Apr 06

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Mar 23

I guess beauty contest organisers think they are somehow being modern and not body fascist by having a 17 year old who is a size 16 in the final of Miss England. It of course totally misses the point that using women as mere objects to be ogled is the bigger problem to critics. Personally I do not care either way if these contests happen or do not happen. I don’t care if men are judged similarly.

Frankly this is a stunt as beauty contests once prime time TV are now as popular as Leeds United. A few devotees, a few with strong feelings the other way and mass indifference.

Personally I would love to write pieces on the riveting election debate encompassing the real issues of: declining wages: debt: interest rates:  the paradigm shift needed in Western capitalism to face the reality of our peaked power: caring for the elderly as we get poorer and the non working age population rises precipitously (i.e. the need for immigration morons): the need to actually produce some goods and not leech off others: education not qualification obsession: Wars: etc!

However since none of those things are being mentioned in a moribund election debate it’s more excusable that the best selling Sunday led on some dead nonentities mother snorting cocaine. Next Sunday’s News of the World headline will reveal it’s Sunday apparently.

We are a nation of Neros.

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