Jul 13

Given the extraordinary amount of documents he has and their sensitivity, I pointed out in the interview that it is incredibly foolish for the US government to force him to remain in Russia. From the perspective of the US government and the purported concerns about him being in Russia, that makes zero sense given the documents he has.
Glenn Greenwald

You have to wonder if the Obama Regime is overly fixated on rhetoric and winning PR battles? Maybe because in actuality beyond some policy issues in reality those in elected Govt are not governing. They just play games for donations and posts for self enrichment. Take Ambassadorships which are essentially given to donors to the Regime. The goals of Administration et al could thus appear self enrichment because they do not have the debates they claim to want nor do they do anything sensible with a goal in mind bar screaming bullying rhetoric.

You could take an even more negative view that they are like the playground bullies trying to win anyway they can without regard for what they are doing or how they are doing it. What winning constitutes is measured by polls not the reality of national security and their programs.

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Jul 03

Morsi and Erdogan probably would argue they had a democratic mandate.

Justin Webb argued that the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) upholding the Constitution over Bill Clinton’s Defence of Marriage Act (DOMA) was undemocratic. I had made the point that as things stand the UK is as good (or bad) as the US with or without a constitution and rights. Am I now defending that constitution over not having one? Continue reading »

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Jun 22

You have nothing to fear if you’ve nothing to hide
Joseph Goebbels

Goebbels commitment to the philosophy of free states has been paraded directly by William Hague and the Obama Administration. Sadly because of the servility of the UK populace and media not a lot is said here bar Glenn Greenwald pieces in the Guardian. Hence the concentration on the continuing lies and downright ridiculous parallel universe comments of spokesmen for the Obama Regime. The latest laugh a minute was from regime spokesman Obama himself. Apparently ordinary people have nothing to fear from this million strong army of contractors and spooks having access to their details. After all no one flakey as they paint this Snowden guy would ever get hold of it.

Obama’s ordinary people one can say for certain does not include defense lawyers in cases against the Govt or defending O’s torture victims in Gitmo. It does not include probably all Muslims who communicate to the middle east or is that all Muslims? It does not include anyone who sends encrypted emails (like I do from work!). It does not include people who object to the stealing of our savings, jobs and lives of our children by The City/Wall Street and join the Occupy movement. It does not include people who want to fight not to be poisoned and impoverished by the environment. It probably does not include anyone who stands for election above State Senator. It certainly would not include those nasty people who use open source software without back doors for the intelligence services to exploit. It does not include the other 6.7 Bn people on the planet.

Obama’s ordinary people really are ordinary I guess, boring conformist mother fuckers even. Ironically he’d not be included. He was eavesdropped on when he purported dangerous reactionary and clearly stupid ideas like not going to war for no reason.

The Hague doctrine is you have your freedom as long as you don’t use it for something I [Hague] would not agree with.

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