Jan 14

I chimed in on a guy who wrote a piece in City A.M. that Govt should not raise the minimum wage as this was

  1. against natural laws of free markets
  2. would cause  business to replace Labour with capital

This I said was Zombie economics and actually if true would encourage investment and progress by raising the min wage. His argument was that of the Flat Earth Society. the response was that it was not for Govt to interfere in the Natural world. I said this was dogma. He scoffed that free markets were always called Dogma effectively straw-manning my argument as against free markets. The point is we don’t live in a world of free markets and if they are so natural how come they have almost never existed. Processed Breakfast cereal claims to be natural and it is not.

Thus he is prescribing a solution from a world that does not exist. Why should Govt prescribe a minimum wage? Simply because to not do so would be to create subsidy and bureaucracy. By making the minimum wage a living wage we can save on welfare and crucially working out what welfare is for people on crap like zero hours contracts and low wages every week. The only way to a free market is to remove Welfare and create a Victorian world of de facto slavery?

I know this is to an extent a straw man of their position and they do object but I do find it rich they have apoplexy at the trivial difference a higher minimum wage will cause. Yet stay mostly silent on the big corporations who welcome low wages and Govt subsidy like Tesco to bury small often family 24/7 stores with free Labour that adds nothing to GDP – as they did with Workfare. The idea that full employment on poverty wages doing often tedious menial work will lift a society maybe what George Osborne and the dogmatic claim to believe but it’s simply not true.

Make no mistake a low wage with no limits helps big Capital freeze a Zombie world of low investment, skill-less jobs and wages. It is in effect a call for Luddism. For all their pious claims to otherwise Free Marketeers mostly speak in support of Big Corps and not in reality the dynamic Capitalism they claim to believe in.

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May 06

One aspect of Gordon Brown that really annoys me is his pretense and self delusion that he is in any way moral. His whole recent history it seems is a deeply troubled weak man denying the truth of his own existence for his own benefit.

IMO Labour’s achievements in the end come down to stroke of the pen legislation and I almost start and end with the Minimum Wage. Brown will make great play of how much aid we offer and whilst aid is not always wasted the fact is that materially with climate change and Globalisation the world for the very poor does not look a lot different and maybe worse. He would talk about Tax Credits a subsidy to the low wage economy he created. Paying people extra money so they can work alongside Poles? He will lecture Myanmar/Burma and Zimbabwe in his pompous and ludicrously misplaced sense of his morality after the Wars on Terror, Iraq and Afghanistan. He will ignore Britain practically has bankrolled Mugabe through companies based here, with terror organs that would be enough for the US to justify war as an ally of Terror. He will ignore the Export Credit Guarantees he’s signed for exports to odd parts of the world. Ignore the brutal Chinese welcome at no 10. The weapons we’ve sold. He will ignore the kow towing to China. He will talk of  hospital trusts and take overs of under performers, ignoring what that means in a capitalist world, yet the death toll from preventable infections from poor hospital cleaning went on long after 1997. He will prattle about heading off a Global Economic Crisis that enveloped the UK and US and he loaded loads of debt on the poor taxpayers to try to reflate the unsustainable bubble and consumption of the UK – honestly what point is recovery if we just import more and more debt into the future?

The more the man boasts about things he has not done and things thanks to PFI we have not paid for the more one wonders if everything he does is to boost his low self esteem. Indeed with PFI the kind of City cunts he accuses Cameron of representing are looking forward to 30% returns into the future.

I’ll leave out his personal behaviour needless to say as Rochdale showed he is two faced, judgmental, vindicative, pathetic, weak and utterly self loathing. The other stuff about bullying, violent and brutish stems from there and is proved beyond a reasionable doubt.

At least with Brown we know that no matter how much we loathe him there are days where his self loathing eclipses all that. The two  young’uns Brown and Clegg are equally products of cloistered environments and privilege and not a second goes by they do not admire themselves. At least Cameron does not try and pretend his anything but well heeled unlike Clegg who once talked of not using Ocado as it was too expensive! WaC I mean I have no income and I use Ocado and so does a single mother with 3 children I know. Both suited toffs of course support the war in Afghanistan. A war that ran out of point 7 years ago and even the derided Bush administration allowed to fizzle out bar a sort of watching brief. A war where each new year brings a new justification where none exists. A war that would end the moment the US gives up as it’s clearly not protecting one life in the USA or UK.

This is  before considering how politics is conducted. Cameron and Brown offer blandishments and Clegg only a trifle more. Most of what they produce is rhetoric. Labour has nothing to offer but road block positions forcing the other parties to make damaging matching pledges that none of the will be able to maintain. 20% cuts and no effect on front line services is not one Derren Brown could fake yet alone manage. A lie does not become true because you keep shouting it.  The rest of their output is a smear on the others. A plague on all your houses.

Labour in particular seems best at the dark arts of having 15 registered postal voters living in East London bedsits. It’s a dark and nasty world of people who crawl out from under rocks to get most likely irrelevant votes out. On Twitter we get vicious internecine attacks and fear mongering stated with a moral superiority the likes of torturer’s apologist Miliband, torturer’s best customer Straw and the sick vermin Ally Campbell can muster.

So say what you like about John Terry having sex with a woman a friend still maybe hoped to re-kindle a relationship with, fighting, taking cash in hand to show people round, not being sensitive to Americans, putting one on strikers and handling the ball at will but I’d take his morals over the privileged prigs who would be Prime Minister.

Govt is a dirty business fine. Going along with America a given. Just do not tell me that you are moral or that that quality defines you.  I do not see lying through one’s teeth as a positive quality. Frankly not sure it helps either people want to see leaders not friends.

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