Jun 11

The so called traitor Snowden comes from a family background of public service which I think is interesting. Whilst he himself is as he says completely irrelevant it does talk to the disconnect between what we think of as a public servant and the chiseling creeps in all branches of the Govt and their Corporate backers in the US and UK and many other places.

People with a public service ethic like Snowden are anathema to Pelosi, Obama and Feinstein and the rest of the oh so moral when they’re not in charge money grabbing free loaders.  For people who would not give up 1 nickel of their own money to help someone they must fear sacrifice and duty more than anything. No wonder Bazza, Di’ and Nanc’ irrationally use labels like traitor. A traitor to their cause of self enrichment undoubtedly. There may even be polite dinner parties that Barry won’t get invited to once he leaves power. That is just too bad I guess.

Snowden and Manning are clearly not traitors whether you agree with what they did or not.

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Dec 23

Some miss the Obama Administration’s greatness from this side of the pond. Here its greatness appears to be in what Obama is not and what his election being of recent Kenyan descent meant to self congratulatory Liberals and racist scum.

Plus: he’s not a Republican:he says nice things about gay people and is correct on issues of gay and female rights especially rape which many ‘licans seem to be unable to agree is 100% wrong, period:  he will appoint a series of nice people who take a similar line to the Supreme Court.

What more do you want?  Continue reading »

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Apr 04

Mitt Romney looks like being the ‘runner up’ in the Presidential race. No doubt the ‘crats will crat-like make every inch he gains in the Polls seem a mile so that people sickened by Pelosi’s Representatives’ naked greed or Obama’s depraved lunatic (or weak man who can’t stop anything) feel they have to begrudgingly put a tick or crush a chad or whatever next to the name of a greedy pork barrel rich Democrat – as opposed to a greedy pork barrel rich Republican. Continue reading »

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Jun 11

David Cameron expressed some sympathy with the Obama Administration over the inability to plug the leaking floor in the Gulf of Mexico. Clearly whatever he says in public is not about alaying fears at home but laying the ground work not to show up the savant bully – as discussed on Israel it’s not usual for the Obama Administration to be 2 faced and allowed harsh rhetoric hurts nobody but people sensitive to stupidity. Attacking the US with words is largely futile especially with an administration which clearly has no agenda bar today’s headlines. Plus Cameron has bigger fish to fry like getting out of the neo Con and now worse neo Liberal mess that is Afghanistan. Cameron has this right play the long game and treat the Obama Administration like an angry 13 year old with a gun is what sensible people do – patronise them publicly and privately pity them.

Despite the drilling operation being a joint operation with several US companies, BP being listed in London but fundamentally a US company (by employees and tax yield being 2 UK to 5 to 6 US and more) and the obvious fact no one wants this to continue happening. Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration insist on calling BP “British Petroleum” a name it has not used for 12 years. Nancy apparently regales everyone with how she met Cassius Clay once.

It’s hard through the fog of the rapid tabloid British press to tell whether the Obama Administration and their 3rd most powerful person [Pelosi] are merely playing silly games shouting out rude names. Certainly the footage of Ms Pelosi’s smoke blowing would make her seem a natural leader of New Labour. However continually throwing British out as a pejorative rather undermines the change has come to Washington message. Indeed if change has come it’s for the worse now rather than just reactionary policy and inflammatory rhetoric but we get child like insults to boot.

For me it is refreshing as in the UK we are brought up with this nonsense that as we buy their TV shows and they speak the same language the US is anything more to us than Russia. The truth clearly is different and for no other reason than exasperation at their own inadequacy the Obama Administration are shouting out rude names the rudest of which is British.

Whatever the costs and benefits domestically of a slightly less right wing Capitalist Govt from abroad the US is still a dangerous reactionary giant. Whereas Bush and the neo Cons had some ideological and religious zeal this has been replaced by the liberal politicians desperate egotism to think they can change things they do not like with the weaponry of the state.

As for Britain. As Mastercard would put it Cost of Iraq 10s Billions 10s of soldier’s lives, Cost of Afghanistan 10s of Billions 100s of soldier’s lives, cost of sub prime debt crisis from the US 100 of Billions,  not to matter to the USA in the future, priceless.

Time to wake up and sniff the aroma of freshly brewed tea and it’s a lovely refreshing drink with no bitterness.

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Jun 03

It was a point I used to make to US friends of mine what will Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats do if they achieve power? All their statements were rhetoric. They were not thought out responses with depth just polarising and highlighting points. The result is that all we see from them now is pitiable pork barrel obsessions and self aggrandisment as they slip to a likely quick defeat. Their only call left on their voters is that they are not the other side. That they are the lesser of two evils and by a diminishing fag paper. The other side without the religious fundamentalism. At least the Tea Party fruit cakes stand for something!

In the UK thanks to the unpopularity of the Tory party, favourable public finances and an electoral system that allowed it Labour stayed 13 years. 13 witless incomprehensible years with no defined end point and the human rights barrier taken below even our dirty war levels in Ulster in the 70s. Even freed by defeat they have learned nothing. Every comment is information free. Every position shallow and more to highlight a potentially unpopular Govt position – might be more forgivable if they were not doing this when supposedly in power.

A great example is Ed Miliband one of the pompous self serving knobs who is standing for the leadership said he agreed with Harman that half the Shadow Cabinet should be women.  This would highlight the lack of women in the actual Cabinet and would serve what positive purpose? It’s not a position about achieving anything? It means you cannot say you have the most talented people in the best positions. It demeans women for starters. It is entirely a one liner producing device to try to polarise what is not in the public a big deal. Indeed it seems aimed at appealing to part of the Labour Party if it appeals to anyone. However I doubt it even means that. It is reactionary to the Cameron cabinet and stupid to boot.

It’s hard with no woman likely to actually contest the leadership to believe that anyone is claiming Labour’s women have the talent and experience for this yet – Abbot may be standing but has never been in the Cabinet and has as much chance of 33 nominations as Caroline Flint who is not standing. That is essentially Cameron’s problem he has brought in more women MPs but few will have the experience yet. Women will rise organically as more of our MPs become women and one hopes the parties continue those efforts but to gerrymander them into top positions for a rhetorical advantage is pathetic.

Other reasons why Ed Miliband thinks his patronising sexism  I cannot come up with. It’s against the law as well. I guess lil’ Ed’s motto is “Say anything. Do nothing” which is fitting for the New Labour Party.

Of course as Ms Flint said a cabinet run by his man Brown treated women as window dressing. Now wee Eddie has reduced them to rhetorical devices to get one up in the leadership race. Labour does not have enough talent or MPs to play silly games but it’s the habit of 13 years of pointless power and unlikely to stop now.

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Feb 13

Kim Howells chairman of another body ironically named with Intelligence in its title, ISC,  claims there has been no Torture cover up. I’d say not a good one but good enough that some people like himself and Miliband know less than anyone who reads a half decent newspaper and has done so since 2001.

The simple one liner is this. We claim to have an intimate close relationship with the CIA yet we somehow were unaware and not complicit in Torture, Rendition and Water-Boarding.

Either Howells and the intelligence services are incompetent, stupid or think we are. Probably a bit of all 3.

Actually there has been no cover up in the USA Cheney and Rumsfeld clearly let their British chums and anyone who read a newspaper know what was going on. Only Nancy Pelosi, David Miliband, Kim Howells, MI6 and MI5 claim to have missed Guantanamo and Rendition even if we sort of admitted complicity in Rendition (we changed our regs and the Govt minister said it could no longer happen without denying how helpful ‘our guys’ had been).

Their own documents show they were well aware of CIA depravity as early as January 2002 as reported in the Guardian:-

However, the ISC’s members were already fully aware that the American authorities were mistreating terrorism suspects at the time Mohamed was being interrogated. In a report published two years earlier, the committee made clear that it knew the mistreatment was happening as early as January 2002

Mr Howells is right there has been no cover up just denials from the top. Really what planet are Miliband, Howells, MI5 and MI6 living on?

Denial is clearly an ethos in the Brown Govt and it seems to extend to lying to themselves a lot.

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