Jun 04

I posted this on the website of Chris Skidmore MP who complained at foreigners being responsible for his Govt’s and the last’s mismanagement of the NHS – I assume it will fail vetting. I’d also draw your attention to FactCheck’s systematic taking apart of this argument.

Are you going to answer Channel 4 Factcheck which implies you’re wrong.

The Bns wasted on NHS PFI which you do nothing about, even though you have a golden opportunity to either charge Labour with fraud or mock them, is far worse. We could send away all immigrants and ask doctors not to treat people but the service would collapse as 30% of its staff are immigrants..

You talk of missing millions but if we mentioned 10s of Bns still being taken off savers/pensioner by low interest rates. MOD personnel procuring rubbish for brave soldiers from companies they would later work for, you say nothing. The QE funding for the rich. All do far more damage than even a few hundred million we can essentially do nothing about anyway. The Bns given to financiers via PFI (300Bn!!! over spend yet no one in jail. According to the Public Accounts Ccommittee 8% per annum when Govt can borrow at 4%)

As a Tory MP and parliamentarian you will be well aware there are people who take for themselves and parasite on the rest of us. I won’t speculate why you would push this issue above far bigger ones but I am sure others will draw a conclusion.

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May 06

I hate people who just say I don’t care. It’s a strategy not an opinion. No quicker way to win or avoid debate. So to last night’s local elections and their implications. I don’t care.

For all the conceit that the British will not turn to extremists we now have 4 very right wing parties 3 actively seen decrying foreigners (Liberals exempt). 3 Actively seeking to asset strip the health service (UKIP probably don’t have a clue yet but the smell of graft gets most of ’em).

Of course their economics are neither left wing or right wing all dictated by the prevailing economics which is guided by the need to create a stagnant entrenched [zombie] economy and to devalue the worth of the 99.9% who are not inside to benefit the remainder. It does not matter which of these 4 parties you vote for whether they blame each other, Europe, migrants etc they do not challenge what is actually happening.

If you think you now have a 4th brand of salt that is somehow saltier than the other 3 then good luck but I double dare you to say there is more of a difference in execution of the same moronic plan.

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Apr 22

On the face of it it is a triviality that George Osborne would sponsor Ed Balls. That it flies in the face of the hatred and bile supporters of the red brand throw at the blue brand says something to me. You may think your brand of politics is better but don’t pretend your leaders are much different in values to their opponents you hate so vehemently. Don’t come with your red rose mugs and expect those of us beyond these grim parties of the born rich to appreciate your populist ingratiating diatribes against the big blue devil.

Indeed today brings news after wasting £300 Bn we are told through mere incompetence not criminality (!) Ed Miliband intends more massive NHS ‘reform’. The last one cost at least 20,000 lives, according to Govt figures, not counting the super-bug costs nor the numbers PFI deals will consign to an early coffin. Nor what effect this will have after the brutal asset stripping of Jeremy Hunt.

Indeed surely the cheapest way to provide health care is on the basis of clinical need. Remove these vast bureaucracies and profit centres and use waiting lists to shift priority on a medical basis. This is cheapest and is not supported by Labour or Conservative as of course there is no: graft: need for reform: chance for political interference when things are done by medical need.

Seriously Labour and Tory fans you support parties whose leaders so easily mingle with opponents you hate. Are you stupid or insane?

They don’t represent us or you.

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Mar 21

Ask a Man United fan why they support the team and they will cite many true things about United. United fans may have a point but those who support political parties don’t. Football fandom may have more differences than the current Punch and Punch show in the Commons. Continue reading »

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Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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Sep 05

Let’s be clear austerity policies and the continued hounding of the disabled and unemployed to get jobs that are not there is a stain on this Govt. It will cost more than it saves even before the toll of suicides and broken people is included. That the Tories, for it is their ministers largely responsible, are doing this to sound tough at conference is lamentable. That they have merely continued the policies of Labour and their former pets ATOS and A4E merely reflects the lack of mainstream choice we face in our better than nothing democracy. Continue reading »

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Mar 03

I’ve no doubt that there are serious issues that will affect the lives of many in the Health Bill. Yet I can’t help feeling it’s more about the obfuscation of Westminster.  Continue reading »

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Jan 30

So Stephen Hester’s bonus has gone the way of our money thrown at the banks by Darling and Brown. In a way I have no sympathy and frankly assume he’ll be OK!  Continue reading »

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Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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Oct 17

I know I have sent Liberal Americans vile views of President Barry Drone Strike and I have shouted down all attempts to talk up Labour as though the 13 years of Govt that recently ended were an aberration. However others would say that those politicians whilst merely incompetent were working within the bounds of the possible in our frozen systems of Govt given a nihilistic press run by rich people who don’t care how poor the common man is.

Thus the answer to what can we expect from a Capitalist society is now a dawning one. What can we expect our politicians to do in the mire of vested interests and impenetrable contradictory rhetoric. Certainly not what the Baby Boomers granted themselves leaving us with the tab. I think it’s no accident politicians suddenly appear who at least are not of the generation of the self indulgent self interested like Gordon Brown was.

Certainly the UK would be in marginally better shape without Brown’s malevolent influence over the last 13 years. However it’s doubtful the levels of Private Debt would be much different. It’s also true that we would not be much more productive and unemployment would likely be higher. We would still be trying to get students to pay for their unemployment by being at Universities doing courses not worth the money for a qualification whose import into their lives is more an admission fee than accomplishment.

So what can we expect? Work to 70. Low basic pensions. Means testing. Less free bus travel. Low rates of Benefit when unemployed. Higher thresholds to qualify for incapacity benefit. Top Up Fees for health. Fuel Poverty. Higher taxes to pay off the Baby Boomer debt. Greater ghettoisation as the only people to have kids are those rich or so poor they have nothing to lose. A greater and hence more reactionary lower middle class.

The nightmare is that unless you earn well above average income any benefits you get from income will likely be eroded by taxes and fees to pay for Health and Education – the direction is clear sadly whatever the current rhetoric, we will try to make public services cheaper and the next step is…. see further Education. Really what we are seeing is an increase in the poorer classes as rich countries rich people have no attachment to locality and can feed off the world regardless of whether we can afford good houses, new cars, 5 TVs etc etc. Certainly no safety net if our genetics or immune system or luck fails us.

Would this put Capitalism in question? Probably not in an X Factor obsessed nation like Britain with incompetence as a necessary qualification to be the General Secretary of a Trade Union or a Shadow Chancellor. However ask that question if France or Greece or Italy tried to do Osbornesque cuts.

This is the challenge for the non Marxist Left in a world of debt how to pay it back and create sustainable public services in a modern Capitalist Society. The best chance to have done so was 8 years ago. We may never have that chance again and so please keep praise for Labour’s achievements measured and condemnatory of the Cost. That cost is to be measured in a decline to the lives of 60 million people over the next 10 years at least. That would have happened even without Osborne.

We can all smell the coffee we just won’t be able to afford to taste it  as things stand.

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