Jan 13

Policy in the UK is now formed by trying to say something to appeal to voters primed by the Establishment media. This is as true of the so called Opposition as the so called Coalition Govt. Essentially policy is played by appealing to reactionary elements like myself in marginal constituencies unlike myself.

Thus the Conservative Home Secretary and Prime Minister proposed 2 of the window lickingist stupid policies ever – ever is meant literally there. Making Blair’s drag people to a cash machine and fine them on the spot look like the ‘Rope A Dope’ of political ideas. The first was a suggestion that to correct purely a silly target for net migration we should drive foreign recently graduated people to the airport and kick them out by Theresa May – an idea of such deep idiocy even George Osborne had to rule it out. This was then topped by David Cameron’s suggestion we ban encryption that the security services cannot break.

It’s frightening that MI5 asked for that. Computer Science is a plus in the UK and this would have been another really stupid policy that destroyed business who could no longer protect themselves and would have to go offshore. Do MI5 so little understand computing they would ask for that? That is probably why these frozen pole lickers want ever expanding databases as they have no practical ideas to combat people who would do harm?

It does leave you wondering if the UK can survive with a governing class drawn from people who demonstrated extreme conformism when entering Oxford and Cambridge at 18. Not to mention how much power MI5 has got by allowing paedophiles to serve in the Govt.

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Jan 20

Why are GCHQ collecting every piece of info they can on everyone they can? Apparently it is to protect us from Paedophiles, Terrorists & Drug Dealers. When Terrorists did not work they added Paedophiles and what the heck drug dealers.

Yet what do MI5 do when a senior member of a Govt or past Govt is exposed as a Paedophile? They cover up. What do they do when terrorists and drug dealers are facilitated by a leading Bank? Nothing. When Paedophiles are discovered in tax haven Jersey what do they do? Rapidly close the investigation and block foreign journalists from going there. The point is whatever reasons the State/Govt/Establishment does not find this behaviour abhorrent.

Do you really share the values of your State? Does the UK share yours? Whatever they say and whatever number of poor people are killed or locked up in the Wars on Terror or Drugs do ‘they’ really want either to end? To have their budgets reduced? To restore the freedom they claimed to need to take to keep us safe from an occasional threat?

Make no mistake Western Govts have never granted freedom willingly. Equality issues which has become their Fig Leaf but that has taken years of campaigning and as the risible Obama’s volte farce on Gay Marriage showed only voter power led him there.

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Oct 23

There is currently a Select Committe inquiry into why a documentary on Jimmy Savile was shelved and what he may or may not have done at the BBC. It’s all designed to miss the point. Indeed as said here before surely Police and Govt have greater questions to answer in relation to the Jersey Care Home scandal that Savile frequented. That investigation has resulted in what? At least the BBC to a degree are sorry as they self immolate even if a few opt for their own life raft.

Select Committee inquiries tend to lead to other pointless inquiries such as:-

  • Leveson where the Police and Political corruption is subsumed into a witch hunt against Rebekah Brooks and her droogs. You’d never think 9 years ago Brooks told MPs the Police were corrupt and she paid them.

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Mar 02

It’s an interesting thing the nature of modern infamy and mass hatred.

Mel Gibson’s continual drunken rages at Jews and ‘Niggers’  have made him a pariah and rightly so. He was actually given a 2nd chance after abusing an officer of the law laughably blaming the Jews for everything that goes wrong in the world! Continue reading »

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Apr 13

As much as yesterday I hated to say that the witch hunt against 3 MPs was worthless today is worse. I have to say that the idea of Chris Hitchens and Richard Dawkins that we should have the Pope arrested as a facilitator for child molesters and an obstructer of justice is not workable even if his guilt is likely.

It’s good that it gets the facts out that the Pope is likely a criminal and that many in the Roman Catholic church have molested and continue to molest children. It’s good that the assumption made by religious people that their religion configures positive properties on  themselves is shown as faux and woefully faux. It’s just impractical and wrong to act like Team UK World Police. These people should be left in their own country to be tried. Countries who believe in justice should put up barriers to mass murderers and the likes of the Pope. These people should not be allowed entry to decent countries in much the same way the UK denies access to racists from Holland and the USA.

I just do not see the likes of the ICC and other international courts as achieving anything. Sure it ‘s nice that Karadzic and Milosevic end their days in a prison but it brings no one back. It excuses the people and blames a single figure which is laughable. Guilt should be felt by all Croatians and Serbians who did not resist in these cases. They should try their own leaders and ex-leaders or be excluded from the international community. Instead we give them a sop hand over a few guys and carry on and join our capitalist sphere of influence without taking any steps as penance.

It’s a function of the modern media age that people obsess on the actions of individuals and excuse the people who carry out orders and support that hierarchy. The SS was not the alibi of a nation. Saddam is not the excuse of Ba’athist ministers and acolytes. Mugabe is not the excuse of ZANU PF. Trying one guy at the top is no more justice than Court Martialing the trash from Abu Ghraib. This kind of international justice will always be arbitrary and brings no one back, changes no past and changes no behaviour. Seriously arrest and lock the Pope up, as he personally deserves, and the rape and cover up will continue – however that is a matter for the German and Italian authorities who have allowed his crimes to go unpunished.

Domestically we should demand the: Catholic church sincerely apologise: hand over evidence it has: ask its priests to confess as they should under their own religious convictions. The sanction should be that otherwise they will not receive any state licenses for schools, agencies, charities etc i.e. we should not tell Catholics not to keep their faith but the operations of the Church as a business institution that require state support or licensing be removed, any charitable status taken away from them.

It does amaze me in a country that turns into a rabble at mention of paedophilia an organisation like the Catholic church is allowed to operate unrestricted and indeed it has some effect on Govt policy on adoption and gay rights, absolutely stunning.

Worst though it is wrong from Brown to rule out private writs and prosecutions to prevent arrests. He should take the hint and stop inviting murderers and other criminals here. Then we would not be faced with arresting people to have to release them as it’s not in the public interest to try them. Like Clegg and Cameron over legal aid yesterday Brown would throw any amount of babies out with bath water to make a cheap electoral point.

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