Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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Dec 10

Imagine if the BBC covered the ongoing manslaughter from C-Diff & MRSA in our hospitals like the tragic death by her own hand of one nurse? If they assigned blame for the crippling PFI costs, unclean hospitals and medical incompetence like they do to 2 low rent DJs.

It’s just absurd in these economic times that newspapers and the sick people who read them are so fascinated by trivia like Middleton’s breasts, her womb and stories related to her near pointless existence.

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May 21

A care home manager who killed a patient with an over dose but was a drug addict got 10 years. You may recall the case of Jane Barton who may have killed 10s of people but was not charged. What is the difference? Jane Barton was a doctor. She should have known better. She is surely more responsible. She was not even struck off. Subject to restrictions she can kill again.

Do not forget the 1800 dementia patients killed every year by doctors with no one struck off or charged.

Never mind even when convicted of manslaughter the zero jail time in the case of Dr Michael Stevenson who killed maybe 14 and got convicted of manslaughter also and served not one day in jail.

I am not defending anyone here far from it. However if one accidental death by a non doctor is worth 10 years then surely the arrogant murder of 100s by self serving doctors is worth more or at least some jail time?

Had Nurse Baker merely been an incompetent doctor or a doctor claiming depression, rather than a nurse, she’d currently be at home not looking at 5 years inside.

Doctors should not be working under such impunity especially when they are serial killers.

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Feb 04

It’s a horrific case but it interests me that German based Dr Daniel Ubani slaughters one of his UK patients with an accidental massive diamorphine [Heroin] overdose. It’s on the news and amazingly a coroner spotted it within a few years because the relatives rightly pursued the case.

It’s already a far bigger story than the case of Dr Barton who killed at least 3 and potentially far more. She can still act as a doctor with restrictions and will face no criminal charges. Or those who kill and continue to kill nearly 2000 Dementia patients every year in the UK by wrongly prescribing anti psychotics, not one prosecution. Not heard of anyone being struck off for what is a wilful act surely? Not heard many coroners bump their gums.

This German doctor got a 9 month suspended sentence in Germany so at least he saw a court unlike Dr Barton. Frankly were he a British doctor he’d probably get off based on the GMC’s laughable open door policy on killers – they struck Shipman off 2 years after he was convicted and just before he killed himself, which was lucky.

Calling Doctors to account in court as Germany did would be anathema to the GMC who would bleat about the undermining of their authority. In light of the Barton and Shipman cases tell me he gets prosecuted in England if he was a domestic based doctor for 1 sad death? Indeed how often does this happen with palliative care? Is this case so outrageous? Or is the nationality the question?

The coroner has demanded much tougher rules for foreign doctors working here. The British ones can carry on killing and lecturing us on our diets and drinking clearly.

Facetiousness aside it does strike me as baffling the media would jump all over this one dark skinned doctor from Germany…

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