Apr 04

She apologised sort of for something and at 30 grand a second Maria Miller shoved the middle finger up at everyone. No doubt as with drones and treating the whole populace as criminals she and her ilk will claim it is legal. It’s of course a nonsense. Legal as in the people who front whatever runs the country determine not to pursue it. They claim the massive fraud of the 2008 implosion was legal.

Argue about Snowden and the banana brains and shills are reduced to arguing what he did was illegal and what the Govt did was not. As though the law which is changed almost every day and relies on enforcement is an arbiter. It’s a fallacy based on Legal=Always Right and  Illegal=Always Wrong. Indeed that is preposterous as people who play head phones loudly on a tube prove, the fucking pricks. The fact is she claimed for a mortgage that allowed her to make a million quid for a home she did not live in. She’s a vile cunt and that stands whether she is a criminal or not as determined by her friends like the Justice Minister and the dumbest fuck ever Chris Grayling.

Maria Miller is a vacuous bag of greed and as with Baroness Warsi one wonders if her ministerial career as of all things Culture Secretary is down to the need to pretend women have careers at Westminster – Miller is a vulture not a culture vulture. As with Gordon Brown by sacking women of ideas to employ stupid minorities and women you merely perpetuate prejudice.

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Sep 29

Well at least some Labour gimmicks were aimed at actual problems. The Tory ones would appear to aim to create more problems.

  1. Help to Buy which is actually Help to Sell and imprison people in Debt. It makes no sense not even establishment economists are calling for more investment in a rentier society. A massive building program would make more sense from the country’s point of view but not Housing developers and Tories.
  2. Giving up on Human Rights Act. Apparently to keep us safe they will do this. They won’t stop penalising the poor or prosecute the city villains or the hospital managers and doctors or Labour’s PFI fraudsters who have killed thousands or make the country safe for cycling but will rip up Human Rights to save a few lives every year – no evidence ripping this act up will save anyone. This is surely indicative of the need for a police state to protect themselves and their backers when the cretinous point 1 blows up.
  3. HS2 why spend 50 Bn getting to Birmingham 15 minutes quicker when the daily commute not the inter  city is the real cause of misery. Of course it’s unfair to George Osborne he cannot give their pals as much as his mate Balls did via PFI but please George this is naked fraud.

Conference has not even started so expect an update…



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Aug 20

Let’s live in the nether world that garbage politicians have reinterpreted laws to the extent if I went to David Cameron’s fridge to put a drop more milk in my coffee I’d get 5 years for stealing. Let’s live in a nether world where might is right and William Hague is a human being not an authoritarian Quisling. It is after all the world of the UK celebrity pant sniffing media who only want the freedom to sniff Charlotte Church’s pants.

Detaining David Miranda for 9 hours is purely bullying. He had nothing to tell them and clearly was not a terrorist. The length of detention was within the scope to do differently even of those morons who do this kind of shit. Why show your country up as petty, stupid and vindictive? Why have laws that make Saudi feel better about itself? Then to just use them as a display of impotent power says what? Stupidity for its own sake?

However what was worse was to do this seemingly just to get hold of his hard drive. Were they going to return the information to the Americans who already have it? (as arch cretin Louise Mensch claimed!)  Had they not traced his phone calls etc already? Did they think by taking his data and destroying hard drives at the Guardian they were doing anything but showing Britain as a police state? A stupid one to boot. Those who support this idiocy miss that it served no good purpose other than to make Britain and them look like cretins.

Book burning makes sense compared to this.

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May 26

We had 1 attack in 8 years and that was not strictly speaking what the Yanks would call Terrorist – being an attack on a serving soldier they would deem it blowback plus it’s unclear who it would necessarily terrorise bar soldiers – terrorism IMO is aimed at civilians. Nonetheless the next day a plane is needlessly forced to land publicly.

As said before HSBC were caught laundering money for terrorists and drug dealers. Nothing was done about it. Clearly a few deaths and some onion in the hankie time is all Cameron and co really feel when push comes to shove. The aim is either to be populist and make a political point or to erode freedoms or because they are fundamentally stupid. Worse more legislation and snooping is a surrender to the terrorists and swivel eyed loons.

This week a tiger and dog killed 2 people. 100 women are killed by their partners. 1000s a year die un-necessarily in hospitals. Labour and Tory have done nothing about any of those things. Indeed they willfully ignore the latter 2 categories. Naturally the Red Salt lot via the authoritarian loons Johnson and Reid support more nonsense.

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May 25

On the same day Refuge were tweeting about the 2 women a week killed by violent partners a couple of morons killed a soldier. Personally it does not matter if the soldier killing was terrorism or not. After the blanket coverage of the first ball park Islamic Jihadi murder in 8 years one can see that novelty guides a press agenda.

Also the political agenda as this one sense-less and obviously disorganised murder led the PM and Home Secretary quivering and disheveled into emergency meeting about the imminent I have no idea what but you get the idea. As Simon Jenkins pointed out the leaders and newspapers caved and gave these motherfuckers and any now more likely to follow them exactly what they wanted.

Anyway give some money to Refuge you might prevent a murder. Give money for a newspaper and you’ll be filled with idiotic comment and be encouraging the next murderer.

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May 25

It’s funny how we in Britain like to get all superior over other countries barbaric legal practices.  I am sure in some Scandinavian country this morning they are prattling about a Neanderthal island where they charge, try, brutalise and publicise a supposed attempted rape by 10 year olds and subject 8 year olds to sustained cross examination about things they know nothing about. They then scar those children for life with the nonsense of making them sign the Sex Offenders register when they may not even know what Sex is!

I am not even sure what the concept of rape and attempted rape means to a 10 and 11 year old but clearly a lot of highly educated judges and lawyers do. I am not even sure I was able to at that age.

Regardless of one’s view of the age of criminal responsibility Courts are not places for children.  This was not a suitable, relevant or necessary piece of justice. All involved should frankly not have to make decisions like this again as all are inadequate. Had the judges and lawyers refused the case it did not have to happen. This is not all on the depraved prosecutor.

Nor should a responsible media have reported this quite so widely. The worst was the TV news who did not give details but talked like adults embarrassed by a question from a child. If you cannot cover the story like adults then why cover it at length in no depth?

I wonder if destroying 3 young lives will convince the prosecutors and others to stop charging 10 year olds like adults. The media will be voracious no doubt forcing the state to spend money preventing the naming of these children in the future.

However the most pitiable image I am left with by this is 2 bemused children signing the sex offenders register. Will they now be taken away from their families baffled and scared? Tracked like nonces for the rest of their lives? Idiocy does not begin to describe it.

13 years of reactionary New Labour determinism on crime reduced to this barbaric circus.

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May 19

Two men who plotted to kill thousands of Britons in a terrorist atrocity cannot be deported because it would infringe their human rights, a court ruled yesterday.

Al Qaeda operative Abid Naseer and his accomplice Ahmad Faraz Khan were planning a ‘mass casualty attack’, probably against shoppers at the Arndale Centre in Manchester over the Easter holiday last year.

This is the Mail’s response to the weak minded judge who decided to act as judge and jury on a deportation case, yes a deportation case not a trial or hearing.  As I said yesterday there is no evidence. The above is ridiculous since the nature of any plot is unknown how did they plot to kill 1000s? It’s almost impossible to kill 100s given 9-11 is next to unrepeatable.

So how does the Mail know? It does not.

It could not prove Mr Naseer was an al Queda operative either. We have a comment that an innocuous email sent to what we are told was an al Queda operative using a wedding as a metaphor for an operation that apparently did not involve weapons or explosives! A plot that has left no evidence only supposition which a pathetic judge passed on without any proof.

My point to: the security services: this despicable weak judge who cannot make a judgment without pandering to the morons who read the likes of the Mail: anyone so gutless to fear this: any silly Tories wanting to be all New Labour and depraved: is this. A plot to kill thousands would surely leave more trace than emails. I mean you probably need to have 5 truckloads of explosives Oklahoma style and be very ‘lucky’ to kill 500 anywhere in the country.

That the Mail would fall for such an obvious attempt to obfuscate for another 11 arrests to no charges after a buffoon was caught showing off papers to the TV news is not a sign of its establishment position. More it suiting its desire to push an agenda of anger and fear of Muslims on its readers. It must be an awful but very addictive place to be that angry and hate filled you’ll believe such obvious nonsense from the Judiciary and Police trying to cover up for bungling incompetence compounded by a total lack of evidence.

I have no idea why so many Britons find peace in screaming about their country being lost. Sadly it does seem that we have become the mental weaklings of the world and accept CCTV, no rights, stop and search etc etc. It’s only when it’s speed cameras we discover a desire for liberty!

There is a paradox. The state security apparatus has shown itself to be incompetent – or preferring to appear that way for political reasons. Yet people are happy to believe any leak at a time when they seemingly do not believe a word said in the political system which runs it.

The Cappa as to why these allegations are false is that if the security morons thought he was a threat but said he was not he could have been deported. There was no value in them demonstrating he was a threat other than to scare the public to keep accepting more and more draconian laws. An interesting time for it to happen as the Tory party cries into it’s beer that it accepted human rights and liberalism in its coalition.

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