May 11

Just confirmed: the next Star Wars film will be made in UK. Great news for our creative industries. May the force be with us…..

Osborne’s lackey, I assume, made the above tweet. Odd that an industry so subsidised it’s been the source of numerous tax scams would be the focus of a positive tweet. After all we’re currently killing arts and regional arts in this country. We scraping pennies a week off people living hand to mouth. We’re forcing the unemployed to do worthless jobs that add no income to the economy.

Yet we are subsidising a film that will be made anyway. Whose employment will be temporary.

Govt increasingly delights in the power of its own patronage. With a compliant media and academia it’s closer to a form of Stalinism than actual Capitalism or anything approaching a fair society based on merit.

The bankrupt city of Detroit tried to become a film mecca how is that working out?

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