past ineffectiveness and mistakes properly, not least to themselves, then anything they say can surely be discounted as bore [sic] of the same.

Labour’s last Govt handed Bns to A4E, AtoS [ers], BAE, Financiers, Banks, Accenture, Capita, Foreign Arms Buyers, BP, Serco, PFI funders and lots of others memory fails me. This is not business friendly and it’s certainly not friendly to those suffering bedroom taxes and reduced care to pay for it.

Labour should commit to remove the corruption and graft it built into the system. It isn’t and won’t.

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Oct 27

Nick Cohen today waded into Russell Brand’s glib nihilism as helping the Right. The mistake he made was to blame Brand for anything but being a rather populist guy with little knowledge. After all Brand did mention Climate Change. Cohen’s conceit is like the anti intellectual’s anti intellectual Paxman’s to Brand you must vote for the main parties. Otherwise you’re helping The Right. For glib nihilists inflaming I think he should look to Westminster.

Glib Nihilism Part Un

  • HS2 Mandelson blew the coop here and admitted we’d quite like a really prestigious railway like the French as the sole driver of this train. If you wanted to reduce transport misery you’d improve broadband and the buses and crucially commuter trains. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

Well at least some Labour gimmicks were aimed at actual problems. The Tory ones would appear to aim to create more problems.

  1. Help to Buy which is actually Help to Sell and imprison people in Debt. It makes no sense not even establishment economists are calling for more investment in a rentier society. A massive building program would make more sense from the country’s point of view but not Housing developers and Tories.
  2. Giving up on Human Rights Act. Apparently to keep us safe they will do this. They won’t stop penalising the poor or prosecute the city villains or the hospital managers and doctors or Labour’s PFI fraudsters who have killed thousands or make the country safe for cycling but will rip up Human Rights to save a few lives every year – no evidence ripping this act up will save anyone. This is surely indicative of the need for a police state to protect themselves and their backers when the cretinous point 1 blows up.
  3. HS2 why spend 50 Bn getting to Birmingham 15 minutes quicker when the daily commute not the inter  city is the real cause of misery. Of course it’s unfair to George Osborne he cannot give their pals as much as his mate Balls did via PFI but please George this is naked fraud.

Conference has not even started so expect an update…



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Mar 21

Ask a Man United fan why they support the team and they will cite many true things about United. United fans may have a point but those who support political parties don’t. Football fandom may have more differences than the current Punch and Punch show in the Commons. Continue reading »

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Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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Dec 14

Interesting how Britons want to debate US gun control. It’s not our country. Just as I don’t care who the killer is or who he killed.  As tragic as events are it’s none of our business. We don’t need to know and indeed the media it could be argued are merely investing in the next murderous scum bag.

We ignore US drone strikes but really get involved in senseless unstoppable unpreventable random actions of individual US scum. We ignore the number of people killed by the larcenous actions of our banks, debt, PFI and Govt.

In short we are being side tracked. Our natural social anthropology twisted to find out details of people and actions that do not affect us in any way. Actions of individuals promoted to make the rest of us seem feel morally superior as we tacitly support a Kleptocracy working against us.

It’s grief porn.

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Dec 10

Imagine if the BBC covered the ongoing manslaughter from C-Diff & MRSA in our hospitals like the tragic death by her own hand of one nurse? If they assigned blame for the crippling PFI costs, unclean hospitals and medical incompetence like they do to 2 low rent DJs.

It’s just absurd in these economic times that newspapers and the sick people who read them are so fascinated by trivia like Middleton’s breasts, her womb and stories related to her near pointless existence.

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Nov 28

You’d think doctors would have enough on their plates doing their jobs in a PFI ravaged Health Service. However you’d be wrong they have noticed that many of us are fat and some drink a lot. They notice that some of these people have complications and don’t eke out every last day they could live. They and a Govt desperate to sell arms to overseas murderers would like us to live a little longer and drink less.  Continue reading »

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Jun 30

Given its proclivity for whining I find the TU movement’s passive acceptance of Banker Kleptocracy baffling. Whilst bus drivers strike over £500 that is not in their contracts they probably lose that and more each year individually and as citizens to fill the ever growing debt void at the heart of Banks that are broke.  Continue reading »

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Jan 30

So Stephen Hester’s bonus has gone the way of our money thrown at the banks by Darling and Brown. In a way I have no sympathy and frankly assume he’ll be OK!  Continue reading »

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