Nov 04

First up one should not talk the economy down. However there is no evidence that Tory or Labour disbelieve their inane and delusional nonsense. Iain Duncan Smith thinks the UK will be fine outside of the EU. The Milibands are pimping a Living Wage which is classic New Labour using a worthy cause and source of worthy rhetoric without tackling the reasons why people don’t get a living wage – despite their being in power for 13 of the last 15 years. They all ignore the economic reality. That whilst it continues to subsidise the shadow banking industry that creates no wealth with 10s Bns each year the real economy will not grow and indeed the rest will shrivel and the parasite will have nothing to feed off either. At that point it won’t matter if we are in the EU or not.  Continue reading »

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May 05

There are many theories for the end of the Dinosaurs  some would opine that it was a meteor strike. Others volcanic activity. Others a combination involving climate change. I have a different theory that the dinosaurs of TV Election interviews have been slayed by the TV debates. Those tedious and repetitive and utterly pointless interviews by Soper, Paxman and Humphrys where they needle a sore like a kid picking continually at a scab. You shout OK so Xs policy means Y and that is bad for some people now move on. Yet these self serving creeps just continue to demonstrate their faux and supposed superiority in the manner of trying to win an argument with a nonce by constantly bringing up that he is nonce to win a debate on City v United. As though embarrassing someone and winning the argument is the point of an interview.

What this style of interviewing actually shows is that the interviewer is not trying to achieve anything and thus accepts embarrassment as a token for achievement. It tends to lead to a dry debate where policy is designed purely as rhetoric and to tick buttons but be hard to crib. It leads to a block on change that has winners and losers like local income tax for instance.

The debates as flawed as they are as not being part of an ongoing debate over the intervening years at least allowed some breaking out of ideas. It’s not exactly been a great out pouring of ideas but it was re-assuring in a sense that all main parties are within a Rizla politically and economically. Their tax and spending plans within the rounding error for all the bluster. Of course if you work in public services and or do not like paying taxes it was not good news. However better 90 minutes of moving debate than 30 minutes stuck on  a minor point that would not be widely accepted.

I think the decline of the interview can be seen by Cameron not even bothering with Jon Snow last night. Indeed I am sure  the Paxman interviews were only done to avoid charges of cowardice after all only sadists and masochists watched them and they changed no one’s vote.

No doubt Paxman and Humpy will still look in the mirror and see a great intellect but they are now as relevant as scientists and reality to UK drink and drug policy.

Good bye Jeremy and John you’re irrelevant and always have been it’s just now we noticed.

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