Dec 30

This is not a demand for Coal or indeed a desire to go back to the days of deep cast mining. Having all but stopped coal production in the UK to now go back would be insane. Why would we in the era of AGW being the accepted science of Govt and main opposition go backwards? Leaving aside the issue to some fact to me of Climate Change. Why would anyone want the pollution and particulates if nothing else. Talk of Clean Coal is like fat free Suet.

Yet what prompts this blog is that even with 0.5% base rates the UK Govt has apparently guaranteed loans to the oil industry. That and generous tax breaks leads to the question Why? When rates are low only strategic industries should get subsidy, especially in an era of alleged Austerity. To pay for pollution and carbon release defines insanity?

Only a few weeks ago Fracking was still being mentioned in the budget by Osborne. In Norway’s not so much,  fracking gas reserves were estimated at 83 Trn Cubic Feet in 2011 by 2013 the more realistic figure was 0 cubic feet. It’s a technology that does not deliver and any Americans who think it will last to 2030 never mind 2040 as POTUS says, haha.

Equally it is only generous subsidy that allows the lunacy of BP to try to drill for Oil in the Gulf of Mexico and North of Scotland. That its lax attitude to human life added 11 deaths to the 15 murdered in Texas prior can be added to the sheer stupidity of subsidising them to do anything. Yet no fear the UK Govt still subsidises BP deep water drilling – BP also involved in Currency [FX] fraud we now find. The point being apparently it was wrong to subsidise nationalised industries to make Steel and Coal yet we will subsidise the uneconomic environmental rape of Fracking and Oil exploration. Activities so uneconomic even with Base Rates at 0.5% they cannot get funding without subsidy and with the Oil price dropping are not economic even with 0 cost of capital thanks to the subsidy.

It’s 30 years since the miners strike clearly Cameron and co would have been on Scargill’s side had he been a private company head with a credo of corporate manslaughter to his name.

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Mar 06

It’s a sad fact but the UK’s export led recovery seems to be based on selling the domestic arms industry that so ill equips UK troops. Despite its complicity in the vast over spends and dreadful equipping of our soldiers by corrupting the senior officers of the MOD it has no shame. Continue reading »

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Jul 15

It’s odd as evidence emerges that not only were the Labour leaders were aware but personally directing the Torture of British citizens one wonders why they have lied all these years. Why did David Miliband  waste public money on lawyers to prevent documents that merely confirmed what anyone knows already? Documents that could be freely read anywhere else in the world. It makes no sense. Indeed why did they not say at the time they supported in every respect Guantanamo rather than let their ally down by leaving the US isolated and pretending they were against it? Why did they not make the case for torture? I am sure the precious support of the Mail, Sun and Telegraph would have followed.

Quite why the Coalition Govt continues to keep 1000s of documents secret to protect them is beyond me. There really are not thousands of documents out there of what we cannot know just what they do not want us to know. In the same way if they feel Balls and Mandelson did spend public money for votes they should be put on charges of gerrymandering. Is it our political class protecting itself? Is Westminister for all it’s backbiting the narcissism of small differences – note how Labour directs all its fire on the Lib Dems the junior partner in the coalition as they are the usurper.

It’s becoming quite obvious that the UK Govt was a cypher for big business and whatever the US told it to do. For instance it may be the only democratic Govt rushing to approve deep sea drilling at present – certainly the only one who would countenance BP doing it. Barack Obama’s administration having had a weasel change of heart for some reason.

Our reward for debasing ourselves or entertaining themselves in Blair and Straw’s cases is nothing. Given how corrupted our political leaders were by their support of the US it’s no wonder the latest episode in the Tiger Woods style BP feeding frenzy has 4 moron sorry US Senators desperate for their party before the mid terms sorry ‘concerned’ (or should that be hoping?) that BP is linked to the release of Megrahi. Indeed they seem to be encouraged by Hilary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is looking at the request from four senators who claim the firm pressed for the release in the hope of securing an offshore oil deal.

BP asked for a prisoner exchange deal with Libya to be put in place. Of course and I am crediting the 4 Senators and Mrs Clinton with not being morons here Megrahi was released under Scottish Law and not under the prisoner exchange deal. I’ll assume they are motivated by a desire to keep GOP out rather than merely stupid. As it seems a case of hey but why let any fact get in the way of a good argument or even a bad one or pathetic election rhetoric. The whole Megrahi thing showed a complete lack of respect for anyone’s legal traditions.

I guess maybe I don’t get it a country that says it’s legal to kill 1000s of innocent people in drone strikes finds it offensive Scotland sent a dying man home to die. That they would try to link that for political purposes to a company who their President allowed, with its well known dubious safety record, to do dangerous work that has blown up in his face  shows quite how much the Obama Administration has a vengeful 6 year old’s mentality it has.

One wonders if another rider for the Obama Administration is that Cameron as nicely as he can has signaled the British want nothing more to do with the Afghan policy or Smörgåsbord as it’s known. Bush and Obama may have ended the opposition that blighted the Iraq war but other countries including Britain are learning positive indifference now. Positive Indifference where you say nice things and leave the US to do what it’s going to do. Certainly an improvement on Blair and Straw’s active enthusiasm for torture from a UK PoV.

Might is truly Right and Right Wing.

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May 31

In the end you cannot force through public spending cuts on people having broken the rules yourself. You cannot force through higher taxes having broken the rules.

It does not matter that you could have legitimately claimed more within the rules. Or that you paid back everything claimed even though you were only breaking the rules for the last 2 years.

Sadly for all of us taxes and cuts are coming.

Weak people like the Labour Party leaders who have inflicted this on us will squeal crocodile tears for the poor into their chopped onion hankies. Ed Balls will try the child’s fantasy that the 6 Bn of cuts this year might be the cause of a double dip recession – the real truth is the cause is that the economy cannot structurally support any growth without incurring more debt thanks to 8 years of moronic economic management by Balls organ grinder the savant Brown.

The alternatives given a Marxist revolution looks a way off is that we become what Greece would if it were not a small country in the Euro – hint no one’s bailing out the UK. Already Danish companies are threatening not to supply vital drugs as they are a) owed money b) some clown thought he could reduce the price by 25% overnight without negotiating with the supplier. Think of that next time we refuse to pay for some supposedly vital new drug on the NHS! A poorer Britain unable to buy medicines that are proven and necessary to work!

Time for everyone to grow up. Instead the opposition on both wings will use the peccadilloes and mistakes of individuals to justify opposition to what is necessary.

I say don’t get angry at Laws, Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Cable, Clarke, et al blame Brown and the people who voted in enough numbers for a Labour Party to complicate parliament. A Labour Party complicit in a foreign policy that saw 15 more innocents slaughtered today – no doubt the Israelies as the UK/US coalition does will call them insurgents and terrorists with Obama’s private blessing but that is another blog.

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May 29

David Laws it turns out had a £40,000 loan from the state to apparently cover up that he was Gay if you take him at his word. His logic is that if he claimed rent for a house his partner owned then no one would ask the question. It seems a bit faux frankly.

I won’t know how under pressure a gay man feels and why he feels the need to cover up his sexuality. I just do not see the link. Sorry. Laws seems to have some talent and credibility as well. It will be a blow to the coalition if one of it’s chief architects and most popular members is excluded from Govt.

Without being rude to Mr Laws a comment that the person he has sex with and in whose house he lives at is not his partner does not wash whatever your sexuality and desire to cover it up.

Labour Party members will of course shut up now the Cabinet has a gay member even if it is not for long.

If anyone wants to pay me 40 grand to cover up my homosexuality I am down with that.

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May 19

John Cruddas made a cutting point about the 3 candidates for the leadership of the Labour Party. As they had always been ministers under ministerial collective responsibility none of them had ever stood for anything but the Blair Brown agenda of waste, denial of human rights and 90 day detention without trial.

Ed B is considered left because  he was an acolyte of Brown (don’t laugh). Call me David is considered right because he attended to Bliar. Ed Mil’ is considered in the middle because he looks like a stage between someone morphing into Balls from Call me David. As even Johann Hari, a man who debased his own intellect trying to sell New Labour, said the differences between Blair and Brown were the narcissism of small differences.

Supposedly the man who will not stand John Cruddas a supporter of the Iraq war and most Labour policy is left wing. Well sorry John you’ve been on the back benches and doesn’t exactly have John McDonnell’s record. Indeed all I have heard is the anti intellectual mumblings about immigrants and his constituents from Cruddas. Again not heard him clearly enunciate a problem and solution and whining about immigrants does not make you left wing!

The differences between Ed, Ed, John and Call me David are impossible to discern as they were part of the most incompetent and illiberal Govt of my lifetime bar the Thatcher Govt. Cruddas may have distanced himself but where he actually stands on actual issues has not been widely communicated.

What all these clowns mean by reconnecting with the base is worrying from a party who has been chasing votes for 3 years without regard to a coherent strategy and ethos of Govt. The coalition is in flux and a week old and I know far more where they stand.

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May 12

One of the oddities of a the Lib Con coalition is that it will have both a right and a so called left wing against the policies of the Govt. It also even allowing for Ulster’s support does not have a huge majority.

An argument being made by nay sayers, who are guessing, is that the activists of both parties will not wear it for long. I put the following  to someone who still supported Labour about how the activists and Trade Unionists of 1997 felt about the following Labour policies:-

  • 90 day detention and internment. A flagship policy trumpted as a triumph for democracy by both Blair and Brown.
  • Detention of young children of Asylum seekers.
  • Putting Britain at the fore front of the Globalisation movement to have our workers compete at home and abroad with low wage economies.
  • Actively helping and facilitating the US policy of rendition.
  • Knowingly receiving intelligence based on Torture
  • Going to war without the Geneva convention on our allies side.
  • Being part of a war where depleted uranium and cluster bombs were used.
  • War in Iraq. I doubt Labour activists would have considered Afghanistan  beyond 2003 as a worthwhile cause if ever given most opposed the righteous Kuwait re-capture.
  • Bailing out the banks and then letting the sponging bastards have huge bonuses. Socialism in action?
  • Applauding judges for stopping strikes.
  • Foundation hospitals, Polyclinics.
  • PFI handing more money to Brown’s rich friends in the city.
  • In 1997 they would have assumed that hospitals would be cleaned and the MRSA C-Diff murder by indifference would not have continued for years after. They were wrong but administrators and bureaucrats in the health service earn as much as 50 cleaners so be proud of ‘Your Labour’.
  • Bank of England independence probably would not have got their vote in 1997.
  • Cheer-leading for Business leaders like Willie Walsh making a point and trying to break the Unite union.
  • The re-reclassification of marijuana. The left may be against most personal freedoms but they do not live on beer alone.
  • CCTV everywhere.
  • Powers to stop and search people without reason – even Arizona has not gone that far
  • Lecturing people for their eating and drinking habits.
  • Support for Israel almost no matter what it does – a few weasel words maybe but nothing more.
  • Groveling before China’s authoritarian Govt – Brown’s ideal by some accounts
  • Religious schools
  • Sending asylum seekers back to Iraq, Iran, Zimbabwe and other hell holes.
  • Locking up children of asylum seekers.
  • Forcing Single Mums back to work – Portillo suggested it and they burned effigies Brown and they suggest people hate him because he’s not photogenic.

I’ll be adding to this list as things occur to me but the point is that activists views never count. Much of the above I find so bad that I view a vote for Labour as little better than the BNP. The BNP would counter they have not yet abused human rights as much as Labour has done even if only by de facto support and tolerance of the US doing things.

Activists and sanctimonious self important morons may bring down the coalition. However as we see with Labour activists move with the party and see power as the only goal in reality – they are fans basically and a bit like the Green and Gold at Old Trafford their protests do not stop them handing over money and being fanatical at all costs whereas the players change colour as suits their personal ambition.

I do not take activists seriously.

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