Jan 25

A sobering week in which the UK’s ruling elite tried to subtly differentiate themselves from the Saudis. Not because they wanted to but because despite the press largely being apologists for the Saudis there is only so much lipstick on pigs will achieve. Thus meaningless clown Prince Charles is dispatched to the funeral of a man who the last 3 Govts have fawned over to buy weapons*.

Believers in freedom will note how our leaders fawn all over a vile country which represents values they mendaciously claim to despise. They claim to be appalled by the ultimate expressions of Saudi ideology in the likes of IS and Boko Haran whilst supporting it! They throw our troops to pretend to fight this ‘threat’ when all that matters is the Black Gold. Such slaves are they to Saudi they choke off attempts to move away from Oil as a fuel.

The neo Liberals (Lib Lab Con) go even further and use a terrorist threat that is a byproduct of their support for Saudi to bring in the kind of authoritarian society they desire here by trying for Saudi internet policies.

* How in hock is US Govt sending POTUS? This after their surrender following 9-11 by removing their bases from Saudi and starting wars as bin Laden asked them. Or maybe Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron should be there in reality. Netanyahu can’t go but sure he’ll be there in spirit with his allies at this time of loss.

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Dec 19

It’s odd to me that people who claim quite left wing beliefs support Labour. They further make themselves look really stupid when they start ignoring reality and fact. On Twitter they seem to feel the need to defend the police against the charge that they upped a non confrontation between some security police and former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell. Now Mitchell has been hoist by the ridiculous Westminster Petard that defends the Police and it’s funny. He deserves every stinking thing he gets and got.

However self appointed left wingers defending the Police’s honesty can only be a bunch of careerist living room Left who never do real or have done real political work. The kind of people who can only think in terms of electability and do the left thing to feel better about their own magnificence. The kind of turds who want to be MPs but not because they want to represent people. Creeps in a word.

Coincidentally today the Hillsborough verdict of Accidental Death was quashed because it was realised almost everyone in the South Yorkshire police and West Midlands police who investigated them was a liar.

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Jun 12

It does seem harsh of people not to believe Brown. OK so he’s had to admit his one parliamentary statement this term was in effect wrong. That his wife stayed friendly with someone who apparently viciously wronged him for 5 years and whose newspaper columns formed the backbone of Labour policy for his first 2 years ‘in charge’ but he obviously did not like her. The fact that Mandelson described in detail a conversation that Brown says never happened shows surely the whole world is a giant conspiracy against Brown.

Remember what Brown did for us?

  1. The agreement with Libya and helping them render people for torture.
  2. Ramping up the Afghan war and never being able to explain why but Rebekah did like that war.
  3. Improving NHS short term by leaving it in long term debt as the Nation’s finances were used a s Ponzi scheme.
  4. Having a coterie of political bullies like Watson, Balls, Bryant and Whelan to smear everyone.
  5. Bailing out the banks without any reform – topping up bankers bonuses with QE and low interest rates to boot.
  6. PFI may be the single biggest Kleptocratic move he made on behalf of his class (not the working class).

And he never assaulted anyone ‘in that way’ according to the Cabinet secretary on lapel grabbing.

Gordon Brown is a legend and anyone in the Scottish Labour Party who knows what is good for them agrees.

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Feb 24

Despite it being pointed out that his words sounded semantic, obfuscational and downright open to interpretation a clearly weak, agitated and swivelling Sir Gus O’Donnell twice stuck to the official wording

had not talked to the prime minister about his behaviour with respect to bullying No 10 staff

Twice the qualification Bullying and no 10 Staff. Not the blanket I have not spoken to the Prime Minister about negative behaviour  with Civil service staff. S’Gus even then went on to embroider his comments about getting the best out of people which is not a sign of mendacity – people telling the truth generally don’t need a story after it to prove it.

Again if he wanted to close the door he could but he did not. He’s either incompetent which is becoming de rigueur or a waste of space. Certainly the idea this absence actually had the stones to warn Brown of anything would appear to be the best defence of himself and his idol.

In a related matter the Prime Minister opted once again for the ignorance defence of his team’s attack on Alistair Darling. So once again a senior New Labour figure believes that it is sufficient to be an ignorant incompetent clown who knows less than people who read newspapers?

I prefer people who are malicious as they can stop. Brown supposedly has no control over his own team – quite an admission for a weak minded control junkie or is it a lie? He claims he’s nothing more than a pathetic figure head for vile creatures he has no control over. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it.

Clearly to become a Sir in this society all one needs is to be proficient in Arslicken and be able to re-use the agreed form of words over and over again even when specifically asked not to.

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Dec 22

Former Defence Secretary John Hutton admitting he was the one who said Brown would be a disaster as Prime Minister. However he said he had changed his mind and really hoped to get a place in the Lords – I made that last part up.

What between his economic over spending when we should have run a surplus, the return of boom and bust and the folly of escalating war in Afghanistan has turned our Hutty’s head?

I think he has been a tremendously hard-working man, who has really put his heart and soul into it

Wow not one relevant compliment to doing the job of Prime Minister. Some hostages to fortune here as well.

  • Tremendously = Unnecessary embellishment is normally associated with mendacity.
  • Tremendously Hard Working = Spends a lot of time dithering over decisions. Micro Manager.
  • Put his heart and soul into it = Tries hard achieves what?

Praising Brown like the kid who cannot run fast but tries at Games is hardly a glowing recommendation for a Prime Minister.

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