Mar 06

The sheer futility of blogging and not being linked to an organisation or ideology does grate. At the end of the day to not have my say even to a small audience and pretend doing nothing is no worse is a compliance with the Neo Liberal world of sick people like Obama, Cameron, Miliband and all.

We live in a world even in the US/UK where the US boasts of not listening to your voice messages but omits they watch your sexy webcam chats and categorise what percentage contain sex or nudity. Yes GCHQ on behalf of the NSA is filled with sticky carpets, wank booths and sick perverts. Do we call them Creeps now not Spooks?

The latest is the CIA spied on the people providing oversight of its equally wasteful and self defeating torture programs. Of course the people they probably have the goods on have suppressed this report and you and I won’t get to read it until all that is left of the Obama Administration is an eponymous library.

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Jan 18

2 stories grabbed me this week on the left.

In the UK a blogger made a big story out of a woman who was suspended from her job as some sort of Jobcentre clerk for telling someone to get a job or hang himself on facebook. She has been suspended and had her photo pinned up in newspapers. Quite why a ‘progressive’ web site would further shame a person who made a mistake and then claim some superiority to the tabloids and their demonisation of Immigrants and work shy. If you behave like a tabloid exploiting ordinary people to stoke anger and hate on a disproportionate scale then complain at Tabloids you’re a hypocrite?

In the US a guy tweeted he overheard a couple of spook types saying they wanted to kill Edward Snowden. Someone else asked why this person had not reported them as they had done about a similar view of Julien Assange. As though reporting people bloviating in public about something they will never do is not Stasi like behaviour? Thought crime even. I wonder if they even get their hypocrisy?

Angry righteousness stoking whilst sweating the small stuff?

My main point is this with Fracking, Climate, Torture camps, Kleptocracy, Bedroom tax, Bank funding, Corruption, NSA/GCHQ  and the surveillance state why would these stories make your top 100 things to discuss today?

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Oct 28

Foppish clown David Cameron had his status as a complete nonentity confirmed by the NSA. They have not and will not spy on him.

Goodnight Vienna.

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Aug 26

Here’s the thing the empty moron says the NSA has oversight and can track abuses.


It does not know what Edward Snowden accessed and copied (Stole if you are a 19th century person who cannot understand the idea of copying data).


How does it know anything about what 10s of 1000s of analysts many not working for the Govt but private companies desperate to get extra patronage look at?

It does not.

There is no effective oversight.


Surely the NSA if they’ve nothing to hide they’ve nothing to fear? Why do their spokespeople keep lying if that is the case?

Unless Feinstein and Obama have been lying then the NSA treats elected ‘leaders’ like spokespeople giving them the Mushroom treatment – keep em in the dark and give them shit. Neither Obama and Feinstein mind either way they have millions of reasons to support this nonsense that has nothing to do with terrorism. Indeed given how glib O’ has been lately on the subject he quite likes trolling for the establishment and does not mind being a Pin Cushion whose every statement is disproved before he finishes it.

It’s worse in the UK but our newspapers are self censoring and only concerned with being pimples on celebrity butts, Guardian excepted.

These days I am starting to say ‘They’ about ‘Them’.

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Aug 11

The idea that mass surveillance of the internet at vast cost and examining almost everything that is not piped movies* and other streams has anything to do with terrorism is clearly wrong.

The conceit is that this is a discussion of Freedom v Security. Yet law enforcement is more danger to the average American in America. Bee stings are. It’s unclear how this surveillance of Americans and allies helps and if there was even one example anyone think this most pragmatic of Administrations would not leak it? It leaked it could track al Quaeda communications last week** which would appear to be stupid to warn them!

There is no security issue here. The UK/US have more than enough laws to spy on the right people with minimal change in security. This is not about security but the rights of venal weak politicians to keep feeding parasitic corporations like BAE Systems, Booz Allen and General Dynamics and be fed back.

Worst for me is the idea that collecting vast troves of data will ever be helpful. Reliance on Big Data and phishing will make processes and procedures predictable – less better quality data wins every time.

The only discussion here is Freedom v Corporate Parasites’ Profits. It’s obvious who the Cameron Govt, GOP, ‘Crats et al favour and it’s the former.

* The Obama Administration’s claim of 1.6% of traffic laughable given what traffic is. Seriously anyone who considers the Administration anything but malevolent and mendacious can only be because it’s stupid, incompetent and knows less than Guardian readers.

** Shows how absurd and vengeful for being shown as a stooge for Big Weapons and NSA The Obama Administration is. An Administration that leaks classified and damaging top secret documents like they’re coupons for free fries claims telling people what is being done against them is spying for the enemy. As the chief spokesperson said “We don’t read your emails” again 2 providers of encrypted email closed down as the Jackboots of the NSA closed in. Again The Administration thinks it is talking to who? Morons?

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Jul 25

There has been no vote on the surveillance state even though GCHQ makes the NSA and their private contractors look like a model of restraint. Banks are free to help drug dealers and terrorists who their defenders then claim we are at war with! Now it emerges that criminal behaviour by Blue Chip companies is de rigueur and allowed. The point being there is no rule of law for the wealthy. Continue reading »

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Jul 10

I wish there was a big scandal about GCHQ info stealing but unlike the US we have even more reporting restrictions. We are the last to know. This does not mean the US public is better informed directly. After all the newspapers and principally New York Times and Washington Post have published biblical amounts of smear and innuendo at the NSA messengers. MSNBC is a wing of the Democratic Party by some accounts.

However the continual use of generalised smear does affect the consciousness of the masses. This leads to reactionary bigoted Govt who ignores facts to please ignorant voters on a few issues pushed by a lunatic fringe in the media. Thus the UK populace assumes that 31% of the population are immigrants! Or that unemployment benefit is more than pensions when next door to it it’s a drop in the ocean.

At least the US allows some discussion of the things voting has no effect on like spying on your own population and an authoritarian state. The British have effectively labeled all dissent as loony. Thus the US has a chance to reverse the perverse world the NSA and co would create.

Read the Times and you learn nothing read the risible Washington Post and at least you know what is not true. Read the Guardian and you’ll learn about the US but they are subject to a ‘D’ Notice here.

Politicians and Newspapers espousing Freedom don’t mean it. They work for each other not you.

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Jun 24

The NSA White House says 50 and more plots have been foiled specifically by their snooping programs that cost Billions. They can’t point to one conviction as a result of this. Not one.

Nor can William Hague and all those former Home Secretaries in the UK.  It is amazingly expensive and cannot produce one piece of evidence in its own defense. Having spent all this money of course the leaders will not claim its unnecessary*. The point being buffing up conventional intelligence and not relying on machines will be a better bang for the buck. At present cost per terrorist is likely infinite.

This is ‘clearly’ not about terrorism. As today in the UK we found out Special Branch moved from Trade Unions to the anti Racist and Climate Change movement. That’s produced no positive results either.

I am sure good people have stopped attacks like the New York subway attack through good intelligence. I am sure some people do valuable work. I am not damning Intelligence per se just having my own insulted.

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