Sep 22

Darling said they did not get rid of Head Banker Mervyn King because there was no one else. This is of course pure Labour rhetoric, cowardice and their defining quality can kicking.  Continue reading »

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Sep 14

How did Keynes miss that all one needs to do to run an economy is keep expanding the money supply and give that to the rich whilst over using the world’s resources and running massive trade deficits. How did someone as anal as Keynes miss such an obvious solution to economics?

Either that or Bernanke, Osborne, Balls, Darling, King and Brown are wrong.

Who you betting on?

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Jul 10

It does not need Eddie Balls to tell the banks what to do. It should not need anyone to formally raise it at a meeting for Eddie Balls to know they’re doing it. It does not need a genius to know that Osborne has continued the corruption of Labour’s economic illiterates.  Continue reading »

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Dec 30

Geoffrey Howe is getting some belated stick for suggesting that Liverpool be allowed a managed decline in 1981. As though his opinion was heart-less and done for malicious reasons. I am sure he was not malevolent unlike the clown economic policies he unleashed which throw 10,000s on the Dole and in the end after a year they admitted it was all wrong and changed course – the pound went between 1.06 to 2.40+ against the US Dollar*  to show how mad it was. Continue reading »

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Dec 24

Tiss the season for Labourites to stoke the fires of how they come to support a party with little or no regard to human rights and democracy, bar the getting elected bit. So it’s the Tories 10 most brutal crimes.  Continue reading »

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Oct 07

The economy maybe tanking but there seems precious little Osborne feels he can do. My advice in that circumstance do nothing and certainly not the last resort of the clown Quantitative Easing. No one has more effectively explained that QE is a waste of time other than to enrich bankers who steal by diluting everyone else’s capital than Osborne. Continue reading »

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Sep 22

What amazes me as Mervyn King the country’s biggest Banker contemplates the delicious free lunches another round of Quantitative Easing [QE] will bring him from grateful City chums is why no one is saying anything. Continue reading »

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