Jul 20

My point the other day explicitly is what is Israel’s motivation for a peace deal? Its enemies are ineffective but supply lovely lovely rhetoric and someone even if not Hamas or Fatah is bound to do something nasty to ‘justify’ killing lots of people and infrastructure. Their settlements grow unchecked and who with a brain thinks that everyone Israeli is moving back inside the walls at some future date or back to 1967’s borders? Isolation may not work but it’s at least not complicity with what is happening. Continue reading »

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Aug 30

I can’t help feel that the Commons’ vote on Syria was nothing to do with the issues of how we respond to the Assad regime using the weapons we in the west sold them. Nor to do with the genuine realisation that whatever permission the UK/US/France are given they will interpret it and over step and leave a worse mess as they have consistently done.  Nor was it about the absurdity of a POTUS who kills people who are no direct threat for reasons of PR – to be seen fighting the enemy he supports in Syria.

There are genuine issues and frankly given we don’t want to bomb chemical dumps nor support the rebels frankly I could support the killing/arrest of Assad and the raising of indictments to the ICC for senior generals and members of the Regime (not supported by the Americans who demand immunity for the 1000s they’ve killed).

Here is the only salient fact if we think chemical weapons should never be used, except of course to increase freedom by Israel and the US, then stop selling them in the first place.

The worst though are the people who try to send it to the UN to back stop their inadequacy. It’s an abdication of responsibility to a body that is powerless. Those who want military action and those who don’t at least have a pair.

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Jul 19

By most accounts Samantha Power is smarter than most of us by a considerable way. It would be like a normal football fan trying to shout down Gary Neville to argue with her in private. In public she just told a bunch of Senators what they want to hear so she can have a job pushing policies she must know to often be absurd. She is trying to be a US UN Ambassador.

US foreign policy’s produced a lexicon binding enemies with labels and language and rhetoric. Does Samantha Power really believe Israel is a victim and of whom? Yes some criticism excessive and hypocritical after all who believes in human rights anymore? What good will she do bounded by the ridiculous strictures of  The Story America tells itself? Venal? Similarly John Kerry is talking about more Palestinian Israeli peace talks whilst both sides leaders no doubt go hell if you keep bribing us we’ll keep pretending you are doing a real job jerk off. Kerry doesn’t even need the bread.

As one Rolling Stone cover has shown many in the US establishment can’t face any other version of the truth other than their own vocabulary of real but mostly imagined pure victimhood. It’s sad when intelligent people are so desperate to join them at the trough they will not challenge a self perpetuating orthodoxy they know to be damaging rubbish.

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Jul 16

George Zimmerman the real issue is how someone self selected can be a vigilante with a gun quite legally. This can be confounded by really stupid ‘Stan Your Ground’ laws. Everything here stems from the rights of Zimmerman to have a gun and be in any way validated to stalk/harass people. Plenty of people of all races have died from these silly laws. It might have been a bigot’s motivation his being there with a gun and a right to pick a fight he could end with his gun. You can’t simply change the Zimmerman’s of this world with their irrational beliefs – after all a majority of his countrymen believe in G-O-D. You can change gun laws.

When Jean Charles de Menezes was executed for being a suspected Muslim in no position to defend himself or even do the things that the Police officers would claim as a fig leaf there was no trial. CCTV that is inescapable for the rest of us suddenly does not work we’re told. Mercifully in the UK shooting is not that common an occurrence nor can everyone can elect themselves Police Marksmen.

Like the author of de Menezes execution, Cressida Dick, George Zimmerman someone will promote this sack of excrement. For sanctimonious Brits at least Zimmerman was tried and indeed he might be tried under Federal Law for violating rights. de Menezes executioner was never tried even when the excuses used for his killing were proved to be lies by the Police (indeed if the Police were so happy this was just an unfortunate accident why did they lie through their teeth?).

There’s no comeback from murder for the victim and sometimes not even for their families.

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Mar 01

You may decide that Bradley Manning’s abhorrence of the delight some US servicemen take in killing people is treason or supporting an enemy. However it is surely hard having heard his confession to work out why the Obama Administration oversaw and the President and Secretary of State Clinton personally endorsed his torture.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of US policy it’s hard to take them seriously as any better than their opponents when their ineffective torture program seems run for revenge more than to achieve any goal. That the torture and killing is the goal not anything else which funnily enough is what Manning decided and why he blew the whistle.


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Feb 25

Zero Dark 30 a CIA video whereby its laughably ineffective torture program is said to have helped find a now symbolic al Quada leader. To help film makers the CIA leaked information that would be far more sensitive than anything Bradley Manning, who has been tortured and locked up for a 1000 days, disclosed.

The Academy digested historians pointing out it was a laughable work of fiction on a subject that happened very recently. The Academy ran and voted Argo a film that also re-wrote history favourably for the CIA best Crap movie this year. As former President Carter noted, and I para phrase, the CIA are useless and the Canadians were responsible for the events in Argo. Personally I have no idea what sad wretches would want to see tedious historically inaccurate films that purport to be reality. Each to his own I guess.

Even 10 years after the US surrendered to al Quada by leaving Saudi Arabia and attacking the inconsequential Iraq and point-less Afghanistan they still try to grab a win for their countrymen. See any idiot can re-write history with a few facts.

Hollywood could not even give the correct price of Seabiscuit in a film what hope is there on something of more import than the cost of a bad kneed champion.

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Feb 12

The latest non scandal in England appears to be Ready Meals contain actual meat not the skin and tendon we would expect. In America people who once claimed to be Liberals are whining that others are saying that the Obama Administration is nothing more than a illiberal bunch of murderers because they believe in having people killed outside due process.

Both bought a load of shit they were told was something else. Anyone consuming a Findus Beef Lasagne probably does not know or frankly should not care if it has horse meat especially as horse meat is better in general than cheap cow. Similarly many US Liberals clearly don’t care if their President is a mass murderer and not Liberal at all. Their reaction on finding out is that it’s OK for Obama to personally authorise the murder of people. Those complaining mere pedants who read the label and think that matters.

Obama’s defenders make a distinction between the honest in terms of torture Bush and the greater authority of Obama. Apparently to ‘Crat obsessed fans who label themselves Liberal having a president who lies through his teeth about even his most basic beliefs like President O’  is all good. Indeed they further claim he is able to Minority Report style Pre-Cog imminent threats to the USA in people who cannot locate the country on the map.

President Obama and his administration are no worse than Stalin compiling lists of names on the basis of rumours and intelligence to kill or ship to Gulags. What remains of due process in the US and weak pinko public opinion probably stops him protecting more people by killing more people who are no threat.

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Nov 18

Savita Halappanavar’s tragic death is a reminder of the Dark Age laws of Ireland but also the power of a personal story. It can be hoped that Ireland brings in some modern laws on abortion as its economy heads to the 19th century with potentially the rest of Europe because it assumed the debts of a bank with the name Ireland in it.

Nonetheless it is quite bizarre that 1000s of deaths on the roads or in un-clean Foundation hospitals moves no one. Thousands of deaths and anarchy in countries we invaded moves no one. Soldiers beating and killing prisoners moves no one. That our main opposition party in the UK supported rendition and torture programs is inconsequential. It’s a further reminder that as Stalin purportedly said kill a person and it’s murder kill thousands and it’s a statistic.

The debt and austerity will kill far more people than even the ludicrous remnants of medieval superstition in Ireland.

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Aug 17

Is the murder of striking South African workers by the state any less vile because the Govt does not officially follow a racist creed like Apartheid?

The fact is the biggest problems facing the 99.9% of us are the other 0.1% whatever their or our race, creed or colour. Whether it’s P W Botha or Jacob Zuma who are ultimately responsible murder is still murder and the real crime racially aggravated or not.

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Jun 17

Sergeant Delroy Smellie who was acquitted by a judge last month on the grounds than in 7 seconds he could not determine that a woman probably 40% of his weight and a foot or more shorter had a carton of Orange or a very unusual non specific weapon. After all it could have been an odd shaped banana or something similarly frightening.

Now even more ridiculously without having to worry or give as much room for doubt the so called Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC pronounced Establishment Figures on Excessive Expenses) has determined that Mr Smellie should not be held to the same standards of behaviour as a normal human being – patronising, racist or what? It also ignores that Sergeant Smellie did not try to disarm his alleged assailant but to wound. His blows aimed at the legs to do damage and cause pain only.

Whether this is patronising towards Mr Smellie because he is only a policeman or some ethnic background I cannot say. However he is able to use the incompetence defence so beloved of the last Govt and it’s in house bottom feeders in the MOD, MI5 and MI6. Personally I expect the same standards of eyesight and observation in Policeman of normal people. Maybe I am too demanding of the poor clearly visually challenged people who the police recruit.

38 years after Bloody Sunday the establishment will still protect those it sends out to beat the poor up. Judges are still as contemptuous of the poor as Lords Denning, Lane and Widgerey men who are as discredited as Paul Gadd.

At least they only killed one person this time. I ‘cannot wait’ to see what they [sic] come up with to cover up beating a non protestor to death because he wanted to exercise his legal right of way – Offensie hairstyle? Objected to having his right of way illegally obstructed? Supported Millwall? Fat? Middle Aged? All death penalty offences in the right circumstances clearly so which one(s) will they choose?

BTW If I assault someone tomorrow and say I was only in the same room for 5 seconds and he was holding something so I felt threatened and hit him with a metal bar do you think I’ll get off?

BTW Lee Harvey Oswald bashed off 3 shots 2 accurate in 7 seconds.

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