Jun 20

Will it make it easier on you now
You got someone to blame
U2 One

It’s said by some that Socialists eventually run out of other people’s money. With neo Liberalism it’s might be people to blame – if that is possible.

Its central construct is that all taxes and debts are the responsibility of taxpayers. The problem with this construct is it requires low interest rates to support the resulting debt mountain caused by transferring assets/subsidies to and inflating assets of the wealthy and debt to the populace. It requires Govt to cut back everything else to take on more debt from companies.

Thus with no solution since taxing the wealthy and rentier incomes not wage earners would be as anathema as it would be good Capitalism we have to blame someone and subject them to below normal standards of humanity, as after all it is their fault. Hence the unemployed who receive £2.4 Bn in Job Seekers Allowance are targeted when RBS gets that every year just in direct subsidy. There is talk of the health service not treating people who [over] consume legal products like cigarettes and foods designed to make you over eat.

In Europe the Greeks are targeted because after being imposed an unworkable deal, as the sane members of the IMF accept and the insane Lagarde does not, their economy is tanking. Europe seems to want them on a drip feed so they can never grow. This will of course involve selling off their assets cheap to the Wealthy and turning public services into a stream of income for German pension funds. Now because their debt has been nationalised by ECB and EU Govts they are subject to the political whims of economic illiterates who get elected pimping people to blame! For all the talk of Game Theory by Greece the only people using Game Theory here are the neo Liberals.

After the Greeks it will be Italy and Spain. Maybe the worry is if Greece gets a sustainable path they will want one too not one that ultimately leads to subjugation. Equally it could be any perceived positive for Greece will lead to the election of Govt’s less committed to blaming their own people and delivering the anodyne world for the majority that Christine Lagarde, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair see as so desirable. The end result will be poverty the norm but if you join voluntary work camps you’ll get a bowl of rice after all your poverty is your fault. Conservatives go along with this nonsense too I think partly because it is veiled in the language of The Market and involves hating on the poor but also because for all the bluster and fibs they love to run all powerful States too.

Of course as said the neo Liberal world will be all about equality and as long as you’re not poor or a woman you’ll be OK or enough of you to vote correctly any rates.

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Mar 01

So one of Osborne’s mates is on crack and cracks on prostitutes. No wonder the latest idea is to hand builders money if first time buyers buy a property. It’s to be sold as a subsidy to the buyer but that is bunk. One way builders found round mortgage rules was to sell houses for 80% asking price and then a 100% mortgage became 80% on paper. This is therefore somewhere between gerrymandering and fraud.

Either way just another example of how neo Liberals use the state for their own purpose be they Brown or Osborne.

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Jan 25

A sobering week in which the UK’s ruling elite tried to subtly differentiate themselves from the Saudis. Not because they wanted to but because despite the press largely being apologists for the Saudis there is only so much lipstick on pigs will achieve. Thus meaningless clown Prince Charles is dispatched to the funeral of a man who the last 3 Govts have fawned over to buy weapons*.

Believers in freedom will note how our leaders fawn all over a vile country which represents values they mendaciously claim to despise. They claim to be appalled by the ultimate expressions of Saudi ideology in the likes of IS and Boko Haran whilst supporting it! They throw our troops to pretend to fight this ‘threat’ when all that matters is the Black Gold. Such slaves are they to Saudi they choke off attempts to move away from Oil as a fuel.

The neo Liberals (Lib Lab Con) go even further and use a terrorist threat that is a byproduct of their support for Saudi to bring in the kind of authoritarian society they desire here by trying for Saudi internet policies.

* How in hock is US Govt sending POTUS? This after their surrender following 9-11 by removing their bases from Saudi and starting wars as bin Laden asked them. Or maybe Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron should be there in reality. Netanyahu can’t go but sure he’ll be there in spirit with his allies at this time of loss.

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Dec 07

A lot of people who witter about free market economics are hypocrites who support big corporations. Indeed the UK Govt which has on both sides of the house preached a ‘market’ line for 25 years now is happy to subsidise foreign owned corporates to run the NHS, Utilities and Nuclear Power Stations. In the US we see businesses like Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Verizon and Apple happily act as agencies of Govt. Boeing Lockheed Martin Booz Allen etc also. There is no difference between a private sector agency or monopoly able to write its own cheques than a Govt one.

Except even in this neo Liberal world some form of democratic control is available to the people however improperly done. Or at least the opportunity is there. All that outsourcing does is make change harder. Take the Germans who after Fukushima moved away from nuclear power only to be sued by an outsourced nuclear industry. In the UK it’s hard to believe the Govt funded Shale Gas industry would even bother but for funding and being allowed to dump infrastructure costs on the populace. It’s hard to believe any Govt agency suffering from minimal electoral reality would conduct such an open fraud in its own name. The magic panacea of saying it’s private investment no matter how little truth in that excuses Govt and delays corrective action.

The State’s power is rising and it will continue to rise and centralise regardless of how outsourced the state is. Clearly all that changes is the cash amounts in Ministers back pockets and jobs on leaving Govt. The concentration of wealth and power and the desire of the wealthy for a stable rentier income is the issue whatever size state you believe in.

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Jun 12

This is not to decry the work of people who try to change things nor to poo poo their work. A lot of good can come from charitable works. I am talking here specifically about the hypocrites like William Hague and Gordon Brown who attach themselves like blood sucking leeches to campaigns and undermine them or for whom their support is hypocrisy defined.  Continue reading »

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Dec 02

It’s getting hard to see the obsession anymore with sexual choice. Of course we’re all wired to have sexuality but what other people’s is should in many ways unless they are the object of our desire be a profoundly redundant question.

Labour fan types are so quick to come out and be seen to comment and compliment someone for saying what the object of their desire is.  My questions to these Neo Libs of the Labour Party and you are for all your denials Neo Liberal. Why do you have to comment? You support bigotry and tough policies on the poor. You support the economics of Austerity. You support moronic Immigration policies. You support a race to the bottom on benefits. You support the subsidy of big business. You support nationalising debt and subsidising risk for banks and large corporates. You support Corporatism. Yet you think being nice about the largely inconsequential preferences of a celebrity mean jack.

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Jun 11

David Cameron expressed some sympathy with the Obama Administration over the inability to plug the leaking floor in the Gulf of Mexico. Clearly whatever he says in public is not about alaying fears at home but laying the ground work not to show up the savant bully – as discussed on Israel it’s not usual for the Obama Administration to be 2 faced and allowed harsh rhetoric hurts nobody but people sensitive to stupidity. Attacking the US with words is largely futile especially with an administration which clearly has no agenda bar today’s headlines. Plus Cameron has bigger fish to fry like getting out of the neo Con and now worse neo Liberal mess that is Afghanistan. Cameron has this right play the long game and treat the Obama Administration like an angry 13 year old with a gun is what sensible people do – patronise them publicly and privately pity them.

Despite the drilling operation being a joint operation with several US companies, BP being listed in London but fundamentally a US company (by employees and tax yield being 2 UK to 5 to 6 US and more) and the obvious fact no one wants this to continue happening. Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration insist on calling BP “British Petroleum” a name it has not used for 12 years. Nancy apparently regales everyone with how she met Cassius Clay once.

It’s hard through the fog of the rapid tabloid British press to tell whether the Obama Administration and their 3rd most powerful person [Pelosi] are merely playing silly games shouting out rude names. Certainly the footage of Ms Pelosi’s smoke blowing would make her seem a natural leader of New Labour. However continually throwing British out as a pejorative rather undermines the change has come to Washington message. Indeed if change has come it’s for the worse now rather than just reactionary policy and inflammatory rhetoric but we get child like insults to boot.

For me it is refreshing as in the UK we are brought up with this nonsense that as we buy their TV shows and they speak the same language the US is anything more to us than Russia. The truth clearly is different and for no other reason than exasperation at their own inadequacy the Obama Administration are shouting out rude names the rudest of which is British.

Whatever the costs and benefits domestically of a slightly less right wing Capitalist Govt from abroad the US is still a dangerous reactionary giant. Whereas Bush and the neo Cons had some ideological and religious zeal this has been replaced by the liberal politicians desperate egotism to think they can change things they do not like with the weaponry of the state.

As for Britain. As Mastercard would put it Cost of Iraq 10s Billions 10s of soldier’s lives, Cost of Afghanistan 10s of Billions 100s of soldier’s lives, cost of sub prime debt crisis from the US 100 of Billions,  not to matter to the USA in the future, priceless.

Time to wake up and sniff the aroma of freshly brewed tea and it’s a lovely refreshing drink with no bitterness.

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