Nov 07

For all the guff they tell their parties the differences on Economics and Foreign Policy between Mitt-droid and Obamacare were in reality and likely execution minimal. Continue reading »

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Oct 27

It’s a shame that Obamacare has been nabbed as a label for the Administration’s Health care reforms. This is an achievement and the kind of reason he should be favoured over Mitt Romney. Nonetheless despite them spurning him Obamacare and Obama’s Socialism have been evident for one group. The already rich. The financial weasels of Wall Street.

The recent amazing 2% quarter growth built on the gerrymandering declaration of selected military spending and the equivalent of paying people to dig holes and fill them except with the twist this was done by supplying the derivatives ‘market’ to create counterfeit capital and trade that around. That the so called markets and banks want Romney tells you all you need to know about the financial murder of the middle and working classes planned.

Rising GDP whilst the currency depreciates against hard assets may get some on the left warm and damp in their rightful distaste for austerity but are they seriously pimping Bernanke and Obamacare for the rich?


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Aug 14

You don’t need to be a Marxist or a genius or to have studied economics, indeed that may be a best not to have, to know that the growth of the Banks and the wealth of people who don’t pay taxes and stack it up abroad is a drain on the economy.

Put simply how can banks make money when they barely lend and interest rates are below 1%? When economic activity is down in every other sector they are there to allocate capital to?  Continue reading »

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Apr 04

Mitt Romney looks like being the ‘runner up’ in the Presidential race. No doubt the ‘crats will crat-like make every inch he gains in the Polls seem a mile so that people sickened by Pelosi’s Representatives’ naked greed or Obama’s depraved lunatic (or weak man who can’t stop anything) feel they have to begrudgingly put a tick or crush a chad or whatever next to the name of a greedy pork barrel rich Democrat – as opposed to a greedy pork barrel rich Republican. Continue reading »

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Jan 06

Having to listen to US politicians mostly of a Republican nature is hard. They will say how they are guided by the Lord and rattle on at the need for us to nuke I-ran and how abortion is more evil than ummmhh evil. How killing people even via state sanctioned means is worthy of a boast!  Worth cheering your state is so full of murderers you had to kill 500 yourself. Continue reading »

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